One of the many costs freelancer, youthful adults face is car insurance. For 21-year-old drivers, this can be an fabulously dearly-won expense. In the United States, the modal cost of car indemnity is $ 1,555 per year. But the younger you are, the more you pay for policy. If you ’ re a 21-year-old driver, the average cost of cable car policy can come as a surprise. however, there are ways to save money. This article explores how much car policy costs for 21-year-olds, and how you can get an low-cost policy or find ways to save .

Car insurance for 21-year-olds

The average cost of car indemnity for a 21-year-old is $ 2,622 per year, which is about $ 218 per month. Compared to the national average rate, 21-year-olds pay well over $ 1,000 more for policy every class. however, 21-year-olds yield significantly less for policy compared to teen drivers. Adding a adolescent driver can increase a policy by $ 4,048 for males and $ 3,819 for females. A adolescent driver on their own policy pays even higher rates.

There are a number of factors that impact car insurance rates for 21-year-olds. For exercise, their travel rapidly code, sex, claims history and the character of cable car they drive can all be used to calculate their rate. however, the biggest factor is experience. When drivers reach their late 20s, rates typically start to drop, assuming they have a blank drive read, because it is assumed they have gained driving experience since their teens. $ 2,622 The average annual price of cable car indemnity for a 21-year-old is

21-year-old car insurance rates: male vs female

Males and females pay slightly different rates for their cable car indemnity. The price difference is normally more significant with young pornographic drivers. The average rate for a 21-year-old female is $ 2,451 per year, and the average rate for a male is $ 2,792 — a dispute of $ 341 — as shown in the table below. The reason why sex plays a function in car insurance rates is because men are statistically more probably to get into an accident or engage in bad drive. And because younger drivers are less experience, they are even more likely to cause an accident. To compensate for likely losses, insurance companies increase rates for young drivers ( particularly males ). Although adolescent drivers are besides national to gender-based rates, the price remainder between adolescent male and female drivers is slightly less compared to 21-year-old drivers. Teen male drivers pay an average of $ 4,048 for their car indemnity, and females pay $ 3,819. That ’ s only a difference of $ 229. As drivers get older, their gender broadly has less of an impact on their cable car insurance rate. A 30 year old female driver pays an average of $ 1,551 for full coverage policy, and a 30 year honest-to-god male pays an median of $ 1,558. The price difference among 30 class olds is only a few dollars .

Annual rate for 21-year-olds

Gender Average annual rate for 21-year-olds
Female $2,451
Male $2,792

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How much is car insurance for 21-year-olds in my state?

Gender international relations and security network ’ t the lone factor that affects car insurance rates. Your state, and even your zip up code, besides have a huge affect on the pace you ’ ll wage. The table below compares the median car policy rates for 21-year-olds based on state of matter and gender .

