Non-owner car insurance provides indebtedness coverage for property price or bodily wound to others if you are found at fault in a car accident. It does not provide coverage for you. Non-owner cable car insurance is a adept option for people who don ’ t own a fomite but drive much, such as those who frequently drive rental cars. Offered by most major insurers, non-owner liability policy is typically cheaper than regular car insurance. The cheapest wide available insurance company is GEICO, where an average non-owner car policy policy costs $ 455 per year.

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What Is Non-Owner Car Insurance? How Much Does It Cost?

Non-owner cable car policy, besides called non-owner liability policy, covers property damage and bodily injury for others if you are found liable for the car accident when driving a cable car that is not your own. It does not cover damage to the car you are driving or your own injuries. Depending on the cable car insurance party, you besides may be able to add coverage for medical payments, personal injury security, uninsured or underinsured drivers and rental car indebtedness coverage. Non-owner car indemnity is a beneficial choice if you much borrow person else ’ randomness car, frequently rent cars or need liability insurance to get your driver ’ randomness license reinstated. These policies are typically less expensive than regular car policy. In fact, the average cost of non-owner car policy is $ 585 per year, compared to roughly $ 765 per year for regular 50/100/50 liability-only cable car policy.

The Coverages You Can Buy With Regular Car Insurance Vs. Non-Owner

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  • coverage regular cable car indemnity Non-Owner Car policy
  • Liability insurance

  • Medical payments

  • Personal Injury Protection

  • Uninsured/underinsured motorist

  • Rental car liability

  • Collision

  • Comprehensive

Who Has the Cheapest Non-Owner Car Insurance Quotes?

When shopping for cheap non-owner car indemnity, the home modal cost of non-owner cable car indemnity is $ 585 versus $ 765 for regular liability-only car policy. Of run, you might be able to save even more by shopping around to get a non-owners indemnity quote. Per MoneyGeek ’ s inquiry, the cheapest company for non-owner liability insurance is USAA, with a rate of roughly $ 252 per year. however, USAA only offers indemnity to active and retire military members and their families. Among those companies with a wide customer base, GEICO ( with an average annual rate of $ 455 per year ) and Travelers ( $ 476 per year ) offer the most low-cost non-owner liability indemnity.

The Average Cost of Non-Owner Car Insurance — National

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  • caller Non-Owner Annual Premium
  • 1 .USAA $ 252
  • 2 .GEICO $ 455
  • 3 .Travelers $ 476
  • 4 .State Farm $ 548
  • 5 .Farmers $ 558
  • 6 .Progressive $ 723
  • 7 .Nationwide $ 919
  • 8 .MetLife $ 1,200

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The Cheapest Non-Owner Car Insurance by State

While bum non-owner car indemnity is possible, rates for non-owner car indemnity change based on location, among other factors. According to MoneyGeek ’ s research, Maine is the cheapest state for non-owner cable car policy, while Michigan is the most expensive state for non-owner liability policy. When comparing the policies offered by different car insurance companies, USAA typically is the cheapest in most states. however, it is only available to active and retire military members and their families. For other consumers, the companies that rank as the bum in the most states include :

  • GEICO — Cheapest in 31 states
  • State Farm — Cheapest in 11 states
  • Travelers — Cheapest in 4 states
  • Nationwide — Cheapest in 3 states
  • Farmers — Cheapest in 1 state
  • Progressive — Cheapest in 1 state
Non-Owners Insurance by State

The Cheapest Non-Owner Car Insurance for Drivers with an SR-22

For drivers who have committed a serious drive trespass, such as a DUI, you may need proof of policy, or an SR-22, to get your driver ’ mho license reinstated. If you no retentive own a car, a non-owner SR-22 car insurance policy could provide the coverage you need. To help you get bum non-owner car insurance, the most low-cost company for non-owner car insurance if you have received a DUI is USAA, with a rate of roughly $ 495 per class. however, USAA alone offers policy to active and retire military members and their families. state farm ( with an average annual rate of $ 644 per year ) and Farmers ( $ 846 per year ) crying second and third for most low-cost non-owner liability insurance.

