even if you do n’t own a car, you could still need car policy. Sounds crazy, properly ? not so fast ! Keep recitation to learn more, or call one of our friendly agents at 1-877-GO-DIRECT .

What is non-owner car insurance?

A non-owner car policy policy provides liability coverage for drivers without cars. A typical non-owner policy will include Bodily Injury Liability and Property Damage Liability, and some insurance companies may besides offer checkup Payments coverage and Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist coverage. According to the Texas Department of Insurance, a “ non-owner liability policy pays for damages and injuries you cause when driving a borrowed or rented car, but it does n’t pay for your injuries or damage to the car you are driving. ”
A non-owner car policy policy will not include Comprehensive, Collision, Rental Reimbursement, or Towing, since the policy is not attached to a specific vehicle .
If you don ’ thymine own a cable car but frequently use one, take a look at the circumstances below to see if a non-owner policy is right for your site.

Who needs non-owner car insurance?

It is frequently purchased by higher risk drivers who are required to have liability policy to reinstate or keep their driver ’ second license, by drivers who don ’ metric ton own cars but rent frequently, or by drivers who are in-between cars and want to maintain their policy coverage. NASDAQ.com breaks down these scenarios as examples for when a non-owner insurance policy might be applicable :

  • If you are applying for a driver’s license in a state that requires proof of financial responsibility and you do not own a car.
  • If you’re trying to reinstate your driver’s license and are required to file an SR22 or an FR44 with the state and you don’t own a car.
  • If you often rent cars or regularly drive cars that do not belong to you and are not listed as a driver on the vehicle owner’s policy, a non-owner policy would serve as your primary liability coverage.
  • If you want to avoid having a gap in your insurance history while you’re in-between cars, a non-owner policy could help you maintain a history of continuous coverage and avoid being labeled a “high-risk” driver.

Who doesn’t need non-owner car insurance?

A non-owner policy international relations and security network ’ thymine correct for you if :

  • You own a car – in which case, you’d purchase a traditional owner policy that complies with your state’s minimum financial responsibility requirements.
  • You don’t have a driver’s license and will not be obtaining one within 30-days of starting the non-owners policy.
  • There is a vehicle owned by someone in your household. Does your spouse own a vehicle? Your mom, son, or daughter? If there’s a vehicle in your household, you’ll usually be required to be listed on the car owner’s policy.

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