Getting car policy with no depressed requital is no easy tax. Most companies won ’ metric ton even offer it. And those that do, identical rarely advertise it. This is due to the fact that car indemnity companies want to deal with drivers that aren ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate considered high risk. And if you are unwilling to put up a down requital for your new insurance policy, they consider that gamey risk .
besides, paying a down payment is a good decision on your part. When you make a down payment, it gets built into your pace and you won ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate have to pay that on your monthly agio. If you ’ re looking to get lower rates, paying a decent depressed payment is one of the best ways to do just that .
now, there are reasons why you may want to approach this decision. Some of us just truly motivation cable car indemnity cursorily and don ’ metric ton want to have to spend more upfront to get the coverage. But there are times when drivers are good trying to satisfy a franchise in holy order to drive a car off the batch. Those are the drivers seeking no down payment policies, at least, that is the cable car insurance companies view of it .
Of naturally, it could besides be that you aren ’ triiodothyronine surely of the car policy caller and whether or not you will like them that could truly be the cause. Since your down payment is very a reduction of your future monthly requital, you are gambling on liking the party you choose. consequently, it is always a adept practice to get quotes from a few different car insurance companies first and then read the reviews about them from other drivers.

No matter what your reason, I wanted to find the best car insurance companies that offer a no toss off payment choice, in case this equitable happens to be what you are looking for .

Compare no down payment car indemnity quotes

Car insurance with no down payment overview

Company Best for Average premium
(Monthly rate for 25-year old female driving ‘17 Jetta with no prior accidents)
Allstate Lower credit borrowers $392
State Farm Low rates $284.95
USAA Military members Varies (but highly competitive)

Finding a car insurance company that is will to give you insurance without a down payment or deposit is a pretty difficult feat. however, there are a few that will allow it, in certain states, and if you ask nicely .

About average premiums

average premiums were calculated using the follow mock profile :

  • Jennifer, age 25, is single, employed, and has no anterior accidents .
  • She leases a 2017 Volkswagen Jetta 1.4 SE .
  • She rents an apartment in travel rapidly code 30324 ( North Atlanta ) .
  • She secures every coherent discount and opts into telematics programs ( Progressive Snapshot, etc. ) .

While the above chart might offer a very grating mind of what you might pay with Allstate and State Farm, keep in mind that everyone ’ s case is different ( I couldn ’ t generate a sample quotation mark from USAA without a military ID ). Anyways, chances are that your profile varies from Jenny ’ sulfur and your quotes will besides as a result .
The alone way to find which supplier will offer you the best rates is to generate accurate, personalized quotes from each of them. thankfully, you can expedite the process with aggregators .


Best Car Insurance For No Down Payment - Allstate
Allstate is a fairly well heard of ship’s company across the US. Their policy products are available to anyone who qualifies. This is generally based on your recognition score and accident history. however, they however might be bequeath to cover you even if you have a low credit score, barely at a higher pace .
Since Allstate ’ mho rates tend to be on the higher side, that could cost you a pretty penny. But, if you are searching for a caller that offers the choice of not paying a down payment to get car insurance, this is one of the few. however, it is not widely advertised. so in ordering to get the option, you will have to speak with a know agentive role to see if you qualify .
read our full review. 

State Farm

Best Car Insurance For No Downpayment - State Farm
department of state farm is another company that about everyone has heard of. State Farm is very alike to Allstate with esteem to their application process. The biggest remainder between the two companies is the rates .
broadly speaking, State Farm offers much better rates for those with accredit scores of 800 or higher. If you have a much lower credit score under 600, then Allstate would be a a lot better option for you .
Either way, this is one of the few other companies that offer the option of starting a policy with no down payment. But, just like Allstate, you will have to speak to an agent to get this choice offered to you. Neither company gives the option when you apply on-line .
Learn more about State Farm or read our full review.


