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Key Takeaways

  • Most 22-year-old drivers pay around $217 per month or $2,596 annually on car insurance, compared to the national average of $84 per month or $1,009 per year.
  • Statistically, 21- to 24-year-old drivers cause the second-highest ratio of car accidents, directly behind teen drivers.
  • Cheap car insurance for 22-year-old drivers can be secured by knowing the minimum coverage requirement, being aware of low-income car insurance options in your state, and considering staying on your parent’s policy.

The average car policy price per month for a 22-year-old is $ 84 or $ 1,009 annually. While rates are lower than what adolescent drivers pay, drivers under the age of 25 who still lack driving experience could pay much higher than average monthly premiums than older drivers .
cable car indemnity companies are very mindful of the time it takes to become a adept driver. therefore, drivers who are share of bad driver groups receive higher policy rates .
Are all car insurance companies the lapp when it comes to pricing for 22-year-olds ? No, every party uses a unique formula when calculating rates .
What ’ s a typical cable car insurance quote for a 22-year-old ? Depending on the state you live in, your drive record, the charge of coverage you required, and what kind of car you drive, your rates might be around $ 217 per calendar month or $ 2,596 per year. even your sex can impact what you ’ ll give for car indemnity as a 22-year-old .
From choosing the right degree of car indemnity coverage to knowing about low-income policy options to considering staying on your rear ’ sulfur policy, there are batch of ways 22-year-olds can save money .
Before you buy car insurance for a 22-year-old, start comparing car indemnity rates and get cable car indemnity quotes for a 22-year-old right immediately by entering your ZIP code into our free quote tool above .

How much does car insurance cost for a 22-year-old?

The average monetary value of car indemnity in the U.S. is $ 84 per calendar month or $ 1,009 per annum. But how a lot is car indemnity for a 22-year-old ? The average cost for this long time group is closer to $ 217 per month or $ 2,596 per year .
statistically, younger drivers cause the most accidents flush though they drive less than other senesce groups. however, data reported by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety proves that drivers under the long time of 20 have crash rates four times higher than drivers over the age of 20 .
You may be wondering, then, why indemnity rates for 22-year-old drivers are still sol high ? specially if the data shows, they are a more responsible group of drivers than their younger counterparts .

When determining how a lot a basic or full moon coverage indemnity policy will cost a 22-year-old, there are many factors indemnity companies consider besides senesce .

The department of state you live in, your driving history, the type of car you drive, and in some cases, even your sex has an affect on your rates .

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How much does car insurance cost for a 22-year-old male vs. female?

Auto policy for 22-year-old males versus the median car insurance rates for 22-year-old females is slightly unlike in some areas. Look at the following mesa as an exercise, which compares the average car policy rates by historic period and sex for 22-year-old drivers .
Average Monthly Car Insurance Rates for 22-Year-Old Drivers by Gender

Company 22-Year-Old Female 22-Year-Old Male
USAA $112.00 $125.00
GEICO $165.00 $167.00
Progressive $196.00 $202.00
State Farm $227.00 $259.00
Allstate $236.00 $223.00
Liberty Mutual $300.00 $384.00
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Compare RatesStart Now → According to the datum, the average monthly car insurance for a 22-year-old male costs $ 226, and the median monthly car indemnity for a 22-year-old female costs $ 206 .

As you can see, USAA car insurance offers the lowest rates but only active voice or retire military personnel and their families are eligible to use services from this company. Geico and Progressive besides offer competitive rates for 22-year-old drivers .

fortunately, there are ways to lower your car insurance rates if you are 22 years honest-to-god. If you are calm in college, you can apply for good student discounts. You might besides consider taking a driver ’ randomness education course in rally for a cable car indemnity discount .

Car Insurance Rates for 22-Year-Old Drivers by State

Remember, the state you live in will drastically impact your average cable car indemnity rates, regardless of age. car indemnity rates will cost more in states with higher car larceny rates, more traffic congestion, and higher accident rates. rural states with lower population densities tend to have better average cable car indemnity costs .
count at the mesa below, which shows the average annual rates for car indemnity by submit from the least expensive to the most expensive .
Average Annual Car Insurance Rates by State

