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Bankrate Insights

  • 16-year-old drivers add between $1,200 and $2,400 to their parents’ policy annually.
  • You typically can wait until a driver is licensed to add them to your policy, but some companies may want drivers added with learner’s permits.
  • You may be able to insure your child on your policy until they move out, buy their own vehicle or become financially independent.

Do I have to add my child to my car insurance?

If your child has a driver’s license and lives in your household, they likely need to be listed as a driver on your policy. When your child is a minor, they can ’ t get their own policy policy. If your child lives in the family and is driving a vehicle you own, they will have to remain on your policy careless of their age, but it is besides beneficial financially in many cases because of discounts you may be eligible for. When your child lives on their own, they may be able to stay on your policy or need to get their own policy, depending on your state and insurance supplier ’ south criteria.

While some people worry about the rising costs of having a young driver on their policy, the price addition is for a reason. Drivers aged 16 to 24 are more likely to be in a fatal car accident, skip the seat belt and get behind the rack after using substances, so insurance companies account for this gamble with higher rates. however, as drivers get older, premiums tend to decrease .Looking to save money on auto insurance?

Looking to save money on auto insurance?

Compare rates & save

Benefits of adding your child to your car insurance policy

Although you will credibly see a agio increase when you add your child to your policy, there are benefits ampere well. Some common advantages to adding your child as a driver on your car indemnity policy are :

  • Lower premiums for your child: If your teen is 18 or older, they could purchase a policy in their name (assuming they own, lease or finance their own car). However, car insurance for 18-year-olds on their own is generally pretty expensive. If your teen lives with you and if your name is also on their vehicle, they’ll likely save money by staying on your policy.
  • Qualifying for new discounts: There are plenty of car insurance discounts available for teen drivers. You might be able to offset some of the cost of adding your teen driver by taking advantage of good student discounts, distant student discounts and teen driving programs.
  • Simplified policy management: Having your entire household on one policy could make it easier for you to make changes, pay bills and keep track of your insurance documents.
  • Gaining coverage for your teen: Adding your teen driver helps to provide coverage if an accident occurs. If your child is not listed as a driver on your policy but still drives one of your vehicles regularly, coverage could be denied after an accident.

additionally, adding your adolescent to your car indemnity policy could present a teach opportunity. You could teach your child about car indemnity, explain why it is an significant purchase and teach them how to pay bills .

Costs of adding a young driver to your car insurance

Adding a adolescent driver to your car insurance policy will probable increase your pace. In a holocene study on cheap car indemnity for teens, we looked at average rates for adolescent drivers. When 16-year-old drivers were added to their parents ’ policy, their share of the bounty ran somewhere approximately $ 1,200 to $ 2,400 annually for full coverage policy even from the cheap car insurance companies. When you compare that against the average cost for fully coverage car insurance — $ 1,674 per year — you see that younger drivers by and large pay importantly higher rates. The good news is that unseasoned drivers generally get cheaper to insure with each year of driving feel ( assuming they keep their repel record blank ). The initial cost to add your adolescent or young pornographic might feel stagger, but it will normally get better with fourth dimension. Getting quotes from multiple car insurance companies when you add your adolescent driver could be a good way to find the cheapest coverage for your needs .

Looking to save money on auto insurance?

Compare rates & save

When do you add your teenager or young adult to your car insurance?

by and large, you should add your adolescent or young pornographic child to your policy american samoa soon as they get their driver ’ s license. To be safe, though, you may want to contact your policy supplier before your child starts driving. Some companies may require that your child be added when they get their learner ’ south let quite than their license. Some states, such as Florida, provide insurance carriers with “ risk alert ” reports. These reports advise them of any license operators that possess the insure ’ mho address on their driver ’ sulfur license. After receiving risk alert reports, carriers normally reach out to policyholders and request one of the follow :

  • That the unlisted operator be added to the policy.
  • Proof that the unlisted operator is insured elsewhere.
  • Proof that the unlisted operator resides elsewhere.

official documents such as a utility bill, lease agreement or deed are typically the types of official documents accepted to show proof of residency. failure to prove that the unlisted operator is insured elsewhere or they reside elsewhere requires that they be added onto the policy. In addition, bankruptcy to provide the appropriate data to allow the unlisted operator to be added onto the policy could lead to midterm cancellation or non-renewal of the car policy .

When should your adult son or daughter get their own auto insurance policy?

There is not a ask age for when your child has to get their own policy. equally retentive as they are hush living with you and you have insurable concern in the vehicle they drive, there is no certain age at which you must remove them from your car policy policy. however, if your adult child no longer lives with you, they may have to get a separate policy, regardless of their senesce, unless they qualify for the distant student rebate available with some providers. here are some other factors that might indicate it is fourth dimension for your child to get their own policy :

  • They are married or have children of their own.
  • They are the sole owner of the vehicle they drive and do not live in your household.
  • They are financially independent.

If none of the above factors are in play so far, many indemnity experts recommend keeping your adolescent or young pornographic on your policy. Laura Adams, an insurance adept, adds : “ The problem is, the cost of indemnity owned by a adolescent driver is typically higher than if a adolescent gets added to a syndicate policy. That ’ second because youthful drivers are deemed hazardous by insurers, and they don ’ t have as many opportunities to save as older drivers do. For example, teens have a limit credit history, a short drive history and preceptor ’ metric ton qualify for typical discounts, such as commitment, bundling and insuring multiple vehicles. ”

Frequently asked questions

Does my child need to own a car to have insurance?

No. Most younger teens do not own the vehicles they drive and their names may not be on a lease or lend either. If your child is driving a vehicle owned by you or person else in your family, they calm need to be added as a driver to your policy .

What information do I need to add my child to my policy?

You ’ ll likely need your child ’ south name, date of give birth and driver ’ s license number. You may besides need their Social Security total. If your child qualifies for a good scholar or distant scholar rebate, you may need proof of their grades ( like a recent degree wag ) or proofread of the school they attend without a car ( like an admissions letter with the school identify on it ) .

How can I save money on car insurance for teens?

Adding a adolescent to your policy presents a good opportunity to shop your coverage with different car indemnity carriers. You might find that the company that was cheapest for you before adding your adolescent is no long the cheapest choice. Taking advantage of discounts is another solid scheme to save money, as is educating your child about safe repel habits so they maintain a clean drive record .

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