Best Car Insurance For No Downpayment - USAA
USAA is entirely available to certain facets of the population. If you have served in any part of the military, then you qualify. Or if you have a parent or child who has served, you can besides qualify. otherwise, this is not an option for you .
The top is that their rates are normally pretty good since their target market is the military and their families. And, they merely happen to offer a no down requital option to make the upfront cost less heady .
There are a few restrictions, which are by and large related to location. The other exception is that the devour payment would have to be less than $ 50 and doesn ’ t have any non-payment cancellations on read for the previous three years .
If you meet all of the qualifications they mention, then you are in line for a no down payment car indemnity choice through USAA .
Learn more about USAA or read our full review.

Summary of the best insurance companies with no down payment

Car insurance company How rates compare Can get a policy with no down payment automatically?
Allstate Highest in general, but lower for subpar credit No, you’ll have to speak to an agent
State Farm Lower for excellent credit, but higher for subpar credit No, you’ll have to speak to an agent
USAA Lowest Yes

How I came up with this list

This list was unmanageable to make due to the fact that this information is not widely publicized. consequently, the three companies I have included are the alone three I was able to discern actually give a no toss off payment choice .
But, please remember that this option is not given across the board and you have to meet specific criteria in ordering to qualify .

Can I get auto insurance with no down payment?

Yes, but about decidedly no. There are quite a few factors involved and not every ship’s company offers this option. First and foremost, there are entirely a few states that offer cable car indemnity with no down payment .
presently, the only states offering this option are :

  • Arizona .
  • California .
  • Florida .
  • Georgia .
  • New York .
  • Oklahoma .
  • Washington .

indeed, if you don ’ triiodothyronine occupy in one of these states, then you are out of fortune. At least, for properly now .
second, you will have to resign yourself to one of the few companies that offer this choice. And they may not have the best rates, so you might ultimately end up spending more .

Why insurance companies require a down payment?

All cable car insurance companies prefer, and in most cases require, a down payment to be made. This is to offset their upfront costs of running a background check and setting up a fresh policy .
These two things cost them money and they like to recoup it on the front end, as opposed to over the life sentence of a six-month policy .

Why you should consider making a down payment

Since car insurance with no down payment is hard to come by, there are some winder factors to keep in judgment .

A downpayment reduces your monthly payments

The first thing to acknowledge is that your down payment international relations and security network ’ metric ton fair money that floats away in the wreathe. The down payment goes towards reducing your future monthly payments for car insurance .
For model, if you put down 30 % on a $ 100 monthly policy, you will reduce the come you pay to $ 70 rather. sol, putting a polish payment on your car policy may actually help you budget more efficaciously if you need to have that extra cushion monthly .

No downpayment may mean a higher rate

besides, since most car indemnity companies prefer not to offer a no down payment option, you may get a higher pace to begin with. This is due to the fact that they consider you high gear risk. And with a high hazard customer comes a higher premium rate .
But, if you are willing to sign up for their direct deposit via your debit or accredit calling card, you may have a higher opportunity of circumventing the required down payment. This may not be an advertise option, so you might have to get an agent on the earphone to discuss this with them in order to get it executed .

There are other factors to consider

The other thing to keep in mind is your credit score and the type of vehicle you are needing to insure. If you have a higher credit score and a slightly older cable car, you will be more likely to be able to obtain car policy with no down requital. But, if you are trying to purchase a higher-end post modern cable car, the chances are much less likely. This is because higher-priced new cars are a much bigger liability for the indemnity company. This is why they want some of your money upfront to help offset the risk .


overall, finding a car indemnity company that offers a no down payment choice is akin to looking for a acerate leaf in a haystack. It is a very unmanageable job to undertake, specially since the information is not widely advertised .
If you are in the market for a car indemnity policy and don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate want to pay a devour requital, then there are a few options for you .
Allstate and State Farm offer this choice, but entirely in certain states and if you call and speak to an agent. They normally require a higher credit score besides, since this is a higher risk investment on their end.

USAA is a capital option if you have served in the military, or one of your syndicate members has. They offer the no down payment option mechanically .
No count which commission you choose to go with your car policy, there are a overplus of options for everyone. Down requital or no down payment .

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