Best Car Insurance for Teens
Insurance Provider Why We Picked It Average Annual Premiums  Discounts Offered
GEICO Best Overall $3,150 Up to 25% for multiple cars, 15% good student discount, 25% through the DriveEasy program, Plus 13 others
State Farm Best for Good Grades $4,400 Student-away discount, defensive driving 15% discount, good student discount of 25%, 20% Steer Clear discount, 17% multiple bundled insurance, Drive Safe and Save discount, and more
Allstate Best for College Students $5,500 Drivewise discount, 25% discount by bundling home and auto insurance, Smart Student discount, and more 
Nationwide Best for Accident Forgiveness $3,400 Up to 40% SmartRide discount, up to 20% multiple policy discount, safe driver, good student, accident-free discount, and more


What is the average monetary value of Car Insurance for Teens ?

In our research for the four categories, we found the average cost of adolescent car insurance was around $ 4,100 per annum, but the sum you pay for car insurance depends on factors such as :

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Location
  • Driving record
  • Car you drive
  • How much you use the car
  • Your credit score
  • Policy limits and deductible

Because the price of car insurance is sol variable, it is all-important to shop about and request quotes from several indemnity companies based on your details.

Do I Have to Add My Teen to My Car policy policy ?

Like any driver, a adolescent driver must have cable car policy, but no rules stipulate that you must add your adolescent to your cable car indemnity policy. alternatively, teens can purchase their own car indemnity policy, but the price for this may be higher than adding them to your policy .

What Should I Look for in a Car policy policy for My Teen ?

Since younger, less experience drivers have higher odds of being involved in an accident, it ’ randomness essential to have adequate coverage. You may want to consider insurance that covers checkup expenses, coverage for the other driver if your adolescent is at fault, and collision coverage that covers damage to your cable car, no matter who caused the accident .
legally, most states require restrict coverage, which will be less expensive than in full comprehensive examination embrace but could end up costing you more in the event of an accident .

Why Is Car Insurance for Male Teens then expensive ?

male teenagers between the ages of 16 and 20 have the most expensive car indemnity premiums for several reasons. First off, first-time car policy buyers, both men and women, have no prove drive criminal record which may prompt the supplier to discount their rate .
however, the death rate for male drivers aged 16–19 involved in a car accident was more than doubly american samoa high gear as their female counterparts in 2019.

In addition, adolescent males engage in risk-taking behavior behind the rack, which car policy companies reflect in their prices. In one sketch looking at sex differences between adolescent drivers, crashes involving male teenagers were significantly more likely to involve blood alcohol concentrations of 0.08 % or more, accelerate, heedless driving, night driving, and felony crashes such as hit-and-run, homicide, or manslaughter .
The commodity news is that as young drivers enter their twenties and maintain a clean drive record, premiums are likely to drop .

What Is The Best way to Save on Car Insurance for Teenage Drivers ?

adolescent drivers may find the best way to save money on car insurance is to join a parent ’ south policy. otherwise, the best approach is to review the providers available in your placement and see which company has the cheapest offerings. You can besides ask if they have any discounts available, including :

  • Good grade discount: Some auto insurers offer discounts for maintaining a high GPA or getting straight As.
  • Defensive driving discount: If you take a defensive driving course, some car insurance companies may offer you a discount on your rate.
  • Student away-at-school discount: If you’re enrolled in college or go to school away from home, you could qualify for this discount.

Families may besides be able to save money on adolescent car indemnity by bundling policies, taking a defensive drive path, or taking advantage of any employer-sponsored discounts .


We gathered evaluated 15 of the most popular companies that offer teenagers car insurance before selecting our top picks. We assessed a roll of factors to reach our conclusions including how easy it was to get a quote and buy a policy. Extra weight was besides given to a company if they offer account management through a mobile app which is probably substantive to tech-savvy teens .
Because stability and customer service are other essential factors to consider, we reviewed AM Best ratings and reviews regarding customer atonement wherever possible .
college students and young drivers in general often have fiscal limitations, therefore monthly premium costs and overall pricing were essential elements in our analysis. Factors such as discounts that could lower prices for safe drive and commitment to good grades besides impacted our decision .

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