Non-Owned Car Insurance

Non-owned cable car insurance can cover your liability when one of your employees occasionally uses his or her personally-owned fomite for your commercial enterprise. That said, you should include all vehicles either owned or used regularly by your commercial enterprise on your commercial car policy .

Are you looking for Non-Owner Insurance?

Non-owner indemnity is liability coverage for drivers who do n’t own a vehicle. person who does n’t own a vehicle might need this coverage if they frequently rent cars, or are required to carry liability policy to keep their driver ‘s license .
You ‘ll want to contact a accredited personal car agentive role if you need this coverage.

Non-owned indemnity extends the liability coverage on your commercial policy to your employees ’ vehicles, but merely for periodic use. coverage could only apply equally long as the vehicle is not owned, registered or contracted in the business ’ south list or on its behalf .

Who needs non-owned auto coverage?

If your employees occasionally drive their personal vehicles for business-related tasks, such as delivering an bill or force to the hardware storehouse, you credibly need non-owned car coverage. It could provide liability protection if one of those employees were involved in an accident .
You should list all employee-owned vehicles used regularly for your clientele on your commercial car policy .

Employer’s non-owned coverage example:

At a bring site, you realize you ‘re brusque on bolts. You send your employee, Joe, to the hardware store to get more .
On his way to the storehouse, Joe rear ends a cable car. The other car ‘s bumper is damaged, and the other driver ’ mho wrist is sprained. The result expenses are as follows :

  • $1,500 medical bill for the other driver’s wrist X-ray
  • $1,000 bill to replace the other car’s bumper

Since Joe was driving for ferment, Joe ‘s personal car policy might not apply. If you were carrying non-owned coverage with a $ 300,000 combined single limit, the above expenses likely would be covered by your insurance .

Non-owned insurance limits

Non-owned car policy uses limits to describe the maximum total your insurance company will pay. These limits are automatically the lapp limits as those you selected for your Liability policy, which is required in order to carry non-owned car coverage .
Non-owned indemnity is available for multiple industries, but acceptability will ultimately depend on your particular business .

Additional specialty coverages

There are respective other ways to protect yourself aside from non-owned car insurance depending on the needs of your business including :
chartered Auto coverage provides indebtedness protection when you ’ re driving a hired, leased, rented or borrowed fomite.

Any Auto coverage provides liability protection for all vehicles on a policy whether they are owned, non-owned, or hired, including vehicles that you purchase during your policy even if you forget to tell your indemnity company .
You can typically carry Non-Owned coverage along with Hired Auto coverage. any Auto coverage already includes Non-Owned coverage, so these two coverages can ’ metric ton be purchased together .
Call us directly or talk to your agent if you have any questions about your individual needs .

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