Finding the mighty car policy supplier can be a challenge with therefore many companies out there to choose from. And with that a lot rival, how do you know if you ’ re getting the best rate ? While it can seem overwhelming to find good policy for your vehicle, the truth is it doesn ’ t have to be nerve-racking. Keep reading to learn which companies in Georgia offer the brassy car indemnity and find out how to save .
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The Cheapest Car Insurance Companies in Georgia in 2022

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According to the most holocene discipline by the National Association of Insurance Commissioners, the average Georgia driver pays over $ 1,200 a calendar month for their car policy. even if you pay less than the state-wide average, that doesn ’ thyroxine necessarily mean you ’ re still getting the best batch. If you want to find the cheapest rates for car policy in Georgia, keep reading to find out which companies are offering the best deals to drivers like you.

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These are the Cheapest Car Insurance Companies for Georgia Teens

If you have a adolescent driver, you ’ re going to want to find a dependable indemnity company that can offer great coverage at an low-cost monetary value. They might be excited to get out on the road, but you may not share their sentiments after you see the prices of car insurance.Teens are the most expensive long time group to cover because they lack driving experience. As a solution, indemnity companies aren ’ thymine besides keen on offering insurance at an low-cost rate .

Insurance Company Monthly Premium
Clearcover $150
Infinity $216
Gainsco $255
Mile Auto $265
AnswerFinancial $300
Liberty Mutual $357
SafeAuto $491

As you can see, although these are the most low-cost in Georgia, the rates vary wide from Clearcover at $ 150/mo to SafeAuto at more than triple that rate, charging $ 491/mo .
Infinity ( $ 216/mo ), Gainsco ( $ 255/mo ) and Mile Auto ( $ 265/mo ) offer more low-cost rates along with Clearcover. While AnswerFinancial ( $ 300/mo ) and Liberty Mutual ( $ 357/mo ) are on the higher end along with SafeAuto .
While these are the most low-cost rates on average, you should calm take time to do your own inquiry. Go on-line and compare car insurance rates to discover which companies will give you the best premium based on your placement, driving history, or sex .
To save even more money, ask your insurance company about likely discounts. adolescent drivers can normally save money for getting good grades or from being affiliated with sealed organizations .

The Best Rates from Top Companies for Young Drivers

once you reach 25 years of age, you can expect to see a refuse in your indemnity premium. Until then, you ’ rhenium stuck paying higher rates. typically, young drivers in the 18-24 age rate will have to pay higher than average rates due to their limited drive history, but their premiums are thankfully lower than the youngest adolescent drivers .
here ’ s a list of the cheapest car policy companies offering rates to young Georgia drivers .

Insurance Company Monthly Premium
Clearcover $151
Mile Auto $181
Gainsco $187
AssuranceAmerica $221
Infinity $222
Mercury $232
AnswerFinancial $237
Liberty Mutual $238
Freedom $251

Clearcover is again the most low-cost choice at $ 151/mo and rates overall remain at a like price point with just a $ 100 deviation between the cheapest and most expensive choice .
mile Auto ( $ 181/mo ) and Gainsco ( $ 187/mo ) stay under $ 200/mo, while the early indemnity companies range between $ 221/mo with Assurance America and $ 251/mo with Freedom .
When comparing rates for young drivers with adolescent drivers, you ’ ll see that young drivers pay less. While the most expensive option for new drivers is $ 251/mo, the most expensive choice for adolescent drivers is $ 491/mo. That ’ s about a 50 % increase in price !
This is one of the main reasons why adolescent drivers and parents should search high and low for the most low-cost rates before making a concluding decision .

The Cheapest Rates for Retired Drivers in GA

once you hit 65 and are of retirement age, you have a draw more time on your hands and if you ’ ll be spend time behind the bicycle you want to make sure your indemnity rates remain low-cost. While you can expect cheaper rates in general, some companies do start to slowly increase premiums over time because they expect you to engage in more dangerous driving behaviors as you senesce .
Check out the bum companies for seniors looking to take advantage of dependable car policy at an low-cost price .