Average cost of insurance by state for 21-year-olds

State Average annual rate for 21-year-old female Average annual rate for 21-year-old male
Overall average annual rate for 21-year-old
Alaska $2,554 $3,159 $2,857
Alabama $2,203 $2,585 $2,394
Arkansas $2,169 $2,569 $2,369
Arizona $2,463 $2,796 $2,630
California $2,895 $2,994 $2,944
Colorado $2,497 $2,836 $2,667
Connecticut  $3,298 $3,753 $3,526
District of Columbia $2,829 $3,397 $3,113
Delaware  $2,933 $3,360 $3,147
Florida  $3,717 $4,189 $3,953
Georgia $2,513 $2,954 $2,734
Hawaii $1,129 $1,143 $1,136
Iowa $1,642 $1,880 $1,761
Idaho $1,569 $1,803 $1,686
Illinois $2,477 $2,936 $2,707
Indiana $1,803 $2,136 $1,970
Kansas $2,154 $2,472 $2,313
Kentucky  $2,691 $3,077 $2,884
Louisiana  $3,861 $4,294 $4,078
Massachusetts $2,924 $2,924 $2,924
Maryland $3,139 $3,842 $3,490
Maine $1,088 $1,256 $1,172
Michigan $5,456 $5,507 $5,482
Minnesota $2,322 $2,629 $2,476
Missouri $2,478 $3,036 $2,757
Mississippi $2,292 $2,682 $2,487
Montana $2,283 $2,271 $2,277
North Carolina $1,402 $1,399 $1,401
North Dakota $2,004 $2,413 $2,208
Nebraska  $1,852 $2,095 $1,974
New Hampshire  $1,986 $2,358 $2,172
New Jersey $3,784 $4,503 $4,144
New Mexico $2,083 $2,358 $2,220
Nevada $3,560 $4,086 $3,823
New York $4,420 $5,010 $4,715
Ohio $1,551 $1,776 $1,663
Oklahoma  $2,341 $2,670 $2,505
Oregon  $2,167 $2,385 $2,276
Pennsylvania  $2,742 $2,744 $2,743
Rhode Island $3,071 $3,524 $3,298
South Carolina  $2,028 $2,283 $2,156
South Dakota $2,060 $2,345 $2,203
Tennessee $1,949 $2,207 $2,078
Texas $3,309 $3,900 $3,605
Utah  $2,063 $2,360 $2,211
Virginia $1,644 $1,951 $1,798
Vermont $1,501 $1,714 $1,608
Washington $1,725 $2,043 $1,884
Wisconsin $1,814 $2,042 $1,928
West Virginia $2,397 $2,882 $2,639
Wyoming $2,186 $2,868 $2,527

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Most expensive states for car insurance for 21-year-olds

here are the states where indemnity is the most expensive for 21-year-old drivers :

  • Michigan — $5,482
  • New York — $4,715
  • New Jersey — $4,144
  • Louisiana — $4,078
  • Florida — $3,953

The main reason why insurance is so expensive in these states is because Michigan, New York, New Jersey and Florida are considered no-fault states. In a no-fault department of state, drivers are required to carry personal wound auspices ( PIP ), which increases your bounty. Louisiana is not a no-fault state, but the rate of accidents in the state—both black and non-fatal—has been climbing in late years .

Least expensive states for car insurance for 21-year-olds

here are the states where policy is the least expensive for 21-year-old drivers :

  • Hawaii — $1,136
  • Maine — $1,172
  • North Carolina — $1,401
  • Vermont — $1,608
  • Ohio — $1,663

There are a few reasons why these five states are the cheap for policy. For starters, Maine, North Carolina and Vermont are all in the top 10 states with the fewest phone number of uninsured drivers. Ohio is one of the cheapest states because it has a huge indemnity market — it ’ s the one-sixth largest in the area. Hawaii has a relatively first gear rate of accidents, which keeps costs moo .

Car insurance rates by insurance carrier for 21-year-olds

Based on our research, the least expensive policy providers for 21-year-olds are Erie, USAA and Geico. The most expensive companies are The Hanover, Farmers and MetLife. If you ’ rhenium looking for cable car policy on a budget, we recommend checking out Erie first. Erie is the ultimate software : low-cost rates, great coverage options and a variety show of perks, such as a diminishing deductible and rate lock guarantee. The merely downside is that coverage international relations and security network ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate available countrywide. Geico is another bang-up option for low-cost cable car indemnity. The company is known for offering low rates to drivers in all 50 states, ampere well as a long number of discounts. For 21-year-olds who are affiliated with the military, or are in an ROTC program in college, USAA is besides a solid choice — particularly if you ’ ra looking for great customer service. In the graph below, we listed the median premiums for male and female 21-year-olds by provider, and compared them to the overall average for that ship’s company .

