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You ’ ve decided to sell your car and need to know how to cancel car insurance by rights .
possibly it ’ south time to upgrade — with new cars and technologies hitting the roadways ; it ’ s an exciting time to try out a new vehicle. possibly you are moving and no longer need it, have taken up bicycle permute or public passage, or are simply selling your cable car because you need the supernumerary money .
No matter the reason, you will want to contact your insurance company immediately after selling it. Below, we explain the significant steps you need to take with your insurance company after selling your car.

If you are planning to sell your car, you may need to cancel your car insurance policy. You don ’ triiodothyronine want to be held responsible for a fomite you no longer own. If you buy another car immediately, you should notify your indemnity of the fomite change, and they will update your policy. Depending on your provider, you may be able to avoid paying a cancellation fee .
If you don ’ thyroxine purchase another fomite justly off, there may be gaps in your coverage. Contact your car insurance supplier to see what options you have to keep your policy active .

Tips for How To Cancel Car Insurance After the Sale

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The follow tips explain how to cancel car insurance once you ’ ve sold your vehicle :

1. Call Your Insurance Provider

It is simple to cancel car indemnity after selling your car. Every insurance company has a different process for canceling your car insurance, but the most authoritative thing is to be proactive in making the name so you can get the affect parts afoot .
When you call the caller, tell them you sold your car. Be sure to ask if there are any penalties for canceling your policy, such as a cancelation tip .
many people assume that policy companies and the Department of Motor Vehicles automatically know when you ’ ve sold your cable car. It may seem that signing your name on the remove of possession slip will somehow transmit that information to the appropriate parties. And while the DMV will probable receive notice of the sale, your indemnity company will not. States do not send such information to insurers — meaning it is your duty to do so .

2. Ask About a Vehicle Replacement

If you are buying a new vehicle or already have it, you may be able to save money by doing a vehicle substitution on your policy. This means that alternatively of canceling a policy and starting another one, you merely continue your current policy with a different fomite .
You ’ ll need some information about the new car :

  • Make
  • Model
  • Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)
  • Other requested information like the color, year, etc.

3. Follow Their Instructions to Submit a Cancelation Request

Most indemnity companies will require you to submit a written statement in orderliness to cancel your policy. This means you will likely need to print out a form requesting the cancelation, sign and date it, and snail-mail it to the company. Once they receive your request, your policy will be canceled .
Because the work of actual mailing newspaper bottlenecks this work, it ’ s a thoroughly theme to get started on it adenine soon as possible .
Be certain the policy company has your address so they can send you any refunds you ’ ll receive from not continuing your insurance policy. This last steer is an important one. In addition to figuring out how to cancel cable car policy, you should be mindful of whether doing thus will allow you to get refunds from the caller .

Other Necessary Steps After Selling Your Car

Knowing how to cancel car indemnity after the sale is crucial, but there are other steps you should take to complete the sale legally and — crucially — free yourself of liability once the car leaves your driveway .

Sign a Bill of Sale

A bill of sale is a legal document that officially transfers ownership between two parties. It besides provides evidence that a condense has been agreed upon and signed. You may be able to find a circular of sale shape on your state ’ south DMV web site .
Be certain to include any information required by your state of matter or else risk the sale bill being invalid. States may require you to include the car ’ mho odometer understand or have a notary show to validate it. In some states, both the buyer and seller motivation to sign the sale bill, while in others, only the seller ’ sulfur signature is required .

Complete a Notice of Transfer and Release of Liability

A turn of indebtedness kind does what its name suggests : it frees you of indebtedness for the vehicle. That means once the newfangled owner takes off in the car, having this document signed provides you with a higher degree of guard against likely problems like accidents. As we ’ ll meet below, knowing how to cancel cable car indemnity is another authoritative part of the indebtedness secrete.

This shape besides notifies the state of the sale and lets them know who purchased your vehicle. The form serves to protect you in case they never transfer the fomite registration. As the seller, you have five days to complete this step. The buyer has ten days to complete it. When you file this shape, you can officially cancel your policy .
Be surely to follow these steps to make sure you are no longer liable for the vehicle :

  • Remove the vehicle plates. They belong to you, and in the event of a traffic infraction or incident, they tell the officers who the car owner is (you).
  • Write a receipt and make two copies. This protects you in case one gets lost or damaged — keep these in a safe place, as you may need them in the coming years or during tax season.
  • Make sure to give the new owner the car’s handbook, all copies of the keys, its service history, and any maintenance receipts.
  • Sign the car’s title.
  • Keep a note of the buyer’s name and address. This will be helpful in case there are any legal problems or the state needs further information.
  • Buying and selling a car is an exciting time — but again, make sure you are fully protected by understanding how to cancel car insurance after selling your car.


