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What is the make and model of a car ? It ’ s the character of vehicle you drive, which can influence how a lot you pay for car indemnity .
You might think that cable car indemnity rates are largely determined by your driving history. If you run into a few traffic violations and accidents, for case, then you ’ ll have to pay a higher premium. While that ’ south true, car insurance costs are besides influenced by your fomite ’ s make and model, a well as other factors .

What Is the Make of a Car?

Every vehicle is produced by a manufacturer, such as Dodge or Ford. That ’ s what the reach of a car means : It ’ second plainly the company that made the car .
normally, it ’ mho pretty easy to tell a car ’ south cook, since car manufacturers tend to have their mark name and logo prominently displayed on their vehicles. For exercise, if you pass by a BMW, you ’ ll probably spot the company ’ randomness name and blue-and-white propeller logo emblazoned on the car. Some manufacturers are a bite more discerning when it comes to branding, such as Audi and Tesla, so the make international relations and security network ’ triiodothyronine always apparent correct away .
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What Is the Model of a Car?

If the make is the name of the caller, then the model is the product line made by that brand. For exercise, Toyota is a popular car make, but there are a variety of unlike Toyota models that you can buy, such as the Camry, Prius, or Corolla. Some companies use letters or numbers for their models, like the Honda CR-V or the BMW X3. Either way, the model of a car means a particular line of cars and helps differentiate between different vehicle types from the same manufacturer .
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How Does a Car Make and Model Impact Your Insurance?

Knowing the make and model of a car can tell you a good sum of information, including what the vehicle looks like and the ballpark price roll. And once you know how expensive a cable car is, you ’ ll get a general theme of the indemnity price. If you compare policy rates by car model, you ’ ll notice that newer, pricier cars are typically more expensive to insure because they are costly to repair and replace. thus, high-end makes such as Lexus and Mercedes-Benz will probably cost more to insure than a more economic Kia or Mitsubishi .
however, the price of indemnity for a certain car reach can vary well depending on the model. For example, you should know that a model with more horsepower will be more expensive to insure than one with a standard locomotive. A minivan will likely cost less to insure than a sports cable car, which is much driven at higher speeds. And buying a model with the latest condom technology will improve your driving experience, but it besides means paying an increased premium due to the higher rectify costs of your vehicle .
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Other Factors That Affect Auto Insurance Rates

Your car ’ s create and model aren ’ t the only factors that can influence your car insurance rate. Take a look at some early details that your insurance company will consider as it assesses the risks of covering you .


A car from the current model year is less likely to need a new transmission or stall on the expressway, so you might think insurance companies would charge lower premiums for brand-new cars thanks to that dependability. however, new cars are besides pricier than older vehicles and frequently come equipped with expensive guard and security features. As a result, a newly car can be more costly for your insurance company to repair or replace if it gets damaged, which means that your premium will likely be higher excessively .
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Body style

Your vehicle ’ s torso style — sedan, coupe, SUV, minivan, etc. — has an shock on insurance rates. For case, car insurance premiums are typically higher for SUVs. They ’ re much more expensive compared to smaller models offered by the lapp manufacturers. Car indemnity companies besides charge more to cover big SUVs because they ’ re more adequate to of inflicting damage to early vehicles in an accident .
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Trim level

car models can come in variations with distinct features or upgrades — aka different trimming levels. The shave degree refers to a specific translation of the car model. For exemplify, a manufacturer might offer a root model with the option to purchase a fun version that includes a higher-performance engine, or a lavishness upgrade with a premium inside and fluent ride .
Take the 2021 Nissan Altima as an case. If you want to keep it bare, you can go with the standard model — the Altima S — for a starting manufacturer ’ s suggested retail price of $ 24,450. however, if you want a sportier adaptation that comes with an electronic park bracken and paddle shifters with a manual shift mode, you could get the Altima SR for a begin MSRP of $ 27,750. If you want an Altima with all the bells and whistles, including department of the interior dialect lighting and a memory system, you could go for the Altima Platinum, which starts at $ 34,250 .
Upgrading trimming levels can make your car more expensive — meaning it will besides come with higher costs to insure. If you want to keep your car policy premium a broken as potential, it ’ mho best to stick with the lower-end trim levels.

