Why Did My Rate Go Up Without Warning?

many people do n’t realize that biography changes, even small ones, can affect the price of their car indemnity. If you just bought a new cable car, it may be more expensive to insure than your old one – switching to another company is n’t probably to change that. But at the lapp time, that new cable car may have safety features that your old car did not have, like lane-departure monitors, sensors and other collision systems that we do n’t know about. Give us a call and let us know so that you can take advantage of any new savings opportunities that you ‘re entitled to with your new car. This may allow us to adjust your premium close to the level you ‘re used to .
alike, if you financed the purchase of your new cable car or you are leasing your car, you will credibly be required by your lender or leasing company to carry coverages that are n’t state-mandated – like Comprehensive and Collision. If you did not already have those coverages, adding them can raise your premium regardless of the company you insure with .
Always keep in mind that your driving history is one of the most critical factors that determine the price you pay for policy. If you recently got a speeding ticket on your way to work, or you caused an accident, your price will probably increase at your following reclamation. You may be able to offset that increase to some extent by taking a state-approved defensive drive course. At Plymouth Rock, we are proud to offer discounts to drivers who successfully complete one of these classes. Ask us for a list of approve courses.

recently married ? New driver in your house ? Did you move to a different city or township ? All of these changes can affect your rates. Newlyweds who combined their indemnity or parents who ’ ve recently added a young driver will surely see changes to their overall premium. If you ’ re in the beginning camp, think about bundling your policies once you get back from your honeymoon – adding a renters or homeowners policy with the same company can help you save. Parents : if your child is a good scholar ( B or better average ), all you need to do is send us a transcript of their latest report card for a rebate !

The list goes on. If you ’ rhenium wondering why your premium has gone up, start thinking about recent life changes or early events. There could be something there that explains your situation .
Coming up vacate ? Your local agent or Plymouth Rock indemnity master will be more than happy to help you re-evaluate your coverage to help you save money. Give us a call.

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