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GEICO is cheaper for most drivers, has higher customer service ratings, and provides more unique coverages. It ‘s besides the less expensive policy option in 35 out of 50 states. State Farm, however, is cheaper for students and drivers with tickets and driving under the influence ( DUI ) charges. State Farm besides receives far fewer customer complaints. GEICO car policy is good for drivers who prize affordability and customer satisfaction.

state Farm car indemnity is good for young drivers and drivers with accidents or DUIs on their records.

Is State Farm or GEICO Cheaper Overall?



Your pace can vary based on multiple factors but, overall, MoneyGeek ’ s research shows that GEICO ’ mho modal annual cable car indemnity premium of $ 1,047 is cheaper than State Farm ’ s $ 1,235. Keep in beware that these numbers are based on a sample driver, so the ship’s company that offers the cheap car insurance may be different for you. Be sure to compare quotes from both car indemnity companies since rates can vary dramatically based on your location, age and driving profile.

Is State Farm or GEICO Cheaper in Your State?

Prices can be very different at a express level than a national level, which means your rates may be higher or lower than the home average depending on policy rates in your department of state. On median, GEICO is cheaper than State Farm in most states. According to MoneyGeek ’ south findings, GEICO is cheaper than State Farm in 35 states, while State Farm is less expensive in 15 states. Both companies offer car insurance in all 50 states and the District of Columbia. In the come table, you ‘ll see the phrase “ not available ” for GEICO ‘s annual premium in Kansas. This does n’t mean that you ca n’t access GEICO coverage in this state of matter. rather, it means that our survey included insufficient information for this country. If you ‘d like to see which company may offer you a lower quote instantaneously, use our car policy calculator to estimate or get a individualized quotation mark .

Average Cost Per State

Is State Farm or GEICO Cheaper for Your Age and Driving History?

When choosing between GEICO or State Farm, remember that multiple factors determine policy rates. Your age, gender, driving commemorate and credit score can all potentially influence your indemnity rates. While GEICO offers lower rates for the average driver, State Farm offers more low-cost premiums for some specific drivers :

  • An 18-year-old student driver would find cheaper coverage with State Farm at $3,083 annually, compared to $3,164 at GEICO.
  • A driver with a ticket would find more affordable coverage with GEICO at $1,265 annually, compared to $1,360 at State Farm.
  • A driver with an accident would find cheaper coverage with State Farm at $1,434 annually, compared to $1,494 at GEICO.
  • A driver with a DUI would find lower rates with State Farm at $2,222 annually, compared to $2,680 at GEICO.
  • A driver with poor credit would have less expensive premiums with GEICO at $1,681 annually, compared to $2,531 at State Farm.
Average Car Insurance Rates by Driver Profile

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  • Driver Profile submit Farm Annual Premium GEICO Annual Premium
  • 18-Year-Old Student



  • Driver With a Ticket



  • Driver With an Accident



  • Driver With a DUI



  • Driver With Poor Credit



State Farm vs. GEICO: Which Is Better for Discounts?

The number of discounts a company offers can lower your overall bounty, but what matters most is your final quote. Most indemnity companies ‘ two most significant discounts are the family and car bundle and usage-based program discounts. Based on our analysis of home and package discounts, State Farm offers some of the best discounts for bundle. unfortunately, GEICO doesn ’ t provide any concrete data about how much customers can save by purchasing their home and car indemnity through the same company. MoneyGeek found that consumers can save up to 25 % by bunch, which is well above the 17 % average savings across all indemnity companies. This high deduction makes State Farm the clearly winner in this class. country farm and GEICO offer discounts for condom driving behavior as measured through their respective apps : Drive Safe and Save and DriveEasy. Again, GEICO doesn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate specify the sum drivers could save by using DriveEasy, but they warn that drivers may be charged higher rates for hazardous drive behavior. MoneyGeek found that drivers can save up to 50 % on their premiums with State Farm ’ s Drive Safe and Save platform, making it the clear achiever for this dismiss, besides .

Available Discount by Company

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  • discount rate available With State Farm ? available With GEICO ?
  • Safe driving

  • Defensive driving

  • Good student

  • Driver’s education

  • Distant student

  • New vehicle

  • Air bag

  • Anti-theft system

  • Multiple Car

  • Bundling

  • Anti-lock brakes

  • Daytime running lights

  • Seat belt use

  • Emergency deployment

  • Federal employee discount

  • Affinity organization

  • Military discount

State Farm vs. GEICO: Which Has Better Customer Service?