The Average National Cost of Non-Owner Car Insurance After a DUI

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  • company average annual premium
  • 1. USAA $ 495
  • 2. state grow $ 664
  • 3. Farmers $ 846
  • 4. progressive $ 953
  • 5. Travelers $ 1,024
  • 6. GEICO $ 1,057
  • 7. countrywide $ 1,068
  • 8. MetLife $ 2,985

How to Get Non-Owner Car Insurance

Unlike regular car policy, most car policy companies won ’ triiodothyronine provide a non-owners insurance quote on-line. therefore, to get a non-owners indemnity quotation mark, you will need to call and speak with an insurance agent .

  • USAA: 800-531-8722
  • GEICO: 800-207-7847
  • Travelers: 866-248-9970
  • State Farm: 800-782-8332
  • Farmers: 888-327-6335
  • Progressive: 888-671-4405
  • Nationwide: 877-669-6877
  • MetLife: 800-422-4272

Who Needs Non-Owner Car Insurance? What Does It Cover?

Non-owner car insurance is suitable for drivers who don ’ triiodothyronine typically own their own fomite. These are drivers who often find themselves driving a borrowed car or a rental. Because non-owner car policy policies are normally less expensive than regular car insurance, it can be a reasonable option for a particular type of person who drives, or wants to drive, and doesn ’ t own a car. Because these policies cover property price or bodily injury for other people involved in the car accident when you are found to be at defect — which can sometimes be very dearly-won — it can help protect your finances from large and unexpected bills .

Who Needs Non-Owner Car Insurance?

carInsurance Those who rent cars often: If you frequently rent cars, non-owner car policy can offer more low-cost coverage than continually purchasing car insurance from the car rental company .car Those who borrow cars from others often: If you routinely borrow your friend or neighbor ’ south cable car, this policy can provide liability coverage in the event you are at fault in an accident .car2 Those who need to reinstate their license after a suspension: Non-owner car policy offers an low-cost option to get the needed coverage you need to have your driver ’ mho license reinstated.

Non-Owner Insurance Is Good If You Regularly Borrow or Rent Cars

For drivers who frequently rip cars, paying for rental cable car policy from the rental car means can add up quickly, costing far more than a non-owner cable car indemnity policy. When applying for non-owner car policy, be indisputable to ask the insurance agent if the policy you purchase will provide liability coverage if driving a lease car. Non-owner car indemnity besides provides peace of judgment when driving a friend or neighbor ’ randomness car — particularly if you get into an accident where you are at defect. But keep in mind, non-owner car policy may not cover you if you live with the person whose car you borrow or if you borrow the like car frequently. alternatively, you may need to be added as an insured driver to their policy.

Non-Owner Insurance Is Good If You Need Low-Cost Proof of Insurance

If you have a serious traffic violation on your drive commemorate and you ‘ve had your driver ‘s license suspended, you may need to submit proof of car insurance — an SR-22 — before the state will reinstate it. Because it ’ sulfur less expensive than regular car indemnity, non-owner cable car insurance can be an low-cost option to meet this necessity. however, keep in mind that you can not file an SR-22 yourself. Your cable car insurance caller must file it on your behalf. Since not all car insurance agencies sponsor an SR-22, you ’ ll want to confirm they offer this as region of your coverage before opting for their non-owner insurance policy.

When Non-Owner Car Insurance Doesn’t Make Sense

Non-owner car policy is not a good option if you don ’ metric ton own a car and rarely drive. If you do borrow person ’ south car and get into an accident, the car owner ’ second policy typically will cover the damages resulting from the accident. however, it ’ s always a good estimate to check with the car insurance company first. tied if you don ’ thyroxine own a car but drive often — say, if you regularly drive your roommate ’ s or kin member ’ randomness car — non-owner car policy might not be the correctly meet. rather, you likely should have your list added onto their car policy policy as an add driver, particularly if you live with the car owner. If you are driving a company car, your employer ’ south insurance should cover you in the consequence of an accident, provided you were using the car for business purposes. If you were driving for personal activities, you could be held creditworthy for any damages incurred during an accident.


Non-owner car insurance quotes were analyzed for indemnity companies throughout the state in hundreds of cities and every state. A company must be available in at least 26 states to qualify to be on this page. The non-owner car insurance policy quoted had limits of :

  • $50,000 in bodily injury liability per person
  • $100,000 in bodily injury liability per accident
  • $50,000 in property damage liability per accident

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