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The Highlights

  • The average cost to insure an Audi A4 is $129 per month or $1,544 annually.
  • A liability-only policy for an older Audi A4 costs around $52 each month or $619 per year.
  • Teenagers will receive the highest rates at around $470 per month or $5,643 annually.
  • Good drivers can save as much as $637 a year on Audi A4 car insurance by earning policy discounts.
  • On average, Audi A4 insurance costs are around $25 more per year than the average vehicle.

Are you looking for cheap Audi A4 car indemnity rates ? You ’ ve come to the right identify. average Audi A4 insurance quotes are $ 129 per calendar month or $ 1,544 annually. That ’ s about $ 25 more per class than the average fomite. however, many factors go into our Audi A4 car insurance agio, including the old age of your model, the clean-cut level you chose, and even the express you live in .
For exercise, drivers of an older Audi A4 may choose to get a basic liability policy, which can cost vitamin a low as $ 52 per calendar month or $ 619 a year for some drivers. commodity drivers can save an extra $ 637 a year in policy discounts .
Read through our complete Audi A4 guide and learn how you can compare car indemnity rates to secure your best Audi A4 policy policy. Let ’ s take a closer spirit at Audi A4 policy rates, crash test ratings, and more .
Can ’ thyroxine expect to get started ? You can compare Audi A4 car indemnity rates from some of the best car insurance companies justly now by entering your five-digit ZIP code into our free on-line tool above .

Audi A4 Car Insurance Costs

Let ’ s start by comparing the average Audi A4 indemnity costs. Using national data, we found that the Audi A4 car indemnity costs are $ 129 per month or $ 1,544 annually on average. however, think of this count as only a road map. Your individual rate will vary depending on a few singular factors .
For exercise, the flat of coverage you choose can cause your premium to increase or decrease. In a similar vein, some drivers are eligible for more discounts than others. Your senesce will besides affect your total costs .
See what we mean in the graph below, which shows average annual Audi A4 policy rates .

If you own an Audi A4 or are considering purchasing one, try to take advantage of arsenic many car policy discounts as possible. Compare Audi A4 quotes from multiple companies to see which supplier can offer you the best rates without compromising your coverage needs .
Keep interpretation to learn what else impacts your Audi A4 indemnity costs, and what you can do about it .

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Are Audi A4s expensive to insure?

car insurance for the Audi A4 may feel like it ’ second high, but the costs are lone $ 25 higher than the average fomite. specially for a luxury car, the Audi A4 rates are actually very competitive .
To help you get a better idea of how the Audi A4 rates compare to similar vehicles, we ’ ve gathered the average car insurance rates for a few other makes and models that are in the lapp vehicle class .
Take a count at the data in the mesa below, which details how Audi A4 insurance rates compare to other luxury cars, including the Infiniti Q70, the Audi S7, and the Audi S8 .
Average Annual Audi A4 Auto Insurance Rates Compared to Similar Vehicles

Vehicle Make and Model Average Annual Comprehensive Coverage Car Insurance Rate Average Annual Collision Coverage Car Insurance Rate Average Annual Liability Coverage Car Insurance Rate Average Annual Full Coverage Car Insurance Rate
Audi A4 $332 $656 $398 $1,544
Infiniti Q70 $370 $774 $338 $1,618
Audi S7 $532 $1,250 $398 $2,338
Audi S8 $658 $1,368 $398 $2,582
Porsche Panamera $520 $1,042 $398 $2,118
Jaguar XE $382 $774 $398 $1,712
Volvo S90 $356 $714 $398 $1,626
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Compare RatesStart Now → As you can see from the rates above, the Audi A4 is cheaper to insure than every early luxury vehicle in the data set .
however, if your budget is calm a concern for you, there are a few things you can do to find the cheapest Audi indemnity rates online. Picking the properly Audi A4 model year and shave level is a bang-up target to start, which we cover in the following section .

What impacts the cost of Audi A4 car insurance?

The type of vehicle you drive matters to indemnity providers, which is why some cars cost more to insure than others. typically, vehicles that are low-cost to repair or replace and that have big crash tests and safety ratings receive the lowest premiums .
oppositely, expensive cars that are more probably to get stolen and that cost a substantial come to maintain normally receive the highest rates. Cars that tempt the driver to make foolhardy choices, like sportscars, besides receive pricier car insurance totals .
The shipshape and model class you choose will besides impact the total price you ’ ll pay for Audi A4 insurance coverage. however, driver demographics, like your age, the country you live in, and your drive record, will inevitably impact your personal premiums .
We ’ ll cover all of this and more in contingent to help you better understand your Audi A4 rates .