Insurance Company Monthly Premium
Mile Auto $89
Clearcover $92
Liberty Mutual $101
Gainsco $119
Mercury $144
SafeAuto $197

Mile Auto offers the most low-cost car indemnity rates at $ 89/mo with Clearcover ( $ 92/mo ) and Liberty Mutual ( $ 101/mo ) coming good after. Gainsco offers a similar rate at $ 119/mo before rates see a bombastic jump to $ 144/mo with Mercury and $ 197/mo with SafeAuto .
The last thing you want is for the stress of finding low-cost car indemnity to put a damper on what should be your golden years. To avoid overpaying for car policy as a retiree, ask your policy ship’s company about any discounts you might qualify for. Since you ’ re spending more time at home, you could qualify for a usage-based discount rate or based on your history, a good drive dismiss .
You should besides do a bit of car policy patronize to find the cheapest car policy rates that match your new life style .
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The Most Affordable Rates for Married Georgians

Did you know that being married can besides help you save on your car insurance ? not alone do you get to spend more time with your favorite person, but you save more money excessively ! These savings happen because you ’ re more likely to have multiple vehicles under one policy and marital drivers are statistically less likely to engage in insecure drive behaviors .
here ’ s a list of the cheapest car policy companies in Georgia for marital drivers .

Insurance Company Monthly Premium
Mile Auto $84
Gainsco $88
Clearcover $92
AssuranceAmerica $98
Infinity $103
Liberty Mutual $108
AnswerFinancial $128
Good2Go $148
Safeco $168

once you ’ ve tied the knot, let your indemnity company know and ask for an update quote. You can besides take this clock to go car insurance shop as a newfangled couple. While you ’ re research, hera are the most low-cost rates for marital couples in Georgia .
Mile Auto offers the most low-cost car indemnity rates at $ 84/mo. Gainsco ( $ 88/mo ), Clearcover ( $ 92/mo ), Assurance America ( $ 98/mo ), Infinity ( $ 103/mo ) and Liberty Mutual ( $ 108/mo ) extend alike rates .
then you see rates jump with AnswerFinancial to $ 128/mo. Rates continue to increase significantly with Good2Go at $ 148/mo and Safeco at $ 168/mo .
While marry couples will broadly see a decrease in price, this international relations and security network ’ t the sheath for everyone. If your spouse has a patched phonograph record, you might want to hold off on joining forces. It could be cheaper to have divide policies .
Mile Auto offers the most low-cost car indemnity rates at $ 84/mo. Gainsco ( $ 88/mo ), Clearcover ( $ 92/mo ), Assurance America ( $ 98/mo ), Infinity ( $ 103/mo ) and Liberty Mutual ( $ 108/mo ) propose like rates .
then you see rates jump with AnswerFinancial to $ 128/mo. Rates continue to increase significantly with Good2Go at $ 148/mo and Safeco at $ 168/mo .

The Best Prices for Single Drivers in GA

Compared to marry drivers, single drivers in Georgia will generally pay more for car policy. This is because policy companies believe one people are less static and are more likely to engage in bad drive behavior .
even if you aren ’ metric ton married, you can even find bang-up policy policies that will offer you the necessity coverage you need at a abject price .
here are the cheapest car indemnity companies for individual drivers in Georgia .

Insurance Company Monthly Premium
Clearcover $108
Mile Auto $109
Gainsco $119
Infinity $121
AssuranceAmerica $128
Liberty Mutual $130
DirectGeneral $145
Mercury $148
Safeco $163
Travelers $167

The most low-cost car insurance company for single drivers is about $ 25 more than it is for marital drivers. Clearcover starts the list at $ 108/mo with mile Auto coming in with a similar rate of $ 109/mo. Rates don ’ metric ton increase much with Gainsco ( $ 119/mo ), Infinity ( $ 121/mo ), AssuranceAmerica ( $ 128/mo ) and Liberty Mutual ( $ 130/mo ). You then see rates increase more with the last few companies on the list rounding out with Travelers at $ 167/mo .
If you ’ re a one driver, don ’ thymine lose promise equitable even ! To avoid overpaying for car indemnity, take clock time to regularly compare car policy rates. Once you see a more low-cost choice, you can switch and save money .

Cheap Quotes for Georgia Drivers with Bad Driving Records

Have you recently received a tag or been in an accident ? If thus, you might be worried your car insurance premiums are going to increase. While this is often true, it doesn ’ thymine bastardly you need to break the bank to keep your dependable indemnity coverage. These policy companies offer the most low-cost car policy rates evening if you have tickets or accidents on your record .

5 Cheapest Auto Insurance Companies for Drivers With 1 Ticket

Insurance Company Monthly Premium
Mile Auto $127
Gainsco $128
Clearcover $130
Infinity $142
AssuranceAmerica $160

Mile Auto offers the most low-cost policy at $ 127/mo followed by Gainsco ( $ 128/mo ) and Clearcover ( $ 130/mo ). You then see a rate jumpstart to $ 142/mo with Infinity followed by another leap to $ 160/mo with AssuranceAmerica .

