Let ’ s take a closer spirit at how this can benefit you. many policy companies offer car indemnity monitor devices that connect to your smartphone and monitor your driving habits. here at American Family Insurance, we use a smartphone app that can monitor your driving habits without requiring a discriminate “ telematics ” device. This app is a separate of our usage-based indemnity program, which can help you save on your car policy by driving safely. We all would love to know that we ’ rhenium drive arsenic safe as we can. With car monitor systems, or telematic devices, that ’ s actually potential now. Vehicle monitor devices work through an app on your smartphone that gathers and analyzes key data about the way you drive. Details like your GPS location and driving travel rapidly are all fed into a database that records your operation on the road every time you ’ rhenium repel. After a period of time, your car insurance may reduce your premium if your driving habits are found to be condom. KnowYourDrive is american Family Insurance ‘s usage-based insurance program that offers a dismiss based on how safe a driver you are. Enroll nowadays and save on your car premium !

What Is Usage-Based Insurance?

Usage-based indemnity ( UBI ) — a term that goes hand-in-hand with your car policy monitor device. Usage-based indemnity systems like these are frequently referred to as “ pay how you drive ” products. In other words, your car insurance bounty will be calculated based on how condom your driving habits are .
quite than require a separate telematics device, American Family Insurance ’ s usage-based insurance program KnowYourDrive only requires an app to be installed on your smartphone. Through GPS and other location-tracking features, the app will record and monitor your driving habits while you ’ re on the road — it ’ sulfur american samoa bare as that !
We know what you ’ rhenium think : “ What if my drive habits could use some work ? Will my premium go up ? ” Thankfully, no. When it comes to usage-based policy, you ’ ll always have your initial premium total as a accompaniment. If your driving habits don ’ triiodothyronine qualify for a discount rate, the KnowYourDrive app will help you know what you need to improve .
Usage-based policy programs are besides great for adolescent drivers. They can make your adolescent more conscious of their drive habits, which can help them become more timid behind the bicycle .

What Do Insurance Companies Track With Car Monitoring Devices & Apps?

Every car policy company will monitor unlike driving behaviors to calculate your discount, but for the most separate, an indemnity caller will track the datum they need to determine what kind of driver you are .
For case, some of the factors used to calculate your deduction for KnowYourDrive include :

  • Vehicle usage (how often you drive)
  • Braking (how smoothly or abruptly you apply the brakes when stopping)
  • Acceleration (how quickly or smoothly you accelerate after stopping)
  • Speed
  • Time of day you’re driving
  • Distracted driving habits

Remember : The safe you drive, the more probable you ’ ll increase your eligibility for a higher rebate .

How Can I Get a Car Insurance Monitoring Device?

matter to in car policy monitor devices and usage-based insurance ? american Family Insurance makes it easy to get started. To qualify for KnowYourDrive, you need to be insured with an american english Family car indemnity policy. then you can enroll in the program, download the app and start redemptive. And here ’ s the full news : You ’ ll get a discount on your premium just for signing up !

How much can I save with the KnowYourDrive App?

Besides initially saving on your car policy premium, you can save up to 20 percentage on your premium based on how safe a driver you are. * To see how much you ’ rhenium saving with KnowYourDrive at any given time, go on the app and you ’ ll instantaneously see your discount rate. This will show you the percentage on your premium you ’ re presently saving. This number will flex based on your driving demeanor throughout your policy term and finally, that dismiss can be applied when your policy reincarnate .

Is my privacy protected with a car insurance monitoring device/app?

here at American Family, it ’ second our top precedence to keep your personal information safe and confidential. We ’ ll protect the data collected from KnowYourDrive and we won ’ metric ton parcel it unless we ’ rhenium required to by law .

Are Car Insurance Monitoring Devices and Apps Worth It?

It ’ s truly up to you ! But our assume on it ? 100 percentage yes ! We ’ ve found that car monitor systems and usage-based insurance programs like KnowYourDrive are worth a sample. This is because you ’ ve very got nothing to lose — your insurance premium will never go above what you originally set.

And besides saving on your policy, the greatest benefit of KnowYourDrive is building safer driving habits by becoming mindful of what you need to work on. You ’ ll make the road a safer place and possibly even put some extra change in your pocket. If you always want to opt out of the program, it ’ south adenine simpleton as getting in touch with your agent .
quick to become a dependable driver and get a discount on your car insurance bounty ? Connect with an american Family Insurance agent to find out how you can save on your auto insurance with KnowYourDrive. Be sure to learn more about insurance telematics and download the app soon .
*Program discounts will vary based on driving behavior. The KnowYourDrive discount rate applies only to the following variable coverages, which are typical for most car policies : bodily injury indebtedness, property damage indebtedness, collision and comprehensive, checkup expense, underinsured and uninsured and personal injury protection. additionally, the deduction does not apply to fixed fees that are part of your policy .

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