The Age of Your Audi A4 and Your Car Insurance Rates

If you ’ ve seen a practice Audi A4 for sale and thought about buying it, you may wonder how the car ’ south model year may affect policy cost. How do 2007 Audi A4 policy costs compare with a 2013 Audi A4 policy costs .
The long time of your Audi A4 model will change the rate you pay for cable car indemnity. Generally, older Audi A4 models price less to insure than newer models .
See what we mean in the mesa below, which compares average annual car indemnity rates for different coverage levels by model year .
Average Annual Audi A4 Auto Insurance Rates by Model Year

Audi A4 Model Year Average Annual Comprehensive Coverage Car Insurance Rate Average Annual Collision Coverage Car Insurance Rate Average Annual Liability Coverage Car Insurance Rate Average Annual Full Coverage Car Insurance Rate
2018 Audi A4 $332 $656 $398 $1,544
2017 Audi A4 $320 $640 $416 $1,534
2016 Audi A4 $310 $612 $430 $1,510
2015 Audi A4 $292 $592 $442 $1,484
2014 Audi A4 $282 $548 $452 $1,440
2013 Audi A4 $270 $516 $456 $1,400
2012 Audi A4 $258 $464 $460 $1,340
2011 Audi A4 $242 $426 $460 $1,286
2010 Audi A4 $234 $400 $464 $1,256
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Compare RatesStart Now → As you can see, full coverage cable car policy for a 2018 Audi A4 costs $ 1,544 per year, while the 2010 Audi A4 policy costs are $ 1,256 annually, a remainder of $ 288 in total .
Rates for older models, such as 2014 Audi A4 policy costs, are less expensive to insure because in the event a claim is filed, older vehicles typically monetary value less to fix and replace. On the other hand, new models tend to have more technical features that can be expensive for providers to repair if they get damaged .
however, newer Audi A4s might have guard features and anti-theft devices installed in them that can lead you to car policy discounts. Be certain to ask your supplier what your model year is eligible for so you can take advantage of the extra savings .

How Your Driver Age Impacts Your Audi A4 Car Insurance Rates

even though your historic period has nothing to do with your car model, it will calm greatly impact your Audi A4 insurance costs. This is because indemnity providers equate age to driving experience. More experienced drivers are less probably to get into accidents and file claims. even the few years between Audi A4 indemnity for 16-year-old and Audi A4 policy for 18-year-old can have an impact .
In the graph below, compare the average annual car policy rates for an Audi A4 by different age groups .

As you can see from the data, the consequence of old age on your Audi A4 indemnity costs can sometimes be significant. For example, 20-year-old drivers pay approximately $ 1,888 more each class for their Audi A4 car policy than 30-year-old drivers .
The best supplier for a adolescent driver who owns an Audi A4 will, consequently, be unlike from the best car policy for seniors .
If you ’ re a younger Audi A4 driver, ask about good student discounts or condom driver discounts. These programs will help lower your higher than median costs. fortunately, once you turn 25, you ’ ll see a meaning decrease in your Audi A4 car policy rates .

How Your Driver Location Impacts Your Audi A4 Car Insurance Rates

like to long time, where you live will besides have a boastfully impact on your Audi A4 insurance rates. Think about it, where you park your car at night matters .
If you live in a dumbly populate city with high car larceny rates, you ’ re more likely to get into an accident or have your vehicle stolen. To mitigate that hazard, indemnity providers will increase your premiums .
Take a look at the graph below to compare average annual cable car insurance rates by major american cities .

As you can see, drivers in Los Angeles, one of the largest cities in the nation, pay approximately $ 571 more per year for car insurance than drivers in Philadelphia, a slightly smaller metropolitan area .
Each state has different car indemnity laws that can besides impact your premiums. For case, some states have banned policy providers from using your sex, credit history, and education levels when calculating your rates .
The minimal level of cable car indemnity required by law besides changes by state. therefore, your driver placement is a major factor that will impact your Audi A4 insurance costs .

How Your Driving Record Impacts Your Audi A4 Car Insurance Rate

Your drive record will besides have an impact on the cost of your Audi A4 car insurance. fortunately, this is something you have some control over .
safe drivers with a clean drive criminal record constantly receive the lowest car insurance rates. bad drivers who have many violations or accidents on their record will receive the highest rates .
In the graph below, you can distinctly see how different traffic violations will affect your annual Audi A4 car insurance costs depending on your age .

Teens and drivers in their 20s see the highest jump in their Audi A4 car indemnity rates with violations on their drive record. If you commit besides many driving violations, some major providers might refuse to insure you all in all .
You can qualify for some great safe driver discounts by going a hanker meter without filing any claims. All in all, safe driving not lone saves lives, but it besides saves you money .