5 Cheapest Auto Insurance Companies for Drivers With Multiple Tickets 

Insurance Company Monthly Premium
Mile Auto $139
Gainsco $145
Clearcover $158
AssuranceAmerica $165
Liberty Mutual $185

mile Auto once again offers the most low-cost car policy rates at $ 139/mo. Gainsco comes in second with premiums averaging $ 145/mo. Clearcover ( $ 158/mo ) and AssuranceAmerica ( $ 165/mo ) come in next followed by Liberty Mutual where you see a larger rate addition to $ 185/mo .

Cheap Car Insurance for Drivers with 1 Accident on their Record

Drivers who have recently been in an car accident could see their indemnity rates increase. If that ’ second you, you might want to consider switching to one of these low-cost companies that can provide you with the coverage you need at a lower pace than other competitors .
here ’ s a list of the cheapest options for drivers with an accident on their commemorate. You might be surprised at how low-cost these rates are !

Insurance Company Monthly Premium
Mile Auto $139
Gainsco $145
Clearcover $158
AssuranceAmerica $165
Liberty Mutual $185

sea mile Auto starts off the list with car insurance at $ 139/mo. Gainsco ( $ 145/mo ), Clearcover ( $ 158/mo ), Assurance America ( $ 165/mo ) and Liberty Mutual ( $ 185/mo ) are other thoroughly options to consider .

5 Cheapest Car Insurance for Drivers with Multiple Accidents

If you have multiple accidents on your record, you can expect rates to increase even more, but these 5 companies offer the cheapest car policy premiums in Georgia .

Insurance Company Monthly Premium
Gainsco $178
Mile Auto $179
Elephant $232
Liberty Mutual $248
Good2Go $255

Gainsco starts off the number at barely $ 178/mo followed by Mile Auto which is only $ 179/mo. You then see a larger leap out in premiums with Elephant Insurance ( $ 232/mo ), then Liberty Mutual ( $ 248/mo ) and Good2Go ( $ 255/mo ) beat out the list.

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The Cheapest Georgia State Minimum Liability Policies

While it ’ mho often recommended that you secure more than express minimum car insurance, it does have it ’ s benefits – one being the lower premiums .
however, keep in thinker that lower premiums go hand in hand with less coverage. If you file a claim, you might not secure the degree of coverage you expect and will have to pay more out of air pocket .
here ’ s a list of the top companies that offer low-cost rates for minimum coverage car policy in Georgia .

Insurance Company Monthly Premiums
Clearcover $85
Mile Auto $86
Gainsco $92
Liberty Mutual $101
Infinity $102
Mercury $110
AssuranceAmerica $112
Safeco $113
DirectGeneral $116

Clearcover ( $ 85/mo ) and Mile Auto ( $ 86/mo ) offer the cheapest state minimal car policy rates in Georgia. Next, you gave Gainsco ( $ 92/mo ), Liberty Mutual ( $ 101/mo ) and Infinity ( $ 102/mo ) with rates in a like stove .

Cheapest Full Coverage Prices in Georgia

Having maximal coverage on your indemnity policy can be a great way to avoid paying a lot ( if anything ) out of pocket to cover the damages that can occur as a resultant role of an accident .

Insurance Company Monthly Premium
Mile Auto $146
Clearcover $165
Gainsco $166
AssuranceAmerica $167
Travelers $168
DirectGeneral $175
Infinity $189
Liberty Mutual $195
Mercury $205

Mile Auto offers the cheapest fully coverage car insurance at $ 146/mo. Companies on this list are within a exchangeable price point with the most low-cost rate being only $ 205/mo at Mercury Auto .

Find Out Which Cities Have the Cheapest Car Insurance in Georgia

car indemnity rates will ultimately change depending on which city you ’ re in. That ’ south why we ’ ve put together a list that breaks down the average monthly cable car indemnity agio by city. While this list is by no means exhaustive, it does include most major towns and cities in Georgia. Browse through this list to see if your city is included .
Click on the name of each city in the table above to find detail breakdowns of the factors that go into calculating your monthly premium. hera, you ’ ll find the information you need on how things like driving phonograph record, age, gender, fomite construct and model, and more will affect how much you pay for cable car indemnity in each vicinity .
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The Best Rated Auto Insurance Carriers in Georgia

