You don ’ t need to choose between good coverage and an low-cost rate when buy indemnity for your dwelling. brassy homeowners policy can include great coverage, besides. NerdWallet analyzed pricing data from more than 160 insurers to find the cheapest home policy companies in the country. The rates are based on a homeowners insurance policy for a 40-year-old homeowner with a $ 1,000 deductible, $ 300,000 in dwelling coverage and $ 300,000 in liability coverage. Your own rates will differ. Why you can trust NerdWallet : Our writers and editors follow rigorous editorial guidelines to ensure comeliness and accuracy in our writing and datum analyses. You can trust the prices we show you because our data analysts take rigorous measures to eliminate outliers and inaccuracies in pricing data, which includes rates from every ZIP code in the area where coverage is offered and data is available. Read our methodology.

Cheapest homeowners insurance from large companies

NerdWallet looked at average rates from some of the largest companies across the U.S. to find out which ones have the most low-cost family policy premiums. Use the table below to see average annual rates for the three cheapest large companies, along with NerdWallet ’ s star rat. Click on the ship’s company name to learn more about each insurance company .

ship’s company average annual rate NerdWallet star fink
department of state grow $ 1,512

4.0 NerdWallet rat

NerdWallet’s ratings are determined by our editorial team. The scoring formula takes into account consumer complaint and customer satisfaction data.

Allstate $ 1,632

4.0 NerdWallet rate

NerdWallet’s ratings are determined by our editorial team. The scoring formula takes into account consumer complaint and customer satisfaction data.

USAA * $ 1,724

4.5 NerdWallet rat

NerdWallet’s ratings are determined by our editorial team. The scoring formula takes into account consumer complaint and customer satisfaction data.

*USAA homeowners policies are available only to active military, veterans and their families .

More about the cheapest homeowners insurance companies

submit farm : The nation ’ s largest home insurance company, State Farm stands out for its fiscal strength and many coverage options. The company besides draws fewer complaints than expected to state of matter regulators for an insurance company of its size, according to the National Association of Insurance Commissioners. Read our State Farm homeowners insurance revue for more information. Allstate : This large insurance company offers a wide-eyed range of extra coverage options beyond the basics. For case, you can add home-sharing coverage if you rent out your distance on services such as Airbnb, or coverage to pay for energy-efficient improvements after a claim. Its web site offers lots of information and utilitarian features. Check out our Allstate homeowners indemnity revue for more details. USAA : This company sells homeowners policy only to active military, veterans and their families. In most states, USAA covers your belongings on a “ successor cost ” basis. That means if your items are stolen or destroyed, the company will pay enough for you to buy brand-new replacements, without deducting for depreciation. See our USAA homeowners indemnity review to learn more.

Cheapest home insurance rates in each state

Where you live typically has a big affect on the cost of indemnity for your sign of the zodiac and possessions. How close you live to the coast, crime rates in your sphere, population density and more can all influence your rate. The table below shows the most low-cost home indemnity caller in each state and its average annual rate .

