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Things to Remember

  • typically, all GEICO coverage on your personal car will extend to your lease vehicle
  • GEICO has unlike indemnity for different nations
  • coverage may only apply to certain trips

rental cars are a convenient means to get around on trips. They get you from point A to B without the necessitate to navigate a brand-new passage arrangement. But lease cars aren ’ t the most low-cost method for exploring, specially when you factor in the monetary value of lease car insurance. If your primary cable car insurance provider covers your lease, you can avoid paying for double the insurance coverage .
GEICO customers might be wondering, does GEICO insurance cover rental cars ? typically, all the GEICO coverage on your personal car will extend to your rental adenine long as you ’ ra staying stateside .
curious to know if your rental is still protected in subject of a collision or larceny ? Keep interpretation this guide for some tips and tools to ensure you ’ rhenium insured .
Before you learn how GEICO indemnity works with rental cars, see what you could be saving on car insurance. Enter your ZIP code for rid car insurance rates from top companies now .

How does GEICO indemnity cover rental cars ?

When you ’ ra traveling within the U.S., your rental cable car will carry the like coverage as your personal car. Say you only have liability coverage ( which most states require ). This insurance can cover the cost of the other driver ’ randomness bills, repairs, and general expenses when you ’ re at fault in an accident .
Liability coverage does not cover damage to your personal or rental vehicle, including wrong that takes station outside of a collision with another fomite. For exemplar, if you hit a deer with your lease cable car, you won ’ metric ton be covered .
What about other coverage ? Check your GEICO indemnity policy to see if you have the stick to protections :

  • Personal Injury Protection can pay for the driver ’ sulfur expenses, including aesculapian bills, regardless of who caused the accident. This can come in handy if you ’ re deemed at demerit or if you ’ re in an accident with an uninsured driver .
  • Comprehensive coverage can help pay for repairs or damage no count who ’ mho at fault in an accident, and careless of what you hit—it can cover collisions with animals or trees .
  • Collision insurance can cover damage to the rental because of arouse, earthquake, flood tide, larceny, falling objects, or vandalism .

If you drive an old car and plan to upgrade in the approximate future, you might choose to go without collision coverage. But when you ’ rhenium driving a brand-new rental, it ’ mho prudent to take out adequate protection before you get behind the wheel .

extra coverage Options with GEICO

Want to add extra coverage for your rental car ?
With GEICO car policy, you have some money-saving solutions. alternatively of paying extra for benefits at a cable car rental company, check if you ’ rhenium already covered. For exemplar, you may already have :

To verify the details of your policy, call your GEICO congressman to help break down your policy. That means, you ’ ll know what extra coverage you need and what you can skip out on .

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Secured with SHA-256 Encryption

Does GEICO policy embrace rental cars on international trips ?

Are you going out of the country ? GEICO car indemnity has break policies for different nations .
Before you hit the road, know your policy options .

  • If you ’ ra drive to Canada, then your GEICO car indemnity will protect you and your rental cable car. however, check with your rental cable car company to let them know you plan to drive it across the border .
  • If you ’ re drive to Mexico, GEICO will help you to find Mexico-specific policies to make certain you ’ re still protected .

Most U.S car policy companies won ’ thyroxine cover travel to Mexico or other international locations. Make a plan to get cable car indemnity for visiting Mexico for your travel .

Credit Card Rental Car Benefits

Did you know that the recognition card you use for the lease may include add coverage ? If you only have liability policy with GEICO, your credit rating card may offer collision coverage or a loss wrong waiver—perhaps tied on international trips .
here ’ s what you need to consider first :

  • Primary vs. Secondary Car Coverage – Check with your credit tease provider to see if they offer primary or secondary coverage. primary policy can apply immediately in an accident and may allow you to avoid paying a deductible .
  • The Type of Trip – coverage may alone apply to certain trips. For example, when you pay for a rental with a commercial enterprise credit card, you ’ re only eligible for the benefits and coverage if the rental is used for business-related purposes .
  • International Rental Limitations – Your citation card issuer may have restrictions on which countries you ’ re covered in .

It ’ sulfur best to contact your credit card company to verify the details of your benefits. Ask if they offer coverage, how much, and if there are any limitations you should be aware of .

When You Need rental Car indemnity

so, is rental car indemnity necessary if you have GEICO ? even though GEICO offers coverage for your rental, in some cases, it may be beneficial to pay for the rental car company ’ second policy. This includes occasions when :

  • You won ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate receive sufficient coverage from your policy provider or credit card
  • You want to avoid filing a claim and raising your insurance rates
  • You ’ ra traveling internationally and won ’ t be covered

In these cases, take out the car indemnity policy you need to in full protect yourself, your lease vehicle, and your fiscal future .

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 Secured with SHA-256 Encryption
Secured with SHA-256 Encryption

GEICO Rental Car coverage : The Bottom Line

lease cars can be a hassle-free alternative for when your personal car international relations and security network ’ triiodothyronine prepared to go the distance. If you have GEICO policy, you can use your personal policy to cover you while driving a rental car, but be aware that this doesn ’ triiodothyronine apply outside of the U.S. and Canada.

But if your current cable car indemnity policy offers insufficient coverage at high rates, then you may not feel vitamin a protected as you ’ d like. You could be saving more while enjoying better coverage .
now that you know all about GEICO ’ south coverage for rental cars, see how much you could be saving on policy. Enter your ZIP code to receive car indemnity quotes from top companies for your personal fomite and any future rental .

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