Where to Get the Cheapest Car Insurance in Kansas

USAA and Auto-Owners offer the brassy car policy rates in Kansas, according to a QuoteWizard survey of companies serving the country .
Kansas drivers pay an average of $ 254 per class when they buy the minimum sum of car policy the state requires from USAA. And our data shows they pay an average of $ 730 per year for a full-coverage policy when they buy it from the lapp company .
Auto-Owners offers similarly cheap car indemnity to Kansans. Drivers in this state of matter pay an average of $ 280 per year when they get state-minimum coverage from Auto-Owners, and an average of $ 837 per year when they get entire coverage from the supplier .
These rates are notably cheaper than the submit averages for such car insurance policies. Based on our research, a typical Kansas driver spends $ 434 per year on minimum coverage and $ 1,246 per year on full coverage.

In this article, we ’ ll tell you all you need to know about :

Who has the cheapest car insurance in Kansas?

USAA offers the bum car policy rates to Kansas drivers who want full coverage, with a $ 730 average annual bounty. USAA offers the cheapest rates in the state for minimal cable car indemnity, excessively, with a $ 254 modal annual premium .
These rates are based on quotes we gathered for an average driver in Kansas .
several other insurers besides offer low-cost car policy to the Sunflower State, our research shows. Auto-Owners is one of them. The median premium it offered our sample driver for a full-coverage policy was barely under $ 9 per month more than what USAA offered — and $ 34 per calendar month less than the state average .
cheapest full-coverage car insurance in kansas
state farm, Progressive and Farm Bureau are three more companies offering full-coverage car insurance that is cheaper than the express average. The average agio State Farm sent our sample distribution driver was $ 869 per year. Progressive ’ south and Farm Bureau ’ south were $ 940 per class and $ 1,014 per class, respectively. The country average for this kind of policy — which normally provides indebtedness, collision and comprehensive examination coverage — is $ 1,246 per year .
Auto-Owners, Farm Bureau, Progressive and State Farm are among the cheapest indemnity companies in Kansas when it comes to state-minimum car indemnity arsenic well .
cheapest minimum car insurance in kansas
For case, the average bounty Auto-Owners offered our sample driver for a state-minimum policy was only about $ 2 per calendar month more than what USAA offered. The average premium progressive offered our driver for minimum coverage was $ 4.50 per calendar month more than USAA ’ randomness average agio .
many rate factors determine how much you pay for car insurance, including your historic period, gender and marital condition. Because of that, the quotes these and early companies send you may be cheaper or more expensive than the ones this article highlights .

What are the best car insurance companies in Kansas?

USAA and Auto-Owners are the best cable car insurance companies in Kansas if you want brassy coverage, according to our surveil of the submit ’ mho providers. Progressive and State Farm are bang-up options, besides .

USAA: best car insurance rates in Kansas

USAA is our choice as good cable car insurance company in Kansas because it offered our sample driver the lowest rates for both full-coverage and state-minimum policies .
USAA offered our sample driver an average rate of $ 254 per year for the minimum come of car insurance Kansas requires. This is $ 180 per year cheaper than the state average for such coverage .
besides, USAA offered our sample driver an average rate of $ 730 per class for wax coverage. This is $ 516 per year cheaper than the submit median.

Auto-Owners: runner-up for best car insurance rates in Kansas

You should get quotes from Auto-Owners while shopping for bum car policy in Kansas for two reasons. One is that it offered our sample driver some of the lowest rates in the state for both minimal and full-coverage policies. Another is that more people can buy coverage from Auto-Owners than from USAA. USAA only insures active military, veterans and certain family members .
At any pace, Auto-Owners offered our driver an modal premium of $ 280 per year for state-minimum coverage. And it offered our driver an average agio of $ 837 per year for full coverage. Those average premiums are entirely $ 2 per month and $ 9 per month more expensive than USAA ’ s average premiums, respectively .

Progressive: another good option for cheap state-minimum car insurance in Kansas

Progressive provided our sample distribution driver an modal annual premium of $ 308 for state-minimum car indemnity coverage. This is $ 126 per year cheaper than the Kansas average. That ’ s a dispute of $ 10.50 per month .
therefore, if you can ’ t or don ’ thyroxine want to get cable car policy from Auto-Owners or USAA, check out Progressive for this kind of policy .

State Farm: another good option for cheap full-coverage car insurance in Kansas

department of state grow provided our sample driver an average annual premium of $ 869 for full-coverage car insurance. This is $ 377 per year, or $ 31 per calendar month, cheaper than the state modal for this sum of coverage .
Like Progressive, State Farm is a good stand-in choice if USAA and Auto-Owners aren ’ triiodothyronine possibilities for you .

department of state farm is Kansas ’ most popular car indemnity company, writing 19 % of the country ’ sulfur car policies .
USAA, our choice for best car insurance rates in Kansas, is the express ’ mho fifth-largest insurance company in terms of market share. It writes 7 % of car coverage hera .

Insurance company Kansas market share
State Farm 19%
American Family 12%
Progressive 11%
Farm Bureau 8%
Allstate 6%
Farmers 5%
Nationwide 4%
Travelers 4%
Source: S&P Global

Our runner-up for cheap rates in Kansas, Auto-Owners, writes merely under 1 % of the express ’ randomness car policy policies. That puts it in seventeenth set vitamin a far as the most popular insurers in Kansas are concerned .

What is Kansas state-minimum auto insurance?

Kansas requires all car policy policies sold in the submit to include a minimum of 25/50/25 coverage. This means they must have at least :

  • $25,000 of bodily injury liability coverage per person.
  • $50,000 of bodily injury liability coverage per accident.
  • $25,000 of property damage liability coverage.

fomite owners and drivers in Kansas need at least the watch amounts of uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage, besides :

  • $25,000 of uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage per person.
  • $50,000 of uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage per accident.

A no-fault department of state, Kansas besides requires its drivers to carry a certain sum of personal injury auspices ( PIP ) coverage. The minimums in this encase are :

  • $4,500 per person for medical expenses.
  • $4,500 for rehabilitation expenses.
  • $2,000 for funeral, burial or cremation expenses.
  • $900 per month (for up to one year) for disability or loss of income.
  • $25 per day for in-home services.

SR-22 insurance in Kansas

You may need to file an SR-22 in Kansas for 12 months if the state :

  • Catches you driving without insurance or without enough insurance.
  • Suspends your license because you failed to show proof of insurance.
  • Declares you a “habitual violator” after convicting you of three or more serious traffic offenses within a five-year period.


We conducted a comprehensive study of car insurance rates in Kansas through Quadrant Information Services. The quotes we collected were for a single, 35-year-old male who has an excellent credit score and a clean tug record. He owns a 2012 Honda Accord and drives it an average of 15,000 miles a year. His cable car insurance policy has 100/300/50 coverage limits and a $ 1,000 deductible, where applicable .

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