Company Average annual rate for 21-year-old female Average annual rate for 21-year-old male Overall average annual rate for 21-year-old
Erie $1,708 $1,978 $1,843
USAA $1,942 $2,146 $2,044
GEICO $2,311 $2,502 $2,406
Nationwide $2,446 $2,783 $2,615
AAA $2,682 $2,987 $2,835
Travelers $2,772 $3,131 $2,952
Progressive $2,971 $3,310 $3,140
Allstate $3,079 $3,527 $3,303
State Farm $3,118 $3,660 $3,389
Metlife $3,675 $4,251 $3,963
Farmers $3,792 $4,153 $3,973
The Hanover $8,329 $8,946 $8,637

How to get cheap car insurance for 21-year-olds

cable car policy for 21-year-olds can be relatively expensive. however, there are ways that drivers can lower their agio so it ’ mho more accomplishable. here are some suggestions :

Take advantage of discounts

about every car insurance party offers discounts that can help drivers save on premiums. Some discounts might only save you 5 %, but others offer savings of 20 % or more. Each company offers different discounts, but coarse ones include bundling your policies, taking a defensive drive course, being a dear scholar and having certain safety features in your car .

Raise your deductible

When you file a claim, your deductible is factored into the payout total. Your deductible is the total of money you have to pay out-of-pocket towards a loss before the insurance ship’s company will reimburse you. The higher your deductible is, the lower your agio is. While increasing your deductible may offer monthly savings, make sure it ’ s an sum you can afford to pay if you do file a claim .

Pay in full

Most policy companies will give drivers a belittled break on their insurance pace if they can pay the annual cost of their agio in one lout summarize, rather than in monthly installments. normally, the savings for paying in full aren ’ thyroxine meaning, but depending on your rate, it could amount to a few hundred dollars .

Shop around

Before you purchase an indemnity policy, workshop about and get quotes from a few different providers. That ’ s the easiest way to determine which ship’s company can offer you the lowest rate. While you ’ rhenium searching, don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate forget to look into the specific discounts each company offers .

Car insurance rates for 21-year-olds with good student discount  

many 21-year-olds are still in college, which means they can qualify for a good student discount if they have a high enough GPA. however, 21-year-olds who qualify for the deduction won ’ t save a long ton of money. On average, 21-year-olds who claim a adept student discount rate save about 8 % on their car indemnity every year. If they were paying the modal rate for their age group, which is $ 2,622 per year, they could lower their rate to $ 2,419 with the discount. That ’ s a savings of about $ 200 .

In what states does the good student discount save you the most?

When it comes to good student discounts, the express you live in partially determines how much money you can save. According to our research, drivers in Wyoming, Maine and Vermont will save the most money if they are eligible for a good student deduction.

State Average annual rate with discount Average annual rate without discount Savings
Wyoming $2,179 $2,527 16%
Maine $1,026 $1,172 14%
Vermont $1,409 $1,608 14%
Minnesota $2,176 $2,476 14%
Missouri $2,460 $2,757 12%
Arkansas $2,118 $2,369 12%
Illinois $2,427 $2,707 12%
Idaho $1,521 $1,686 11%
North Dakota $1,995 $2,208 11%
Connecticut $3,187 $3,526 11%

The takeaway

  • Car insurance for 21-year-olds is relatively expensive — about $2,622 per year.
  • Insurance is typically more expensive for 21-year-old males than females.
  • Most insurance companies offer discounts for young drivers to help them save money.

If you ’ re a 21-year-old driver who is shopping for cable car policy, the rates can be steep. however, there are batch of ways to save money on your premium. And as you get older, you can expect your rate to decrease, which will put money back into your pocket .


coverage utilizes Quadrant Information Services to analyze quoted rates from thousands of nothing codes across all 50 states including Washington D.C. Quoted rates are based on the profiles of a 21-year-old male and female, each with a clean criminal record driving a 2016 Honda Civic. The drivers had the follow coverage details :

  • $50k bodily injury liability per person
  • $100k bodily injury liability coverage per crash
  • $50k property damage liability coverage per crash
  • $500 collision coverage deductible
  • $500 comprehensive coverage deductible 

To look at the effect of a dependable driver discount, we analyzed rates for the profile both with and without the discount rate applied. These rates should be used to inform your car policy shopping action, but note that your actual rates may differ .

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