Costco auto insurance

Costco auto insurance quotes

overall, we found the car insurance rates available to Costco members through american Family CONNECT to be very competitive. A minimum-coverage policy costs $ 634 per year, which is 19 % cheaper than the national average, while a full-coverage policy costs $ 1,755, 15 % less expensive than average .
Graph showing Costco car insurance rates versus competitors.

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Company Minimum liability Full coverage With an accident
State Farm $532 $1,313 $1,633
Costco (AmFam) $634 $1,755 $2,706
Geico $667 $1,918 $3,170
Progressive $884 $2,038 $3,163

Although american Family does not provide information about the discount it offers Costco members, you may be able to utilize that discount rate to get even cheaper rates. If you ‘re already considering American Family, you should get a quote and see how much you can save with the Costco discount, as it may be more than the cost of a Costco membership itself .

Costco auto insurance benefits and discounts

Drivers purchasing policy from Costco are eligible for a few particular benefits exclusive to Costco members, in addition to discounted rates .
executive Members get two extra perks : complimentary wayside aid and a guarantee choice to renew their policies. With this benefit, you ‘ll constantly have the choice to renew your policy from american english Family, careless of how many accidents or traffic violations you ‘re involved in. typically, insurers have the option not to renew your policy at the end of its term if you commit excessively many driving infractions. however, American Family may still raise your rates .
Two things to note: Costco Executive Members will not receive 2 % of their car policy premiums back as part of their annual 2 % reward because policies are not purchased directly through Costco .
additionally, shoppers in Tennessee are not eligible for Costco ‘s car rate rebate, and merely Executive Members qualify in Massachusetts .

American Family car insurance benefits and discounts

Drivers who purchase their car indemnity through Costco are besides eligible for the benefits and discounts american Family offers to all of its drivers. One luminary benefit is that american english Family waives the deductible for windshield compensate. Another is accident locomotion expense coverage, covering your out-of-pocket costs for locomotion or accommodation if your car is disabled more than 100 miles from home .
other discounts available from american Family CONNECT include the be :
safe drive american Family provides respective discounts for safe drivers. This includes discounts for three or more years of driving without causing an accident and for taking a defensive drive course .
Bundling If you purchase more than one policy policy from american Family — whether it ‘s for multiple vehicles or bundling your car, dwelling and life indemnity together — you ‘ll get a reduce pace on all of them .
condom feature Cars equipped with advanced safety and anti-theft features, such as air bags and alarms, will receive a discount .
tenure Drivers will get a discount after three years worth of continuous coverage from american Family .
Students If you ‘re a full-time student under 25 years previous with a “ B ” grade average or better, you ‘ll get a deduction from american english Family. The company will besides reduce the rates for families with a scholar living more than 100 miles from dwelling who does n’t have a cable car .

Costco car insurance coverages

car indemnity from Costco and American Family provides all of the most park coverages that drivers need, including liability coverage for bodily wound and place damage, collision and comprehensive examination coverage, and medical payments or personal injury protection .
In addition, American Family provides a few optional coverages drivers can purchase for extra protective covering :
Roadside aid and tow Roadside aid covers costs of wayside aid, like when you have a dead battery, lock your keys in your car or get a flat bore. It covers up to $ 75 per incidental, and it ‘s included at no extra price if you have a Costco Executive Membership .
Gap indemnity Gap indemnity pays for the dispute between what you owe on your lease or car loan and the replacement cost of the car if it is totalled in an accident.

lease car reimbursement rental car reimbursement pays for a rental cable car while your vehicle is being repaired after an accident. It covers up to $ 30 per day and $ 900 per incident .

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