You might expect car indemnity for women to be a dicker. Studies show male drivers tend to take more risks behind the steering wheel and get in more crashes. But in many cases, women pay higher car policy rates anyhow. In 2019, car indemnity rates for a 40-year-old woman were $ 31 to $ 81 a year more than for a comparable male driver, on average, a NerdWallet analysis found. But rates vary widely, by country and by ship’s company. For case, about half the insurers in our analysis showed equal rates for both genders in many cases, and some showed lower rates for women than men. By shopping about, you can benefit from the price differences. here ’ s a look at the car indemnity rates we found for women drivers and the ways you might save on your premium.


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How much women pay for car insurance

man traditionally have paid more than women for car indemnity, particularly when they ’ re new. It costs hundreds of dollars a year more to add a adolescent son than a adolescent daughter to the parents ’ policy. But the balance changes as men and women get older. By long time 40, NerdWallet ’ randomness analysis shows, a womanhood with a clean drive record would pay an average of $ 47 more a class — about $ 4 more a month — than a comparable man for a broad coverage policy. The break is larger for women who have poor people credit rating or who ’ ve caused a crash, compared with men with the like issues, our analysis of rates countrywide shows .

Cost of car insurance for women

average annual rate for 40-year-old charwoman price above 40-year-old man ’ mho policy
Full coverage
good driver with effective accredit $ 1,702 $ 47
driver with a holocene at-fault accident $ 2,613 $ 51
good driver with poor credit $ 3,081 $ 81
Low-mileage driver $ 1,594 $ 43
Minimum required coverage
good driver with good citation $ 728 $ 31

A separate NerdWallet analysis of rates in 10 states found that a 40-year-old woman with a late DUI would pay $ 35 a year more than a male driver in the same situation, on average, for minimum required coverage.

Why companies have different rates

car policy companies don ’ metric ton all agree on who should pay more. Each company sets rates in each submit it serves after studying the risks of insuring diverse types of drivers. Since the insurers use different data in their analyses, they can reach different conclusions — from other companies and from state to state. then they justify their rates to country regulators. While some insurers end up charging women more overall, they may not do so in all cases. For exercise, Geico ’ second rates for a 40-year-old beneficial driver with good credit are higher for women on median — but higher for men in 13 states in our psychoanalysis. That ’ s why it ’ sulfur authoritative to shop around and compare rates to find the cheapest policy for you.

Companies with higher rates for women

Five of the 10 largest car indemnity companies had higher car insurance rates for a 40-year-old womanhood than a 40-year-old man, on average, our analysis found :

All except Farmers returned lower rates for women in at least some states in our psychoanalysis, however. Allstate, Farmers and Progressive had higher average rates for women in all six circumstances we considered :

  • good drivers with good credit buying full coverage .
  • good drivers with poor credit buying wide coverage .
  • Drivers with a recent at-fault accident, buying full coverage .
  • Low-mileage drivers buying full coverage .
  • good drivers buying minimum compulsory coverage .
  • Drivers with a late DUI buying minimum command coverage .

Geico had higher average rates for women in five of the six circumstances. The exception : Geico ’ mho rates for men with poor credit were about the like as for women in the lapp site — just $ 2 a year more, on average. We didn ’ t have Travelers ’ rates for drivers with a recent DUI, but Travelers showed higher modal rates for women in all five of the other situations. Eight smaller insurers, including Esurance, besides systematically showed higher modal rates for women than men. note that some smaller insurers may be available in only a handful of states.

Companies with equal rates

express farm, the biggest car policy company in the nation, had identical rates for 40-year-old women and men. so did about half the 65 companies in our psychoanalysis, including many smaller insurers like Amica, Auto-Owners and Shelter. Liberty Mutual and American Family, besides among the 10 largest insurers, returned the same rates for men and women in many of the states where we examined rates a well.

States where gender doesn’t affect rates

Depending on where you live, gender may not be a factor in your car policy rates. Gender can ’ t be used in setting prices in these states : about everywhere else, average cable car policy rates were higher for 40-year-old women than for equivalent men. In 39 states that allow the function of sex in setting prices, car indemnity rates for women were higher in at least four of the six situations we examined. alone three states — Maine, Tennessee and Wyoming — showed higher average rates for 40-year-old men in at least four of the six circumstances .

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Finding the cheapest car insurance for women

Getting the best car policy at the lowest monetary value international relations and security network ’ metric ton adenine simple as picking a company and sign on the dotted line. Rates depend on where you live, whether you pay your bills on clock time and a host of other factors. To find cheap car indemnity for women, here ’ s what you can do.

Compare rates from multiple companies

Shopping round is the most important thing you can do to find low car insurance rates for women. No one ship’s company will have the best share for everyone. It ’ s a well theme to get car indemnity quotes from small, regional insurers along with the big guys. More than a twelve smaller and regional insurers, like Erie, returned lower average rates for women, our analysis found.

Remember that gender isn’t a big factor

Finding the cheapest insurance company overall can do vastly more to lower your rates than finding one with lower rates for women. here ’ s an exercise. A 40-year-old charwoman in New Jersey might pay $ 3,465, on average, with Liberty Mutual, and feel great that she ’ second paying $ 96 a year less than a man buying the same policy. But with Travelers, she might pay $ 1,313, on median, for the lapp coverage. sure, Travelers ’ rate for a man might be $ 76 a year less than hers. But by finding the cheapest insurance company in the country, she ’ sulfur putting an extra $ 2,152 a year — $ 179 a calendar month — in her pocket. other factors like your drive record and credit history, in most states, can besides influence car indemnity rates more than sex does.

Make choices that lower your rates

Women and men alike can lower their car insurance costs by making bright choices. A few tips :

  • Ask about discounts. insurance companies offer dozens of ways to qualify for price breaks .
  • Opt for a higher deductible. You ’ ll get a cheaper rate by agreeing to pay slenderly more toward the cost of fixing or replacing your car if it ’ south wrecked or stolen .
  • Choose a car that costs less to insure. Among top-selling models, the Subaru Outback, Jeep Wrangler and Honda CR-V are cheapest to insure on average, a NerdWallet analysis found .

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