Utah drivers face a few minimum requirements in order to meet car policy submission. These include indebtedness insurance minimums of $ 25,000 per person for bodily injury, $ 65,000 per accident for bodily injury and $ 15,000 per accident for property damage. For grok car indemnity buyers, this translates to 25/65/15. Remember : Be sure to keep proof of your policy on pass at all times as you could be cited even if you ’ re not compliant with these minimums .
Don ’ t know what those numbers mean ? Check out our liability coverage page .
Comprehensive and collision insurance aren ’ thymine required in Utah, but because it ’ s a “ no-fault ” state, Utah does mandate that all drivers carry personal injury security ( PIP ) in the measure of $ 3,000. This coverage will be used toward medical expenses from an accident .
Despite the fact that Utah ’ s minimum requirements are more expensive than many states, merely about eight percentage of its drivers are uninsured, which compares favorably with a national average of 13.8 percentage. possibly because of this, Utah doesn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate mandate that drivers obtain uninsured motorist indemnity.

Remember that meeting Utah ’ s car insurance requirements constitutes the bare minimum ; you may choose to consider extra PIP to go toward checkup payments, angstrom well as collision insurance and comprehensive coverage. Meeting your indemnity indebtedness is only one vault in an accident, being able to cover other out-of-pocket expenses is the other.

Additional Car Insurance Considerations

here are some extra situations when you want to consider how your policy coverage will impact you.

Will anyone be driving your car that isn’t considered an owner, or not listed on the insurance? If this is a likely scenario, you might want to require them to purchase non-owner policy to ensure you aren ’ t held responsible for damages if a third-party sues after an accident .
If you don’t have a license and plan on driving anyway, you should still purchase insurance. even though this is hazardous in itself, doing it without policy is flush riskier. If you are in an accident and don ’ t have policy, you can be held completely apt for the other party ’ s checkup expenses and car repairs. You can be taken to civil court, found guilty, and have a judgment placed against you. Driving with no indemnity and ending up in an accident besides leads to more unplayful charges .
If you are making payments on a vehicle, you should purchase full-coverage insurance even if it’s not required of the loan company or dealership. In the consequence of an accident, if you only have liability on a vehicle you are making payments on, you are still apt for the payments if the vehicle is totaled. This means you would still have to make payments on a despicable car or expression a repossession on your credit .

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