State Average Annual Car Insurance Rates
Alabama $868
Alaska $1,027
Arizona $972
Arkansas $906
California $986
Colorado $981
Connecticut $1,151
Delaware $1,240
District of Columbia $1,330
Florida $1,257
Georgia $1,048
Hawaii $873
Idaho $679
Illinois $884
Indiana $755
Iowa $702
Kansas $862
Kentucky $938
Louisiana $1,405
Maine $703
Maryland $1,116
Massachusetts $1,129
Michigan $1,364
Minnesota $875
Mississippi $994
Missouri $872
Montana $863
Nebraska $831
Nevada $1,103
New Hampshire $818
New Jersey $1,382
New Mexico $937
New York $1,360
North Carolina $789
North Dakota $773
Ohio $788
Oklahoma $1,005
Oregon $904
Pennsylvania $970
Rhode Island $1,303
South Carolina $973
South Dakota $766
Tennessee $871
Texas $1,109
Utah $872
Vermont $764
Virginia $842
Washington $968
West Virginia $1,025
Wisconsin $737
Wyoming $847
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Compare RatesStart Now → This datum includes rates that drivers of all ages pay in each of the states. People living in Idaho, Maine, Virginia, pay much less for car policy than folks living in Louisiana, Michigan, or Florida .
To get a better idea of what a 22-year-old might pay, we ’ ll explore rates by senesce in specific low-cost, mid-cost, and high-cost states in the following few sections .

Car Insurance Costs for 22-Year-Old Drivers in the Low-Cost States

Let ’ s explore what a 22-year-old driver will probable pay in a express where car policy rates are lower than average. We will use Idaho for our exemplar, which ranks 48 in a countrywide survey of the most expensive car indemnity prices .
Take a look at the following table, which provides details about two hypothetical drivers, Justin and Jessica, both age 22 and living in Boise, Idaho .
22-Year-Old Driver Car Insurance Details

Details Justin (male) Jessica (female)
Age 22-years-old 22-years-old
City, state Boise, Idaho Boise, Idaho
Car make and model 2005 Ford Taurus 2020 Ford Fiesta
Car insurance policy limits BIL: $25,000/$50,000
PDL: $15,000
UM/UIM bodily injury: $25,000/$50,000
UM/UIM property damage: $15,000
BIL: $50,000/$100,000
PDL: $25,000
UM/UIM bodily injury: $50,000/$100,000
UM/UIM property damage: $25,000
Towing allowance: $50.00
Deductible: $500
Average monthly car insurance rate $63 $133
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Compare RatesStart Now → Notice that even though he ’ sulfur male, Justin ’ mho average rate is lower than Jessica ’ second. This is because he is trying to purchase a very basic policy policy that lone has the state ’ south minimum car indemnity requirements .
Jessica purchased higher indebtedness limits than Justin and bought GAP indemnity because she ’ s financing her modern Ford Fiesta. Her GAP coverage alone added around $ 8 to $ 15 to her annual rates and will cover the dispute between what is left on her car loan and her car ’ s actual cash value if it gets totaled in an accident .
Justin only carries liability coverage. If Justin is at-fault in a car accident, he would not receive any payments for his bodily injury or damage to his vehicle .
His uninsured/underinsured motorist protection merely kicks in if he was involved in an accident with a driver who had no indemnity or not enough insurance to meet Idaho ’ s legal requirements .

Average Monthly Car Insurance Rates for a 22-Year-Old Male in Boise, Idaho

attend at the table below to see what specific car indemnity companies in Boise would charge Justin as a monthly payment for his very basic policy .
Boise, Idaho Average Monthly Car Insurance Rates for a 22-Year-Old Male

Company Average Monthly Car Insurance Rates
GEICO $36.00
State Farm $46.00
American Family $54.00
Allstate $58.00
Farm Bureau $60.00
Safeco $75.00
Progressive $108.00
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Compare RatesStart Now → GEICO and State Farm both provide quotes for under $ 50 per month, which is not badly if you ’ re on a fast budget. however, to get such a low cost, Justin has to sacrifice coverage .

For exemplar, if Justin ’ s vehicle gets damaged by a acclaim ramp or flood, he does not have any comprehensive examination coverage to pay for those damages.

similarly, if he hits a while of total darkness frost and collides frontal with a tree, he has no collision coverage to help him pay for damages to his vehicle .

Average Monthly Car Insurance Rates for a 22-Year-Old Female in Boise, Idaho

now take a attend at what those like indemnity companies would charge Jessica for her policy. Remember, she drives a brand new Ford Focus, whereas Justin insured a much older 2005 Ford Taurus .
Boise, Idaho Average Monthly Car Insurance Rates for a 22-Year-Old Female

Company Average Monthly Car Insurance Rates
GEICO $93.00
State Farm $104.00
Farm Bureau $126.00
American Family $131.00
Allstate $136.00
Safeco $170.00
Progressive $175.00
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Compare RatesStart Now → not only will Jessica be dear protected with her policy, but she ’ south besides driving a much newer car. Her GAP policy will prevent her from falling into a fiscal crisis if her vehicle is ever deemed a total loss in an accident .