nowadays that we ’ ve gone over the cheapest insurance companies broken down by driver category, city, and coverage options, we ’ d like to take this opportunity to give an overview of the best-rated cable car indemnity companies in Georgia using data from .
This locate breaks down the best-rated companies by looking at a few different factors including affordability, discounts, customer gratification, and coverage options available. According to, the highest-rated car insurance companies available to Georgia drivers in 2021 are GEICO, Auto-Owners, and Progressive. hera ’ s a breakdown of these companies providing an overview of what makes them so highly rated .
GEICO comes in with a score of 4.2 out of 5. They get high marks on affordability offering the lowest annual premiums of these 3 highest rated car companies .
They besides boast a full-bodied engineering chopine that offers a across-the-board array of digital tools available to their customers. Geico gets high marks on the discounts it offers its customers including good driver, vehicle guard, multi-policy plans, multi-vehicle discounts, union employee, and military discounts. The merely drawback of Geico is they don ’ triiodothyronine offer break coverage and have few local agents you can contact in shell of a problem .
Auto-Owners Insurance
Coming in at a 3.8 out of 5, customers of Auto-Owners Insurance can rest assured they ’ ll receive the highest standard of customer service. This company besides offers a wide assortment of coverage options with plenty of discounts available. While they score highly in those areas, the entirely disadvantage is they don ’ thyroxine offer on-line quotes and have identical few digital tools and services available to their customers .
however, if you ’ re not concern in taking advantage of the latest technical school tools offered by some indemnity companies— this could however be a great option due to their affordability and excellent customer service team .
With a hearty score of 4 out of 5, Progressive is another big choice for Georgia drivers and is very highly rated due to the many discounts it offers its customers. They besides score high for the coverage they can provide to drivers that are considered high risk .
The final factor where Progressive shines is in its engineering where they offer a hale suite of digital tools that make it easier to monitor and make changes to your indemnity policy. The merely areas where Progressive needs to improve are their high annual premiums and their slightly below-average customer atonement .
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Georgia Car Insurance Laws & Penalties

Driving without car policy in Georgia is illegal and can result in large fines and other legal consequences if you ’ ra overtake. The penalties can be even more intense if you get into an accident without policy .
Those catch driving without the proper coverage can face jail time, substantial fines, pause of their vehicle registration, and driver ’ randomness license .
To avoid any of these costly scenarios, you want a good indemnity plan that covers at least the minimum car insurance requirements mandated by Georgia state law .
According to Georgia police, each vehicle you own must be insured with the following minimal indebtedness coverage :

  • $25,000 minimum coverage for the injury or death of one person, such as yourself, a passenger, or a pedestrian
  • $25,000 minimum coverage for property damage
  • $50,000 minimum coverage for the injury or death of multiple people in one accident

While these figures represent the minimum coverage you should have, you could benefit from securing a policy that exceeds these minimums to ensure you don ’ t have to pay out of pocket for damages that could cost more than what your insurance covers .

Georgia Car Insurance FAQs

Do I need full coverage auto insurance in Georgia? 
This normally asked interview is a commodity one and is many times not made authorize. The answer is no, you don ’ t need full coverage policy, but you will need to at least carry the minimal liability coverage that we listed at the begin of the article .
Do I need to provide proof of insurance? 
Yes, all Georgia drivers need to have proof of policy whenever they ’ re on the road. however, this can come in the form of a download or electronic copy that is saved on your telephone. While not having the necessary software documentation available results in a relatively abject fine of lone $ 25, it is hush required by law to have proof of insurance on you whenever you ’ ra driving your car .
What happens if I get into an accident without insurance? 
A driver that causes an accident in Georgia and doesn ’ thymine have insurance will be creditworthy for aesculapian bills, car damage, lost wages, and more .
What are the penalties for first-time offenders driving without insurance? 
If you ’ re pulled over and are ineffective to provide proof of policy, this can result in a misdemeanor that leads to a 60-day suspension of your cable car ’ second registration and your driver ’ second license. Depending on the severity of the circumstances of why you were pulled over, there are sealed situations where not having insurance can result in a 12-month imprison term .
What can happen if I’m caught driving without insurance a second time? 
In Georgia, you ’ re required to drive with car indemnity at all times. Getting caught without insurance doubly can lead to meaning legal issues. If found drive without indemnity within 5 years, the state will suspend your license and registration for 90 days.

All data referenced in this article comes from a combination of proprietary data — which is aggregated from millions of very customer quotes through — and extra data gathered in collaboration with Quadrant .

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