A college scholar who drives over summer break only. A house guest borrowing their host ’ sulfur cable car. A soldier who needs a vehicle to get around for a couple of months between deployments. If you find yourself in a site like this, you might want temp cable car indemnity. however, you can ’ t just call up a big-name insurance company and buy coverage for a few days or weeks. major carriers typically don ’ thyroxine sell policies for periods less than six months.

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Rely on the vehicle owner’s coverage

You may not need your own insurance to drive person else ’ s car, vitamin a long as the owner has coverage on the vehicle and they give you license to take the rack. car indemnity generally follows the cable car, not the driver, says Madelyn Flannagan, frailty president of agent development, department of education and research at Independent Insurance Agents & Brokers of America. sol if you get into an accident while driving a acquaintance ’ randomness car, your acquaintance ’ second insurance will likely pay for the damage. There may be exceptions to this rule in some states, so ask the vehicle owner to check in advance with their insurance company or agent to make sure you ’ ll be covered.

Have the owner add you to their policy

If you ’ ll be using person else ’ second cable car for an prolong time period, indemnity companies may prefer that you be listed as an extra driver on their policy. In fact, a carrier could deny coverage or even drop a policy for fraud if it finds out person hasn ’ triiodothyronine reported all drivers who use the vehicle on a regular footing.

Keep in take care that adding a driver could potentially affect the vehicle owner ’ south rates, either positively or negatively. “ Let ’ s say I added you to my policy for a workweek and you have a severe drive record, ” Flannagan says. “ That could cost me a lot of money. ” college students who drive during school breaks only should generally be listed on their parents ’ car insurance policy year-round. To help minimize the price, ask about discounts for policyholders whose children are away at college. good student discounts may besides be available.

Get a standard auto policy

Buying a six-month policy doesn ’ t mean you have to keep it for the full moon six months. Most insurers allow you to pay your bounty on a monthly basis, Flannagan says, so it ’ south easy enough to pay for a calendar month or two, then cancel when you no longer need the coverage. If you do elect to pay the whole agio upfront, you should receive a prorate refund for the fresh policy terminus. Some companies may besides charge cancellation fees.

Buy non-owner car insurance

If you don ’ t have your own vehicle but occasionally borrow person else ’ sulfur, non-owner car insurance might be a good choice. This type of insurance normally covers medical bills and repair costs for others if you cause an accident. Depending on where you live, you may besides be able to add other types of coverage to the policy. not sure whether non-owner policy is worth buying ? Evaluate the cost of the coverage against how often you drive other people ’ mho cars. If you drive once or doubly a class entirely, you might be better off relying on the vehicle owner ’ s policy rather. Just make certain you feel comfortable with the sum of coverage they have.

Buy rental car insurance

You have respective choices if you need impermanent indemnity while renting a cable car : Buy the lease car company ’ south coverage. Most agencies sell a collision damage release that lets you off the hook financially if the car is stolen or damaged during the rental period. Use your recognition tease. many recognition cards offer lease car coverage, though it ’ s a good mind to call the issuer ahead to make surely you understand what is and international relations and security network ’ metric ton included. Buy a standalone policy. Companies such as Bonzah and Allianz Global Assistance sell standalone policies for rental cars that may be cheaper than the rental agency ’ s offerings.

Speak with an agent still not surely which irregular car insurance option is best ? Reach out to an independent indemnity agent to talk through your situation. They can offer advice tailored to the laws and coverage alternatives in your state.

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