Car Insurance Cost for 22-Year-Old Drivers in Mid-Priced State

immediately we will use California as our middle-priced state for car indemnity. This meter, we ’ ll include a low-income case and an exemplar of a 22-year-old who chooses to stay on his parent ’ sulfur policy. Our conjectural drivers are Cynthia and Nick ; again both are 22-years old and live in Elk Grove .
Cynthia ’ second income is low adequate to qualify for California ’ s low-income car policy broadcast, which is available to qualifying accredited drivers. Keep in mind that low-income car indemnity is only available in some states, however .
Elk Grove is in Sacramento County, which means that Cynthia can get car insurance for $ 261 per year with this finical program. She can finance the policy with a 20 percentage down payment and pay seven more monthly installments of entirely $ 29.83 .
California ’ s low-cost car policy program only covers up to $ 10,000 per person and $ 20,000 per accident in bodily injury liability coverage, and up to $ 3,000 in property damage liability. For 22-year-old drivers in fiscal situations like Cynthia, this program protects her if she causes an accident and must pay for the other driver ’ second damages .
Uninsured motorist coverage and limited amounts of collision and comprehensive coverage can be added to California ’ s low-income policy through an agent for extra costs. however, not everyone can afford those supernumerary coverage levels .

All car insurance agents in California are required to offer low-income coverage.

Like Cynthia, Nick is besides 22 and lives in Elk Grove. Nick lives with his parents and drives a 2003 Subaru Legacy. many young licensed drivers continue to take advantage of being depart of a family of drivers to save on policy costs .

Average Monthly Car Insurance Rates for a 22-Year-Old Male in Elk Grove, California

Nick pays his partake of the family cable car insurance bill by writing a match to his parents. Examine the dispute in monthly car policy rates after Nick ’ s parents added him to their cable car policy policy as a named driver in the board below .
Elk Grove, CA Increase in Average Monthly Car Insurance Rates Adding a 22-Year-Old Male

Company Average Monthly Car Insurance Rates Average Monthly Rates with a 22-Year-Old Male Added Total Difference
GEICO $131.00 $214.00 $83.00
Allstate $134.00 $221.00 $87.00
21st Century $148.00 $261.00 $113.00
USAA $179.00 $272.00 $93.00
Liberty Mutual $184.00 $355.00 $171.00
AAA $193.00 $285.00 $92.00
Mercury $195.00 $312.00 $117.00
Mid-Century $209.00 $398.00 $189.00
State Farm $237.00 $382.00 $145.00
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Compare RatesStart Now → Nick will pay the deviation in cost to his parents each month. The cost to add a younger driver to a car insurance policy varies by company. only Geico, Allstate, USAA, and AAA agitate less than $ 100 to add a 22-year-old to an existing policy .
If you chose to stay on your parent ’ randomness policy as a 22-year-old driver, the extra costs will be round 6 percentage cheaper than if you got your policy .

not every young driver has the option of staying on a parent ’ second policy. fortunately, there are many discounts you can qualify for that will help keep your rates low .

Our conjectural 22-year-old drivers living in California found ways to save enough on their car indemnity rates so that they are actually paying less than the conjectural drivers who live in Idaho .

As you can see, it is possible to secure bum car policy for 22-year-old females or males, angstrom long as you are willing to put in the clock time, effort, and research to ensure you ’ re getting the best rates .

Car Insurance Costs for 22-Year-Old Drivers in the High-Priced States

ultimately, we ’ ll explore what a 22-year-old should expect to pay for car indemnity in a high-price department of state like Florida. Our hypothetical driver is named Andrew, and he drives a 2007 Mazda CX 7 .
His cable car is his most valuable asset, so he wants a full coverage policy that includes the Florida country minimum car policy requirements, a well as collision and comprehensive coverage .
In this case, however, let ’ s imagine our hypothetical driver has a rocky driving record. Andrew was cited for careless driving while adjusting his audio system on the interstate .
In the table below, see what his car policy premiums look like as a 22-year-old driver with fair one ticket on his phonograph record .
Orlando, FL Average Monthly Car Insurance Rate Increase With One Ticket

Companies Average Monthly Car Insurance Rates Average Monthly Rates With 1 Ticket
USAA $125.00 $167.00
GEICO $167.00 $187.00
Progressive $202.00 $261.00
Allstate $223.00 $246.00
Liberty Mutual $384.00 $384.00
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Compare RatesStart Now → insurance companies in Florida are hard on 22-year-olds who get traffic tickets. Can a speed tag raise your cable car policy rates ? Yes, equitable one speeding rape can increase your rates by a surprising come .