Audi A4 Safety Ratings and the Impact on Your Car Insurance Rates

If you drive an Audi A4, your car insurance rates are influenced by the Audi A4 ’ s guard ratings. Safer cars salute less risk on the roads and indemnity rates are based on your perceived level of risk .
consequently, better guard ratings will mean lower indemnity rates. See how the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety ( IIHS ) rated the 2020 Audi A4 in the table below. Keep in take care that a rate of ‘ Good ’ is the highest possible seduce given by the IIHS .
2020 Audi A4 Safety Ratings

Safety Test Type Rating
Small overlap front: driver-side Good
Small overlap front: passenger-side Good
Moderate overlap front Good
Side Good
Roof strength Good
Head restraints and seats Good
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Compare RatesStart Now → overall, the Audi A4 condom ratings are impressive. These capital safety scores are likely one of the reasons why the Audi A4 costs less to insure on median than similar lavishness vehicles in the like car class .

Audi A4 Crash Test Ratings and the Impact on Your Car Insurance Rates

similar to base hit ratings, crash test results besides heavily influence your Audi A4 insurance premiums. In particular, poor crash-test results can lead to higher than average collision coverage rates .
Find out how unlike Audi A4 models performed in crash tests run by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration ( NHTSA ) in the mesa below. Keep in mind that a 5-star rate is the best possible score given by the NHTSA .
Audi A4 Crash Test Ratings by Model Year and Trim Level

Audi A4 Model Year and Trim Level Tested Overall Frontal Side Rollover
2020 Audi A4 Allroad SW AWD N/R N/R 5 stars N/R
2020 Audi A4 4 DR FWD 5 stars 4 stars 5 stars 5 stars
2020 Audi A4 4 DR AWD 5 stars 4 stars 5 stars 5 stars
2019 Audi A4 4 DR FWD 5 stars 4 stars 5 stars 5 stars
2019 Audi A4 4 DR AWD 5 stars 4 stars 5 stars 5 stars
2018 Audi A4 4 DR FWD 5 stars 4 stars 5 stars 5 stars
2018 Audi A4 4 DR AWD 5 stars 4 stars 5 stars 5 stars
2017 Audi A4 4 DR FWD 5 stars 4 stars 5 stars 5 stars
2017 Audi A4 4 DR AWD 5 stars 4 stars 5 stars 5 stars
2016 Audi A4 4 DR FWD 5 stars 5 stars 5 stars 5 stars
2016 Audi A4 4 DR AWD 5 stars 5 stars 5 stars 5 stars
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Compare RatesStart Now → You might have noticed that not all Audi A4 model years received the lapp crash test results. For exercise, the 2016 Audi A4 received 5-stars across the board, but the 2017 through 2020 models only earned 4 stars during the frontal crash tests .
Watch the television for the 2017 Audi A4 crash test below .

We constantly recommend looking at the crash test results for your specific Audi A4 model and spare flush. This ensures you ’ re seeing the most accurate scores .

How the Audi A4 Safety Features Affect Your Car Insurance Rates

Did you know you can qualify for different car indemnity discounts if our vehicle has certain guard features ? The same thing goes for any anti-theft devices you ’ ve installed .
fortunately, the Audi A4 comes equipped with many fantastic condom options. These features will help keep you and your kin safe and can help reduce your overall car indemnity rates .
The guard features for the 2020 Audi A4 include the come :

  • Driver airbag
  • Passenger airbag
  • Front head airbag
  • Rear head airbag
  • Front side airbag
  • Rear side airbag
  • 4-wheel ABS
  • 4-wheel disc brakes
  • Brake assist
  • Electronic stability control
  • Daytime running lights
  • Child safety locks
  • Integrated turn signal mirrors
  • Traction control
  • Blindspot monitor
  • Auto-leveling headlights
  • Cross-traffic alert

Be surely you ask your provider about what discounts these different base hit features qualify for. Some providers offer discounts that are not advertised on-line or in commercials .

How the Audi A4 Insurance Loss Probability Affects Your Car Insurance Rates

A count that can impact your cable car insurance rates that many consumers much do not look at is the indemnity personnel casualty probability of your fomite make and model .
A lower percentage will lead to lower Audi A4 insurance rates. however, higher percentages mean higher Audi A4 policy premiums .
Check out the Audi A4 insurance loss probability details in the board below .
Audi A4 Insurance Loss Probability Details

Insurance Coverage Category Loss Rate
Collision 37%
Property Damage 30%
Comprehensive -36%
Personal Injury -40%
Medical Payment -42%
Bodily Injury -41%
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Compare RatesStart Now → As you can see, the Audi A4 ’ s insurance passing probability varies for each shape of coverage. For the most part, the personnel casualty ratios for the Audi A4 fall within the average scope .
however, the collision ratio is substantially worse than average. This means Audi A4 collision indemnity costs are probable to besides be higher than average .
fortunately, the personal injury loss ratio is well better than average for the Audi A4. This means more competitive personal wound coverage rates .

