enterprise offers a handful of indemnity options that customers renting vehicles from the company can purchase for an excess fee at the time of a cable car lease. Enterprise no longer refers to policy coverage types as basic or full-coverage indemnity. But there are decidedly lesser and greater levels of coverage that a customer can opt to purchase.

Enterprise Car Rentals

enterprise is an american cable car rental company with its headquarters in Clayton, Missouri. In addition to renting cars, Enterprise besides manages commercial fleets, sells secondhand cars and rents out commercial trucks. enterprise car rental prices differ from city to city and tied function to position, but in all offices, the ship’s company offers policy. The insurance can supplement or replace the customer ‘s own car policy.

Types of Insurance Coverage

enterprise offers three types of insurance coverage that customers can purchase at the meter they rent a car. The first base is called a wrong release. A damage release is not literally policy, but it acts like policy. If the customer accepts the wrong release terms, she pays a specify measure per day of the rental. In substitution, Enterprise agrees to limit or waive any claim for loss of the car or damage to the car. The price release besides includes tow, storage, loss of use and administrative fees. The per-day cost to the customer for a damage release varies widely. The lowest pace is less than $ 10 a day but, in some offices, its rate is three times that. enterprise offers personal Accident Insurance ( PAI ) at every enterprise localization. A customer buy PAI pays a fix sum per day for this coverage, in summation to the rental total. The PAI covers the customer and her passengers in case the car is in an accident. It covers ambulance expenses, aesculapian expenses and besides provides accidental death benefits. personal Effects Coverage ( PEC ) is offered by Enterprise only at its airport locations. This PEC policy protects the customer, other drivers or any members of the customer ‘s immediate syndicate traveling with her against loss or damage to personal effects. even if the losses are covered by early indemnity, Enterprise pays for the losses. The price for the PAI/PEC coverage depends on where you are renting the car, averaging between $ 5 and $ 11 per day. finally, Enterprise offers Supplemental Liability Protection ( SLP ). You can get SLP only at the time you rent the car, and it besides requires an extra per-day fee. The SLP will protect the customer and any other authorized drivers from third-party liability claims for up to $ 1 million.

Supplemental Liability Protection ( SLP ) is offered at the clock time of rental for an extra daily charge. If accepted, SLP provides the tenant and authorized drivers with up to $ 1,000,000 for combined liability claims. This can cost from under $ 10 per day to around $ 15 per day. References

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