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hera ‘s what you need to know …

  • There are many reasons you may want to suspend your car insurance policy for a month
  • All insurance companies have their own rules regarding policy suspensions
  • Many insurance companies will allow you to change your coverage options at any time

There are many reasons you may want to suspend your car policy policy for a month. possibly you ’ re going on an unfold vacation, so you won ’ metric ton drive your vehicle for three or four weeks .
If you ’ re called to military duty or transport to another country for a business trip, it may seem like a waste to pay for cable car indemnity while your vehicle is parked .
alternatively, you may know that you can ’ metric ton afford to pay your car insurance one calendar month and hope to pause your policy preferably than allowing an indemnity oversight for evasion .
While most car policy companies won ’ triiodothyronine allow you to temporarily suspend your insurance, they may allow you to temporarily reduce coverage. car indemnity is legally required in most states so you can not put your policy on defy. You can cancel your car policy policy if you don ’ thyroxine own a car anymore or have bought a fresh policy elsewhere .
however, you may be able to reduce your coverage if you ’ ra not planning on driving your car for an exsert period of prison term. You will still need to keep your comprehensive coverage to protect your vehicle from damages not related to an car accident. This way you can avoid a coverage gap and keep any insurance discounts you presently have .
Read the lead below to determine whether suspending your insurance is in your best interest .
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Contact your car insurance company

All policy companies have their own rules regarding policy suspensions, so your first step is to give your insurance agent or the company ’ sulfur customer service pipeline a call option .
Inform them of your current or upcoming situation, and ask them what options are available to you .
Some companies may allow you to cancel or temporarily suspend your policy, but they will likely report that information to your state of matter ’ randomness Department of Motor Vehicles .
In South Carolina and many early states, companies now report electronically, so the submit will know about mechanically. You may need to turn your license plate in until you have reinstated your car policy or secured a fresh one .
If a suspension is approved, you aren ’ triiodothyronine covered if the vehicle is stolen or damaged. flush when parked in a dependable position, the weather and other unexpected circumstances may cause damage, leaving you with repairs to cover out of pocket .

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Consider your alternatives

If your policy caller won ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate admit you to suspend your policy, there are some other things that you can do to plan ahead. Some of these options come with consequences, so you have to determine what ’ second best for your site .

Drop to liability coverage only

many policy companies will allow you to change your coverage options at any time, and basic indebtedness coverage will keep your vehicle in good resist with most state policies while importantly reducing your indemnity premium rate .
You pay less, and you don ’ t have to worry about giving up your vehicle ’ mho tags until you secure insurance again .

— Short-term insurance policies

If your policy policy is due to renew around the clock time you want to suspend your coverage, consider taking out a short-run or temp insurance policy quite than renewing your current policy .
Use on-line comparison tools to find the lowest price possible, but keep in mind that you may want to keep some protection fair in case your vehicle is stolen or damaged while you ’ re away .

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Secured with SHA-256 Encryption

Let your policy lapse

If you don ’ t have the money to pay for your indemnity, you have the option to let a backsliding in indemnity coverage. When your payment international relations and security network ’ t received, the indemnity company will suspend or cancel your policy due to nonpayment .

You can take out a new policy when you ’ re ready to continue coverage, but this leaves your fomite unprotected in the interim .

Consider this your absolute last haunt because it involves a set of risk. Your current indemnity ship’s company may decline to give you a raw policy at a later date, or they may increase your rate because they consider you a higher risk .

In some states, you will lose the ability to register your fomite and may have to turn in your license plate .

For example, in New York State, you are required to forfeit your vehicle ’ south license plate and may face license suspension if your indemnity lapses .
In Pennsylvania, uninsured drivers can lose their license and vehicle tags, and they are required to pay a ticket of at least $ 300. In both states, you can avoid fines and license suspension by turning in your fomite ’ randomness tags before your policy is suspended or canceled .

What if you’re deployed?

If you ’ rhenium deploy for the military and no one will drive your vehicle while you ’ re off, you should inform your policy company of the situation a soon as possible .
While most car indemnity companies don ’ t presently have special programs that allow members of the military to suspend their policy without consequences, the reason you are suspending your policy may make a big dispute when you return and wish to reinstate your policy .
Consider turning in your vehicle ’ s tags before you cancel or suspend your policy policy .
Here are some questions to ask yourself before deciding the best course of action in this situation:

  • Is there any chance that someone else may need to use your vehicle while you’re deployed? If it’s possible, then you should consider keeping at least liability insurance
  • Can you add your car to another trustworthy person’s insurance policy? Paying them for the slight increase in their policy may save you money over paying for your own policy
  • Would you benefit from selling your vehicle before you leave? If you expect your deployment to last a year or longer, you may find it much easier to sell rather than maintain the vehicle

What’s your best option?

In many cases, it ’ s worth paying for your current car insurance even if you aren ’ triiodothyronine using your vehicle for an strain period of time .
This prevents you from giving up your tags and severing your state registration, and you can get in your vehicle and start driving again at any time .

You don ’ t have to pay reinstatement fees to the state and expect for them to give you newfangled tags once you ’ re ready to resume driving .

If that doesn ’ t work for you for some reason, it ’ randomness always best to willingly turn in your tags and ensure your vehicle international relations and security network ’ t driven until you can reinstate your policy .
You don ’ t have to worry that your state will take your fomite ’ mho registration or suspend your license, and you won ’ metric ton neutralize money paying fines.

If you are looking for a more low-cost policy, use an on-line tool to help you search for the best coverage .
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