state Cheapest party average annual rate
alabama Allstate $ 1,191
alaska Country Financial $ 900
arizona American Family $ 1,066
Arkansas tax shelter $ 1,857
California Oregon Mutual $ 760
colorado Auto-Owners $ 1,193
connecticut Vermont Mutual $ 673
delaware countrywide $ 519
Florida People ‘s Trust $ 1,382
georgia Farmers $ 1,295
hawaii DB Insurance $ 257
Idaho American National $ 457
Illinois Allstate $ 1,198
Indiana ohioan $ 705
Iowa West Bend $ 1,077
Kansas Auto-Owners $ 2,058
Kentucky Cincinnati Insurance $ 1,506
Louisiana Farmers $ 715
maine Vermont Mutual $ 553
maryland Brethren Mutual $ 683
Massachusetts Preferred reciprocal $ 712
Michigan Westfield $ 977
minnesota North Star $ 1,262
Mississippi Allstate $ 1,095
missouri Auto Club of SoCal $ 1,391
Montana Chubb $ 1,344
nebraska American Family $ 1,976
nevada countrywide $ 642
New Hampshire Main Street America $ 574
New Jersey selective $ 519
New Mexico state farm $ 1,237
New York NYCM $ 590
North Carolina state grow $ 790
North Dakota Farmers Union $ 1,306
ohio Ohio Mutual $ 759
oklahoma American National $ 2,409
oregon Mutual of Enumclaw $ 505
pennsylvania Cumberland Mutual $ 446
Rhode Island Narragansett Bay $ 815
South Carolina American National $ 750
South Dakota North Star $ 1,755
tennessee Westfield $ 1,196
Texas Chubb $ 2,082
utah Mutual of Enumclaw $ 662
vermont Vermont Mutual $ 478
Virginia Main Street America $ 599
Washington Mutual of Enumclaw $ 538
Washington, D.C . Allstate $ 780

West Virginia Westfield $ 947
wisconsin Rockford Mutual $ 608
Wyoming nationally $ 940

note : USAA offered the cheapest homeowners policy in Washington, D.C., and Armed Forces Insurance had the lowest rates in Arizona and Kansas, on average. We didn ’ thyroxine include either of these companies in the board above because they serve chiefly the military residential district and don ’ triiodothyronine extend policies for everyone. Learn more about homeowners indemnity for veterans and military.

Cheapest homeowners insurance in 20 major cities

Below are the companies offering the most low-cost homeowners indemnity, on modal, in 20 of the largest U.S. cities .

City Cheapest company average annual rate
austin Chubb $ 1,287
charlotte state farm $ 325
Chicago Allstate $ 1,201
columbus Ohio Mutual $ 819
Dallas Chubb $ 1,737
denver Auto-Owners $ 1,274
El Paso Chubb $ 808
Fort Worth Chubb $ 1,940
Houston nationally $ 1,212
Indianapolis buckeye $ 802
Jacksonville cosmopolitan $ 927
Las Vegas countrywide $ 693
Los Angeles Allstate $ 778
New York Kemper $ 875
Philadelphia Allstate $ 860
Phoenix American Family $ 1,164
San Antonio Chubb $ 1,442
San Diego Oregon Mutual $ 651
San Francisco Travelers $ 726
San Jose Travelers $ 575

note : Armed Forces Insurance was the cheapest option in Phoenix, but we didn ’ thymine include it because its policies aren ’ t available to everyone.

Cheapest home insurance for different situations

just because an insurance company is low-cost for one adjust of circumstances doesn ’ metric ton beggarly that ship’s company will always be the best choice. NerdWallet looked at how different factors have an shock on the cheapest home policy rates available. To determine the top insurers for each category, NerdWallet compared rates among companies for which we had data in at least 15 states. We chose the five cheapest options in each class.

Cheapest home insurance for homeowners with poor credit

In most states, homeowners with poor recognition can expect to pay significantly more for indemnity. Below are the companies that charge the least, on average, for those with poor credit .

company average annual rate average monthly rate
embrace $ 2,646 $ 220
American Strategic* $ 2,704 $ 225
American Family $ 3,120 $ 260
Armed Forces Insurance** $ 2,519 $ 210
USAA ** $ 2,998 $ 250
*American Strategic is a subordinate of Progressive .
**Armed Forces Insurance and USAA broadly serve the military residential district. Their policies are not available to all homeowners .

Using credit to set homeowners, renters, condominium and mobile home insurance prices is not allowed in California, Maryland and Massachusetts.

Cheapest home insurance for those with a recent water claim

many indemnity companies raise your rates after you file a call. Below, you can see the cheapest companies for homeowners who ’ ve filed a claim for water wrong .

company average annual rate average monthly rate
submit farm $ 1,641 $ 137
American Family $ 2,174 $ 181
Allstate $ 2,185 $ 182
Armed Forces Insurance* $ 1,953 $ 163
USAA * $ 2,069 $ 172
*Armed Forces Insurance and USAA broadly serve the military community. Their policies are not available to all homeowners .