MoneyGeek assesses the best car policy providers for customer experience based on how satisfy customers are, according to J.D. Power and how much they lodge complaints tracked by the National Association of Insurance Commissioners ( NAIC ). According to these metrics, GEICO comes out on top for customer satisfaction rat, while State Farm wins for fewer customer complaints.

State Farm vs. GEICO: Customer Satisfaction Rating

GEICO comes out ahead on J.D. Power rankings, scoring 843 out of 1,000. State Farm international relations and security network ’ thyroxine Farm behind with 837, though. First Notice of Loss : 4 /5 estimate of process : 4 /5 Repair process : 4 /5 Claims Servicing : 4 /5 rental have : 3 /5 colonization : 4 /5 First Notice of Loss : 4 /5 estimate of process : 4 /5 Repair work : 4 /5 Claims Servicing : 4 /5 rental experience : 5 /5 village : 4 /5

State Farm vs. GEICO: Customer Complaint Ratio

The NAIC customer charge proportion is based on a medial score of 1, with companies aiming for the lowest possible count. State Farm ’ s complaint proportion of 1.28 indicates that they receive only slenderly more than the average volume of complaints. GEICO scored 2.04, meaning the company gets over bivalent the average count of complaints. state farm GEICO

State Farm vs. GEICO: Coverage Options

All car policy companies offer standard coverages such as liability indemnity, comprehensive examination and collision policy, uninsured motorist policy and personal injury security. however, some companies offer more unique coverages in summation to the standards listed above. When it comes to excess coverage, GEICO beats out State Farm. Both companies offer lease car and travel reimbursement and wayside aid. The lone other coverage State Farm has is rideshare insurance, which ensures that aspects of your policy remain in effect when you ’ rhenium working for a rideshare company like Uber or Lyft. GEICO provides two extra coverages : accident forgiveness and mechanical breakdown indemnity .

Coverage Options by Company

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  • coverage available With State Farm ? available With GEICO ?
  • Rental Car and/or Travel Reimbursement

  • Roadside Assistance

  • Rideshare Insurance

  • Mechanical Breakdown Insurance

  • Accident Forgiveness

State Farm vs. GEICO: Which Is More Financially Stable?

fiscal stability ratings indicate the likelihood that an indemnity company can pay out claims in the future. Most large indemnity companies have excellent fiscal stability ratings, and GEICO and State Farm are no exception. Both companies received A++ ratings from A.M Best, the highest possible rat the administration awards.

State Farm vs. GEICO: Online Tools

In a populace where on-line access becomes increasingly authoritative, insurance companies are working intemperate to create on-line tools to help their customers. GEICO wins in this class, as its business mannequin is based primarily on on-line service, with useful tools like their coverage calculator. The company besides allows you to pay your bill, review your policy and file claims online. state of matter Farm doesn ’ triiodothyronine have much available to their customers online. The party aims to provide a more personalized, human-centered set about by delivering customer service through their State farm agents. however, this may be frustrating for consumers who want to manage their car indemnity policy chiefly online.


country farm and GEICO were analyzed by MoneyGeek based on affordability, coverages, serve, fiscal constancy and on-line tools. Customer atonement and complaints data were drawn from J.D. Power surveys and the National Association of Insurance Commissioners ( NAIC ). fiscal strength was based on ratings from A.M. Best, an indemnity recognition military rank agency. The MoneyGeek team compiled data on available coverages and discounts for each insurance company. Quotes were compiled from hundreds of ZIP codes across the area for a sample distribution car indemnity policy for a 40-year-old male. The policy covers :

  • $100,000 on bodily injury liability insurance per person
  • $300,000 on bodily injury liability insurance per accident
  • $100,000 on property damage liability insurance per person
  • Comprehensive and collision insurance with a $1,000 deductible

About the generatorexpert-profileexpert-profile Rachael Brennan is a professional finance writer and licensed policy agent. She has worked in the insurance industry for more than a decade, earning her P & C license in all 50 states and her life, health and AD & D license in New York and the surrounding states. Rachael has worked for long-familiar companies such as twenty-first Century Insurance and BlueCross BlueShield and was the unitarian Universalist Association ( UUA ) insurance plans coordinator for three years. She specializes in property, casualty, health, life, accidental death and disability insurance. Rachael earned her knight bachelor of skill degree in communications from Texas A & M University-Commerce. Rachael combines her writing background with her policy and personal finance have to parcel hardheaded cognition and help people make inform fiscal decisions.

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