Car Insurance Cost for 22-Year-Old Females is Cheaper

unfortunately for Andrew, car policy quotes for women tend to be lower than male car indemnity quotes, particularly in Florida. car policy prices are based on gamble. The hazardous you are as a driver, the higher your car insurance premiums will be .

Some companies consider any driver under the old age of 25 to be bad. This is because of a miss of driving experience, but besides because companies look at annual barge in statistics when calculating indemnity rates .

According to data from the Insurance Information Institute, drivers between the ages of 21 and 24 have the second-highest crash ratios, directly behind adolescent drivers. To make matters worse for Andrew, 22-year-old females are statistically less incline to be involved in car accidents than their male counterparts .

This is why the average indemnity cost for a 22-year-old male can be higher than the modal indemnity cost for a 22-year-old female .

however, you can find bum car policy for 22-year-old males by comparing rates from multiple companies, applying for discounts that you qualify for, and researching the right field sum of coverage levels you need before purchasing a policy .
The best thing about the high average indemnity price for 22-year-old drivers is that it alone lasts for a few years. so, when asking how much is wax coverage policy for a 23-year-old, the premiums will be slightly lower than the modal indemnity rates for a 22-year-old male or female .

however, the modal car indemnity costs for a 23-year-old is inactive higher than those who are older .

You ’ ll see a very drastic decrease in your overall rates a soon as you turn 25 .

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Other Factors that Determine Car Insurance for a 22-Year-Old

We talked about how car indemnity can be affected by historic period, sex, and drive read, but did you know your education degree, credit history, and vehicle can determine cable car insurance cost ?
Continue reading to learn early factors that affect your car policy rates .


Your education level has a little impact on your cable car indemnity policy. car insurance caller statistics show that policyholders with higher levels of education file claims much less than those have high school diploma and Associate Degrees .

Credit History

Your credit score could be a major contributor to your car indemnity cost. According to credit bureaus like Experian, cable car insurance companies issue cheaper rates to customers with dear and excellent credit because they are less probably to file a claim .


last, car policy companies consider the vehicle you drive as a significant divisor to determine car indemnity. Vehicles tend to have expensive retail prices, so your car insurance company will need to match the risk with a policy that will cover the cost of your car if it ’ south damaged .

Car Insurance Cost for a 22-Year-Old: The Bottom Line

If you’re a 22-year-old driver, be sure to practice safe driving techniques as much as possible. Once it ’ s your twenty-fifth birthday, your clean drive record will lead to much lower insurance payments .
You immediately know with confidence how much car insurance costs a 22-year-old driver, and why those rates are higher than average. Whether you choose to stay on your rear ’ second policy as a named driver, apply for low-income car indemnity, or buy your own entire coverage policy, your best rates are out there .
Which cable car policy company for 22-year-olds is for you ? now that you know how a lot cable car insurance costs for a 22-year-old, start comparing car indemnity quotes for a 22-year-old now by entering your ZIP code into our free on-line tool below .

Frequently Asked Questions: How much does car insurance cost for a 22-year-old?

You are immediately an expert on securing low-cost cable car indemnity for 22-year-old drivers. Refer back to this guide deoxyadenosine monophosphate much as needed while you comparison shop for your best rates. In the meanwhile, check out our frequently asked questions below .
hopefully, we have answered all your questions, but if not, look at some common questions below .

#1 – What is the average insurance cost for a 22-year-old in the UK?

As within the United States, average insurance rates in the UK can depend on several different factors, including the area in which you live .

#2 – Does car insurance go down at 22?

How much is car policy for a 21-year-old per month ? How a lot is car policy for a 20-year-old per month ? You ’ ll be glad to know that indemnity rates will likely get lower after reaching the old age of 18.

#3 – How much is car insurance for a 25-year-old?

As with rates for other old age groups, this depends on your location, gender, and a numeral of different factors. however, once you turn 25 you will see a drastic decrease in the price of your car policy .

#4 – What is the average health insurance cost for a 22-year-old female?

This depends on the health insurance plan in which you go with. It ’ south worth noting that a 22-year-old female or male can normally stay on their parents ’ insurance plans .

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