Cheapest home insurance for those with a recent wind claim

The list of bum options is slenderly different for those who ’ ve recently filed a claim for wreathe damage .

company average annual rate average monthly rate
state grow $ 1,664 $ 139
Allstate $ 1,841 $ 153
American Family $ 1,940 $ 162
USAA * $ 1,835 $ 153
Armed Forces Insurance* $ 1,953 $ 163
*Armed Forces Insurance and USAA by and large serve the military community. Their policies are not available to all homeowners .

Cheapest homeowners insurance for new homes

It ’ mho broadly cheaper to insure new homes than older ones. They meet the latest build up safety codes, which could make them more resistant to natural disasters. And newly plumb, electrical and other systems have less wear and bust than older ones, making them less likely to fail and cause damage. Below are the most low-cost homeowners companies for those with raw homes .

company median annual rate median monthly rate
nationally $ 811 $ 68
American Strategic* $ 814 $ 68
Allstate $ 879 $ 73
state farm $ 928 $ 77
USAA ** $ 882 $ 74
*American Strategic is a auxiliary of Progressive .
**USAA homeowners policies are available merely to active military, veterans and their families .

Cheapest homeowners insurance for those with a high deductible

If you ’ rhenium uncoerced to raise your deductible, you ’ ll generally pay less for your homeowners indemnity. A deductible is the total of a claim you cover yourself before the policy caller pays out. Below are the cheapest companies for homeowners with a $ 2,500 deductible .

company average annual rate average monthly rate
state farm $ 1,337 $ 111
Allstate $ 1,411 $ 118
embrace $ 1,566 $ 130
USAA * $ 1,535 $ 128
Armed Forces Insurance* $ 1,577 $ 131
*Armed Forces Insurance and USAA by and large serve the military community. Their policies are not available to all homeowners .

How to get cheap homeowners insurance

Some take a small more attempt than others, but there are a diverseness of ways to get bum home insurance for your place Below are some of the most common ways to lower your homeowners policy cost. shop class about. Don ’ triiodothyronine buy the first policy you get a quote for. We recommend comparing rates from at least three companies to find the most low-cost option. Insure your home for the proper sum. Your home shouldn ’ t necessarily be insured for its current market value ( that is, how much the home could sell for ). alternatively, you should insure it based on how much it would cost to rebuild your dwelling. Have your home insurance agent or caller estimate your home ’ randomness surrogate monetary value so you can insure your house for the correct amount. Bundle your policies. many carriers offer a rebate if you bundle home and car policy to make both policies more low-cost. Increase your deductible. You can lower your premium by choosing a higher deductible. Just make sure you have enough cash to cover it should you need to file a claim. Avoid filing minor claims. Most home policy companies offer a dismiss for customers who haven ’ thyroxine filed a claim in the past three to five years. If you can, avoid rate hikes by paying cash for home repairs and filing a claim alone when absolutely necessity. Avoid bad purchases. Anything considered high gear gamble for a liability claim, including trampolines and sealed frank breeds such as pit bulls, could raise the monetary value of your homeowners policy. so remember twice about adding a naiant consortium if you want bum coverage. Add guard features to your dwelling. Making your home safe nowadays may save you money on base insurance in the long run. many insurance companies offer discounts for features that protect your home against fire and larceny. Fire extinguishers, deadbolts, security systems and more could all help keep costs low.

Improve your citation. In most states, inadequate credit by and large translates to higher policy costs, including for homeowners insurance. While not an overnight fixate, you can restore recognition by making payments on time and using less than 10 % of your total credit circuit board limits. due to a seller error, former versions of this article listed homeowners policy policies not available in Florida, North Carolina, Texas or the cities of Austin and Jacksonville. This article has been corrected with the cheapest companies in those locations .

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