Financing an Audi A4 and Car Insurance Costs

If you are financing your Audi A4, the franchise might require you to purchase a full coverage car indemnity policy for the duration of your lend. The extra coverages normally include collision and comprehensive examination coverage, arsenic good as GAP policy .
Collision coverage protects your fomite from damage caused while your Audi A4 is in movement. This includes getting hit by another vehicle, or hitting a stagnant object, like a telephone pole or tree .
Comprehensive coverage protects your fomite from damage caused while you Audi A4 is not in motion. This includes weather or animal-related damage, damage from fires, flood, vandalism, and vehicle larceny .
Both comprehensive examination and collision insurance have deductibles associated with them .
GAP insurance stands for guarantee asset security. If you total your Audi A4 but you distillery owe money on your car loan, you are still required to pay it off, even if the fomite is not recoverable. This is where GAP coverage comes into play .
If there is a gap between what you still owe on your car loan and the actual cash value of your vehicle, your gap policy will help pay for that difference sol you don ’ t have to pay wholly out of pouch .
The franchise might offer your cable car indemnity coverage, specifically GAP insurance, through the finance department. however, you will pay substantially more if you purchase car policy through a franchise as opposed to an actual car insurance supplier .
We recommend you shop round and compare Audi A4 car policy quotes from the best companies before signing your name on any dot lines. You can use one of our complimentary quotation mark tools to get started .

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Ways to Save on Audi A4 Car Insurance

Although it may seem like your Audi A4 car policy rates are set, there are a few measures that you can take to secure the best Audi A4 car insurance rates potential .
beginning, if you need collision and comprehensive examination coverage, ask for a higher deductible for your Audi A4 policy policy. This will lower your total monthly premium .
You should besides inform your insurance company about how you plan to use your Audi A4. If you prove you do not drive during flower rush hour traffic, when accidents are most likely to happen, it can lead to lower overall rates .
Always practice safe driving techniques, and never drink and drink in your Audi A4. Maintaining a clean force record is the best way to keep your car indemnity rates low. You ’ ll besides be eligible for safe driver discounts .
If you presently have lone one or two minor violations on your record, consider asking your supplier about any accident forgiveness programs .
ultimately, save money by comparing Audi A4 quotes from multiple different companies before making your choice. By comparing policies from assorted providers, you ’ ll be able to see which ship’s company is most compatible with you and your needs .

Top Audi A4 Car Insurance Companies

Who is the top car policy company for Audi A4 indemnity rates ? The actual rates you pay will depend on many factors. It ’ second always a safe count to purchase insurance from one of the crown providers in the state .
By purchasing insurance through a cable car insurance company that holds a solid percentage of the market plowshare, you can trust that provider is in effective fiscal stand .
This is crucial because you want to be certain that your supplier can pay out any claims, flush in the event of an economic downturn .
In the table below, take a look at the top car insurance companies ordered by market share that offer coverage for the Audi A4 .
Top Audi A4 Car Insurance Companies by Market Share

Rank Company Volume Market Share
1 State Farm $65,615,190 9.30%
2 GEICO $46,106,971 6.60%
3 Progressive $39,222,879 5.60%
4 Liberty Mutual $35,600,051 5.10%
5 Allstate $35,025,903 5.00%
6 Travelers $28,016,966 4.00%
7 USAA $23,483,080 3.30%
8 Chubb $23,388,385 3.30%
9 Farmers $20,643,559 2.90%
10 Nationwide $18,442,145 2.60%
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Compare RatesStart Now → many of these companies offer discounts for security systems and other guard features that the Audi A4 offers .
Be sure to compare rates from more than one of these providers. That way you ’ ll know with certainty that you ’ ra receiving your best rates .
See more details about the market share percentages of the leading car policy companies in the graph below .

There are so many variables involved in determining your Audi A4 car policy quotes. therefore, the best company for you will probable be different than the best company for your neighbor .
Remember to besides look at customer military service and claims reviews for the providers you are most concerned in. bum rates are great. But you don ’ t want to get stuck with a company that ’ south unresponsive when you need to file a call .
You are now an expert on securing low-cost Audi A4 car insurance. Refer back to this guide vitamin a much as needed while you comparison shop for your best Audi A4 rates.

Before you buy Audi A4 cable car insurance, make indisputable to compare quotes. With a small inquiry, you can find an low-cost Audi A4 cable car insurance company .
There ’ s no need to wait. Start comparing Audi A4 policy quotes right now by entering your five-digit ZIP code into our FREE on-line car policy comparison creature below .

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