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The follow are some frequently asked questions about how to cancel cable car indemnity, what the risks are in not canceling, and more .

1. What are the risks if I don’t cancel my car insurance after a sale?

Above, we noted that state government departments like the DMV do not communicate information about secret vehicles ’ sales to indemnity companies. Doing then is your responsibility. If you don ’ thyroxine, there are several risks you undertake .
The worst-case scenario is this : you sell your car, fail to inform the policy company of it, and the newfangled owner gets in a crash that you ’ re deemed liable for. By canceling your car policy promptly ( and covering the steps in the previous section ), you remove indebtedness from yourself and are nobelium longer responsible for the car in any way .
Another less-catastrophic hazard is paying for policy you didn ’ t need. This site normally unfolds when people sell their cars and forget about their monthly insurance payments, which often only get billed every six months. several months by and by, they receive a refilling notification for their policy .
If you haven ’ thymine told your indemnity company that your car is sold, they have no room of know .

2. I forgot to tell my insurer I sold my car, and I’m getting billed — what do I do?

If a refilling notice comes in the mail and you realize you never let your indemnity company know your car got sold, there is recourse for you .
Get on the phone and go through the cancelation operation described above. then ask to receive a refund for the meter period from the date of sale forth. The specific details of your indemnity policy will dictate whether this is an easy serve. Some insurers are contractually obligated to provide refunds to their clients for belated notification of a sell car. Others aren ’ thyroxine .
If you can not get a refund, surely go through with the cancelation routine. however, you ’ ll likely get a refund. reputable car insurers ( like us, for case ) like to keep their customers happy to earn their loyalty in the long term. It ’ s always dear business to give customers a reason to stick around and return in the future .
In ordain to prove the date of sale, you ’ ll probably have to make a replicate of the placard of sale, pink slip, or vehicle sales agreement. even though this can be a hassle, it ’ south worth it to get several months of premium payments back !

3. Can I cancel my car insurance at any time?

In most cases, you are allowed to cancel your car indemnity at any time american samoa hanker as the insurance caller has enough detect. Same-day cancelations are improbable to be possible since most insurers require you to mail them a sign cancelation request .

4. What are some common reasons people want to cancel their car insurance besides selling their car?

There are several reasons you may want to cancel your car indemnity :

  • A life change: If you are making a big life change, most notably getting married, you may be wondering how to cancel car insurance to get a better rate. Contact Freeway Insurance to learn about our industry-leading policies for all types of lifestyles.
  • Moving: Your insurance premiums will depend in a big way upon where you live. That means changing your zip code, the length of your commute, and your parking situation (e.g., street parking vs. parking garage vs. private garage) will have an impact on the amount you pay. However, consider leveraging the move as a package deal — you can bundle auto insurance with homeowners insurance or renters insurance to save money.
  • A new driver: When teenagers reach driving age, or there’s a new car in the household, many families will consider canceling their car insurance. Instead of canceling, ask your insurer about bundling policies to include the new driver. This could result in a significant discount and could save you the hassle of shopping for new insurance.

There are besides time you shouldn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate switch your car indemnity :

  • Just after paying your renewal fee: If you’ve just renewed your policy, canceling can be more of a hassle. It’s best to shop for new insurance a couple of months before your current policy renews.
  • After filing a claim: There are several reasons not to switch right after you’ve filed a claim. When you’re fresh off an accident or have a claim open, shopping for new insurance can be complicated. You will have to be an intermediary between the insurers and may receive a higher quote due to the accident.

5. Can you pause car insurance?

While “ pausing ” your cable car insurance is not common, most insurers offer heavily discounted rates for extenuating circumstances. This may include having your car parked for a hanker time while you travel, military deployment, or a pandemic-related change in use. Talk to your insurance company to ask if there ’ s a desirable option for you.

Keep in take care that this may besides apply to early policies like motorhome and watercraft indemnity .

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