Company Price Available Discounts (#) Purchasing Options (online, phone, local agent) File a Claim
State Farm

Best Overall
$456 per month 13 Local agent Website, mobile app, phone

Best for High School Students
$761 per month 11 Online, phone, local agent Website, mobile app, phone

Best for Full-Time College Students
$174 per month 16 Online, phone, local agent Website, mobile app, phone

Best Discounts
$297 per month 13 Online, phone, local agent Website, mobile app, phone

Best for Accident Coverage
$647 per month 18 Online, phone Website, mobile app, phone

Best for Military Students
N/A 11 Online, phone Website, mobile app, phone
Mile Auto

Best for Budget-Friendly Policies
$94.64 + $0.11 per mile per month 4 Online Phone only

Guide for Choosing the Best car insurance for Teens and College Students

Who Needs Car Insurance for Young Drivers ?

Anyone who drives, regardless of age, should get car policy. Every state has laws making a driver financially responsible for place damage and bodily injuries caused by an accident ; closely every state frankincense requires drivers to carry policy .
In most cases, adding a adolescent or college student to the parents ’ policy will be the least expensive way to get insured. In some cases, parents may believe that they limit their indebtedness if their child has their own policy, but indemnity experts advise this may not be the case .

Comparing Car indemnity for Teens and College Students

When shopping for car insurance for teens and college students, consider the pursue factors :

  • Price: Insuring a teen or college student can be expensive, but rates vary among companies. Shop around to get the best price.
  • Discounts: Many companies offer discounts on insurance for teens and college students. These often include discounts for having at least a B average in school, for completing driver training, or for being away at school full time.
  • Coverage: Liability coverage is mandatory in most states, while comprehensive, collision, and gap coverage may be required by the bank for a vehicle with a loan or lease. Be sure the insurance company offers these basics. 
  • Options: Roadside assistance is commonly offered by insurance companies and can provide teens and college students (and their parents) with added peace of mind.
  • Claims service: A car insurance policy’s “moment of truth” happens when a claim is filed. Look for companies that rate highly in J.D. Power surveys, AM Best ratings, and other independent studies.
  • User-friendliness: An insurance company should make it easy for teens and college students to get a quote, buy a policy, access policy documents, pay a bill, and file a claim. Most offer sophisticated websites and mobile apps that allow this functionality.

How Teens and College Students Can Buy Car Insurance coverage

There are multiple ways for a adolescent or college scholar to obtain car insurance coverage .

  • Through an agent: An agent can provide personal service and advice tailored to the insurance needs of teens and college students. Independent agents represent multiple companies and can shop around on their customer’s behalf to find the best combination of coverage, price, and discounts. 
  • Online: Many major insurers offer online quoting and policy sales. While this option is available 24/7, a drawback is that it provides little to no guidance on coverages and discounts.
  • By phone: Still another option is for teens and college students to contact an insurance company directly by phone. Many have toll-free numbers connecting to company representatives who can help with the policy quote and purchase.

Request quotes from at least three indemnity companies. Chances are that rates among these companies will vary by hundreds of dollars. Remember to mention anything that might help earn a deduction, including completion of driver discipline, full grades, or attendance at a college away from home .

frequently Asked Questions ( FAQs )

Who Is Considered a Teen or Young Driver ?

“ Teen ” is reasonably straightforward as a condition, but the insurance industry ’ s definition of “ youthful driver ” typically includes people ages 16 to 24. For each year of experience you gain as a young driver, your policy rates may improve if you don ’ t have accidents or violations .

How much Does Car Insurance for Teens and College Students Cost ?

car insurance for teens and college students is typically quite expensive. In our survey of companies, the average cost for indemnity from large national carriers was $ 467 per calendar month.

The dependable news is that most of the companies we researched offer multiple discounts targeted to teens and college students, along with programs such as usage-based policy that can help drivers save. Adding the driver to the parents ’ policy may be the least expensive way to be insured .

What Does Car Insurance for Teens and College Students Cover ?

A car insurance policy for teens and college students ought to include the following necessity coverages :

  • Liability: This provides coverage if the driver causes an accident that injures another person or damages their property. Liability is mandatory in most states. 
  • Uninsured motorist: This provides coverage if the driver is in an accident with someone who is not insured. 
  • Collision and comprehensive: These cover the cost of repairs to the driver’s vehicle after an accident or other event (for example, a tree falls on their parked car).

car indemnity will not cover the monetary value of maintenance or repairs related to wear and tear. An insurance company may, however, offer optional wayside aid coverage, which can help a driver in an hand brake such as having a bland bore or all in battery .

Who Can Purchase Car Insurance for Teens and College Students ?

car insurance for teens and college students can be purchased by most accredited drivers. specific historic period ranges deviate by indemnity party. Some of the companies in our study required a driver to be 18 to purchase coverage, others required a driver to be only 16 .

How To Get Car Insurance for Your Teen or as a Young Driver

Requesting quotes from at least three different insurance companies is a good way to find a policy that offers the best value for your needs. Collecting on-line quotes is a estimable idea, but you may besides want to speak with a local anesthetic independent agent. These agents are conversant with multiple insurers, including smaller, regional options, and they may be able to make recommendations adenine well as help oneself you compare coverages so you can choose a policy that ’ s the best fit for you as a young driver. Remember to mention any factors that might help you qualify for discounts, like whether you ’ ve taken driver aim, if you ’ re plan to attend college away from home, and if your grades are good.

When reviewing car insurance options, choose a company with a payment plan that you can manage. Being canceled for non-payment can put you in a bad policy group, which will increase your premiums and can make it harder for you to buy cable car indemnity in the future.


To select the best car indemnity companies for teens and college students, we first looked at the crown 10 national car indemnity carriers, along with several blue-ribbon regional carriers and startups. We narrowed the field based on factors such as available discounts, ease of practice, and independent ratings for claims and customer gratification. We then obtained quotes from each of our remaining companies, using a character of a 16-year-old driver seeking to insure a 2015 Toyota Camry ( we changed the long time to 18 for GEICO, due to their quote requirements ). Based on this data we narrowed our list to these top car policy companies for teens and college students .

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