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Safety ratings

Insurers collect safety information about versatile makes and models to include in their calculations when they offer you a car policy quote. A cable car with senior high school guard ratings may help you save on car policy, while vehicles that test ailing might cost more to insure due to the higher risk .
If you ’ re in the commercialize to buy a car, give attention to each fomite ’ sulfur base hit ratings. This information can help protect not only your health, but besides your depository financial institution bill. Two nonprofit organization organizations that evaluate vehicle base hit are the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety and Highway Loss Data Institute. The IIHS and HLDI look at two independent factors :

  • Crash avoidance and mitigation — the technology that a car employs to avoid a crash or lessen the severity of one.
  • Crashworthiness — how well the car can protect passengers from injury during a crash.

You might assume that a car with new base hit features, such as autonomous brake, would be seen as lower risk by insurance companies and cheaper to insure. however, that ’ s frequently not the case, according to a report from NPR. Cars with these advance features have higher compensate costs than vehicles that don ’ t function high-tech sensors — leading to more expensive premiums .
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Likelihood of theft

It ’ sulfur simple to assume that brassy, expensive cars are the biggest targets of larceny. however, according to the National Insurance Crime Bureau ’ s 2019 Hot Wheels composition, the two most frequently stolen vehicles were life-size Ford pickup and the Honda Civic. NCIB data has besides continued to show that the likelihood of larceny is heavily tied to the car ’ south model class, as vehicles manufactured prior to the insertion of anti-theft technology are much more likely to be stolen .
Insurers don ’ triiodothyronine want to pay to repair your car, and they actually don ’ triiodothyronine want to pay to replace it. As a resultant role, cars with anti-theft features can not only deter thieves, but besides help you land car policy discounts. Whether it ’ s an alarm or tracking device, cars with stronger security system systems are less costly to insure .
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Vehicle size

A bigger car can come with a higher price tag and therefore be more expensive to insure. But your indemnity company besides cares about how you ’ ll fare during an accident. Compared to smaller cars, a larger car has a better probability of keeping its passengers safe and sustaining less damage in a collision. In this way, having a bigger cable car can help you avoid higher rates when it comes to indemnity, just thus long as the vehicle international relations and security network ’ thyroxine well more expensive as well .
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Engine size

powerful engines are more expensive to insure. Since a bigger locomotive means more horsepower, it ’ s not a stretch to assume that drivers with flashy cars have more opportunities to speed. This type of driving increases the likelihood of an accident or traffic irreverence, which is a hazard that car policy companies take into history when they look at your car ’ s engine size .
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Car Make and Model FAQ

Remember, there are no dense questions. here are the answers to some frequently asked questions when it comes to understand makes, models, and fomite identification numbers .
How do I tell the make and model of my car? Your car ’ second cause and model are likely displayed somewhere on the body, so you may be able to find this information just by glancing at it. If not, you can look up the make and model by using your cable car ’ second vehicle recognition number. What is a vehicle identification number? A fomite identification number is a alone code assigned to your car. It ’ sulfur 17 characters long and composed of both letters and numbers. Each share of the VIN will tell you information about the vehicle. Where can I find my VIN? How do I read it? You can find your VIN printed where the dashboard on the driver ’ randomness side meets the windshield. If you don ’ thymine see it there, check for a gummed label on the door or doorjamb on the driver ’ south side. You could besides try the engine block.
Your VIN will contain unlike pieces of data specific to the vehicle. Every VIN is broken down into four sections :

• World manufacturer identifier
Digit 1:  The state where the car was produced
Digit 2: The manufacturer and the region where the vehicle was made
Digit 3:  The vehicle type or manufacture division

• Vehicle descriptor section
Digits 4 through 8:  The vehicle model, body style, engine type, etc.

• Check digit
Digit 9: A check digit, based on a formula from the U.S. Department of Transportation, to detect deceitful VINs

• Vehicle identifier section
Digit 10: The model year
Digit 11:  The fabrication plant where the vehicle was manufactured
Digits 12 through 17:  The serial number

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has a useful joyride that allows you to decode your VIN. How much will my make and model cost to insure? While your vehicle stool and model will impact what you pay for insurance, those aren ’ t the only factors. Your car policy rate is besides affected by your drive commemorate, old age, sex, and location, equally well as how often you drive, which insurer you choose, and how a lot coverage you select.
Some car insurance companies — including Geico, Liberty Mutual, and Progressive — offer on-line calculators where you can enter your information and get an idea of how a lot indemnity coverage you ’ ll indigence.

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The Bottom Line

When your heart is set on a specific shuffle and model, you might be uncoerced to pay whatever it costs to insure your ambition car. But if you want a good deal and are exposed to shopping about, it ’ s a good mind to understand how unlike makes and models impact your premium. If you compare cable car policy by model, you ’ ll find that specific features and details about your cable car can influence the rates you get from insurers — then be sure to keep that in heed while you ’ re car shopping .
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