Key factors related to what you drive:

Safety ratings

Vehicle condom ratings are determined through tests and evaluations by the car diligence and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. policy companies supplement that information by collecting large amounts of data from customer claims. Safer vehicles are frequently less expensive to insure. meanwhile, some insurers increase premiums for cars that have poor base hit records and are more susceptible to damage or resident wound. Related : These 15 cars earned the highest safety rate in 2018

Newer model or popular favorite?

policy companies carefully track data on vehicles to determine which makes and models are more prone to mechanical or guard issues. The longer an indemnity company insures a type or mannequin of car, the more data it has to determine fairly price. If the fomite has built a solid track record over several years, odds are it will insure at a reasonable rate, and stay stable over time. conversely, vehicles with poor condom history, a short track commemorate, or those that are a front-runner target for thieves will be costlier to insure.

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Cost of maintenance and repairs

data about the cars that are cheapest to maintain and service can besides be a dear indicator of the most-affordable cars to insure. Vehicles that have lower dependability ratings can be a admonitory light of potentially higher insurance costs, because policy companies take the data about care and service of particular models into consideration when determining premium rates .

Size matters

You may think a smaller car means a smaller insurance premium. But not thus firm. In an accident, larger vehicles tend to fare better – and keep occupants safer – than smaller vehicles. That can translate to lower premiums for a larger fomite .

Anti-theft devices

If your car has an alarm, a tracking device to help police recover it, or another larceny hindrance, it ‘s less attractive to thieves… and less expensive to insure, excessively. Related : My cable car was broken into. What do I do now ?

Key factors related to how you drive:

As we mentioned, it ’ s not just about the car, but besides the driver. here are some key ways how you drive can factor into insurance price .

Your driving history

Your path record on the road can have a direct impact on your wallet when it comes to policy. insurance companies have found that past performance often does foretell future results. If you ’ ve had travel rapidly tickets or accidents, or other violations within the concluding few years, your car policy pace may be higher than if you have a immaculate repel record.

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How much you drive

Are you a road warrior, or a stay-at-home ? The difference will show up in your premium rates. person who drives merely a few miles a week will likely pay less for car insurance than person who covers hundreds of miles most weeks. It fair makes feel, the more time on the road increases the chances of being involved in a crash or sustaining damage to your car. Related : How to keep your high-mileage car running

Other factors to consider:

Your credit history

research has shown that good credit is connected to good drive – and vice versa. Certain credit data can be predictive of future insurance claims. When permissible, many policy companies use recognition history to help determine the monetary value of car insurance. The bottom line : effective credit can have a positive affect on the monetary value of your car policy. Related : 6 reasons you ’ ll love having an policy agent

Your age, sex, and marital status

crash rates are higher for all drivers under long time 25, specially single males. indemnity prices in most states reflect these differences. If you ‘re a student, you might besides be in course for a discount. Most cable car insurers provide discounts to student-drivers who take driver-safety trail and start building a safe drive read .

Where you live

One key component that goes into insurance price is largely out of your command – at least in the short-run. That ’ s where you live. Generally, due to higher rates of vandalism, larceny, and crashes, drivers in more densely populate areas may pay more for car indemnity. If you do live in a higher price insurance area, make indisputable to pay close attention to the early factors that you can control. An lake erie agent can help.

Doing your homework makes a difference

It ’ south no playfulness getting an unexpected surprise about indemnity costs. By doing some homework upfront about potential car indemnity rates, you can make informed decisions and better understand why your rates go up or down. Better however ? You don ’ t have to do it alone. Erie Insurance agents are here to help you understand and navigate all the variables that impact your rates. Find a local ERIE agent in your neighborhood to understand what coverage you ’ ra buying, why it matters and how it works .

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