If your deductible is… You pay Your insurance pays 
$250 $250 $750
$500 $500 $500
$1,000 $1,000 $0

If the cost of repairing the damage is the same or closely the same as your deductible, you may choose not to file a claim since you ’ d lose any claim-free rebate .

You ’ rhenium responsible for paying the deductible on every claim—there ’ s no annual sum or out-of-pocket maximum.

When Do You Pay a deductible ?

You ’ ll typically pay your deductible directly to the car repair workshop after they complete the repairs. The insurance company will deduct your part from the total they send to the haunt patronize. For example, in the scenario above, with a $ 500 deductible, the insurance company would pay the car rectify shop $ 500, and you ’ five hundred be expected to pay the other $ 500 .

How to Choose Your Car insurance Deductible

” Deciding your deductible is very much a subjective judgment, ” said W. Michael McBride, president of Mason McBride Inc., which provides casualty policy in Michigan. When choosing your deductible, think by and large about three elements :

  • Your vehicle’s value
  • Your ability to withstand an emergency financial loss
  • The effect of various deductibles on your premium

What Is the Value of Your Vehicle ?

Before you decide on your deductible, human body out how much your vehicle is worth to your policy company. Weigh the value of the cable car against the monetary value of potential repairs. As the car ‘s value comes devour, the luck of a total loss goes up—meaning it may not be deserving buying optional coverages. For exemplar, the Kansas Insurance Department recommends carrying only indebtedness coverage on cars worth less than $ 3,000 .

But due to a current dearth of exploited vehicles, McBride pointed out that you might besides want to consider how significant your car is as a mean of fare. If you wouldn ’ thymine be able to get to school or study without your cable car, you may want to continue carrying comprehensive or collision coverage to pay for repairs .

What Does Your Emergency Fund Look Like ?

Accepting a higher deductible in exchange for a lower annual premium is a common way to save money on policy. But think cautiously about how much you could pay out of air pocket to repair a cable car. If you don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate have an emergency fund, could you come up with $ 500 on the blemish for repairs ? How about $ 2,000 ?

If you ’ re not sure you could come up with the cash right away when you need it, you might prefer the peace of mind of a lower deductible .

What ’ s the price of Various Deductible Options ?

According to McBride, there ‘s a rule of finger : When considering deductibles, review any decrease returns. If the cost of a policy with a $ 2,500 deductible is n’t much lower than a policy with a $ 1,000 deductible, the savings may not justify the potential challenge of having to come up with an extra $ 1,500 after an accident .

You may be able to choose different deductibles for different types of coverage depending on how you assess your own risk or cost concerns. People often choose a lower deductible for comprehensive examination than collision indemnity, McBride said, as comprehensive coverage is generally cheaper than collision .

other Questions to Ask When Choosing Deductibles

While the three factors above are the most critical when choosing a deductible, you ‘ll want to ask these questions, excessively .

Is There a Required Minimum Deductible ?

It depends on your insurance company and state. many coverage deductibles start at $ 250 or $ 500, but some insurers offer a $ 0 deductible option for certain coverages, and others may require higher-risk drivers to carry higher deductibles. For exercise, New York requires a minimum $ 50 deductible on comprehensive coverage and $ 100 on collision .

If you ’ re leasing a car, the franchise or fiscal mental hospital may specify a maximum deductible .

What Is Your risk of Making a claim ?

You may be more probable to file a claim if you :

  • Have accidents on your record
  • Drive on busy roads
  • Live in a city where cars are commonly stolen

When choosing your deductible, consider the likelihood of having to pay it—perhaps even repeatedly .

Filing a claim could lead to an increase in rates for up to five years depending on the circumstances, department of state, insurance company, monetary value, and a number of other claims .

Can You Use other policy to Cover the Costs of Injuries ?

In some states, you may be able to use health coverage to pay the costs of injuries due to car accidents rather of relying on car policy coverage, such as aesculapian payments or PIP policy. In this case, you might choose a higher deductible or a lower terminus ad quem on those coverages, which would save you money .

Is a Vanishing Deductible a good choice ?

A vanish deductible is an optional gainful accession to your car policy. Each broadcast works a fiddling differently, but generally, for each class you don ’ t file any claims, the insurance company rewards you with a reduction in your deductible. For exemplar, each claim-free year might save you $ 100 on your collision deductible .

Vanishing deductibles may be a good equip for person with a good drive history who wants a larger deductible, McBride said. The “ fly ” share can help bring down the cost if you have to pay your deductible in the consequence of a claim. These policies tend to be less expensive than low-deductible plans and slenderly more expensive than high-deductible plans .

In states with command minimal deductibles, you can ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate “ disappear ” your deductible below that brink. In New York, as noted above, the collision deductible can ’ triiodothyronine go lower than the country minimal of $ 100 .

Can the deductible Be Waived ?

Some states or insurance policies offer deductible waivers in certain circumstances, such as :

  • Total loss: Some insurers offer an optional total loss deductible waiver—you pay nothing if your car is totaled due to a covered loss. If you purchased a dealership’s gap protection coverage for your leased or financed car, it could pay your deductible in the event of a total loss.
  • Windshield repair or replacement: Some insurers may waive the comprehensive deductible if you repair a cracked windshield rather than replacing it, while some states require insurers to replace your windshield without a deductible.

Some car shops advertise “ deductible rebates ” or say they will pay your deductible for any repairs. however, accepting these offers may violate your indemnity contract, so constantly check with your insurance company .

What Happens If You Can’t Pay Your Car Insurance Deductible?

If you can ’ triiodothyronine pay your deductible, consider waiting to make the repairs until you can save up enough cash to cover it. If your cable car is already at the repair shop class, you could take out a loan to pay the deductible or ask the patronize to hold your vehicle until you can find some extra money .

What Is the Highest Deductible for Car Insurance?

The highest deductible available to you depends on your state and your indemnity company, but McBride said an average eminent deductible is around $ 1,000. But deductibles can go much higher. For forte vehicles or collectibles, they can reach $ 5,000 to $ 10,000 .

What Is the Average Deductible for Car Insurance?

No national average across states and insurers has been published, but Progressive says $ 500 is the most common deductible selected by its policyholders .

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