many people think of homeowners insurance as more or less the lapp product no matter who provides it, but those who have dealt with filing a claim should know the value of a dependable insurance company. We looked at Wisconsin ‘s many policy providers to find out how they compared in terms of price, coverage benefits and overall dependability .

Compare Home Insurance Quotes from Providers in Wisconsin

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After collecting hundreds of quotes from across Wisconsin, we found that the cheapest annual premium for a typical homeowners insurance policy was $656. however, premiums are n’t be the lone factor to consider when shopping for coverage. Find out who we think offers the best home insurance in the Badger State .
Best for most homeowners: Erie
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Most affordable: SECURASECURA logo
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Best for service: Auto-OwnersOwners logo
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Best for local coverage: Wisconsin MutualWisconsin logo
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Best homeowners insurance for most people: Erie

ErieGet a Quote Guaranteed replacement price at an low-cost price makes Erie the best insurance company for most Wisconsinites { “ bannerDisclaimers ” : [ ], ” buttonColor ” : ” elementary ”, ” buttonIcon ” : ” lock in ”, ” buttonText ” : ” Get a Quote ”, ” class ” : ” auto_insurance_companies ”, ” cloudinaryImageName ” : ” referral_logos\/us\/insurance\/erie-3 ”, ” description ” : ” Guaranteed successor price at an low-cost price makes Erie the best insurance company for most Wisconsinites “, ” details ” : [ ], ” disclaimer ” : ” ”, ” featuredTitle ” : ” ”, ” connection ” : ” hypertext transfer protocol : \/\/\/OnlineQuote\/ ”, ” name ” : ” Erie ”, ” hideBanner ” : false, ” hideDescription ” : fake, ” hideDetails ” : true, ” hideDisclaimer ” : false, ” hideTitle ” : true, ” title ” : ” Erie ” }
Erie Insurance offers the best homeowners policy for most people in Wisconsin. The average annual cost of coverage from this caller is around $ 756, which is about 42 % cheaper than the statewide bastardly. Customers may save at least 16 % by bundling policies, besides. We believe that Erie offers the most comprehensive examination coverage of the insurers we surveyed .
While providing coverages that are conventionally included in most homeowners policy policies, a standard policy from Erie besides includes larceny coverage, pet insurance and guaranteed substitute cost protection. This means that any compensation you receive after a loss wo n’t be discounted on account of your place ‘s disparagement. With most other providers, guaranteed substitution cost is only available as an upgradable endorsement and not a standard offer .
You can besides purchase the following add-ons from erie :

  • Water and sewer backup protection
  • Service line coverage
  • Earthquake insurance
  • Flood insurance (provided by the National Flood Insurance Program)

Erie ‘s customers are by and large satisfied with the service they receive, excessively. According to the National Association of Insurance Commissioners ( NAIC ), Erie has a complaint index of 0.17. This means it receives a far lower parcel of complaints than what ‘s convention for a ship’s company with its commercialize parcel .

Most affordable homeowners insurance: SECURA

SECURAGet a Quote cheap prices could attract Wisconsin ‘s bargain-seeking homeowners { “ bannerDisclaimers ” : [ ], ” buttonColor ” : ” primary ”, ” buttonIcon ” : ” lock ”, ” buttonText ” : ” Get a Quote ”, ” class ” : ” auto_insurance_companies ”, ” cloudinaryImageName ” : ” referral_logos\/us\/insurance\/secura-2 ”, ” description ” : ” Cheap prices could attract Wisconsin ‘s bargain-seeking homeowners ”, ” details ” : [ ], ” disavowal ” : ” ”, ” featuredTitle ” : ” ”, ” link ” : ” hypertext transfer protocol : \/\/\/ ”, ” diagnose ” : ” SECURA ”, ” hideBanner ” : fake, ” hideDescription ” : false, ” hideDetails ” : true, ” hideDisclaimer ” : fake, ” hideTitle ” : true, ” title ” : ” SECURA ” }
If you ‘re plainly looking for the cheapest homeowners insurance in Wisconsin, SECURA may be the insurance company that ‘s best for you. This company ‘s average annual price of $ 656 is the most low-cost of the companies we analyzed. You could besides receive extra discounts for having a home that ‘s less than a ten old, maintaining a dependable credit sexual conquest and renewing your policy at the end of its condition .
SECURA ‘s stand-alone homeowners indemnity may be all right for people who are looking for bum protection, but if you want more solid coverage you might be interest in the company ‘s bundle auto-home insurance, MILE-STONE. Although this ship’s company ‘s average premiums were the cheapest in our view, that calculate does n’t inevitably apply to the cost of pack coverage. If you elect to buy MILE-STONE, you ‘ll receive :

  • Replacement cost coverage
  • Water and sewer backup protection
  • Theft and mysterious disappearance property coverage
  • Golf cart protection
  • Pet insurance

You could besides choose to increase any of the standard MILE-STONE protections by changing your policy to MILE-STONE Gold, which includes rental cable car coverage and wayside aid, excessively .

Best for balanced service: Auto-Owners

Auto-OwnersGet a Quote heedful customer service combined with low-cost rates and customizable coverage make this company a standout supplier { “ bannerDisclaimers ” : [ ], ” buttonColor ” : ” primary ”, ” buttonIcon ” : ” interlock ”, ” buttonText ” : ” Get a Quote ”, ” class ” : ” auto_insurance_companies ”, ” cloudinaryImageName ” : ” referral_logos\/us\/insurance\/autoowners-3 ”, ” description ” : ” Attentive customer serve combined with low-cost rates and customizable coverage make this company a standout supplier ”, ” details ” : [ ], ” disclaimer ” : ” ”, ” featuredTitle ” : ” ”, ” radio link ” : ” hypertext transfer protocol : \/\/\/ ”, ” identify ” : ” Auto-Owners ”, ” hideBanner ” : false, ” hideDescription ” : false, ” hideDetails ” : true, ” hideDisclaimer ” : delusive, ” hideTitle ” : true, ” style ” : ” Auto-Owners ” }
Auto-Owners Insurance could be a suit for you if you ‘re looking for homeowners insurance with balance service. This company ‘s ailment index of 0.21 was among the best of all the companies we surveyed. J.D. Power ‘s latest consumer satisfaction surveil of insurers awarded Auto-Owners with a 4/5 rat, meaning its policyholders are by and large pleased with the service and settlements they receive after a loss .
Although the company requires you to contact an agent to purchase coverage or to make claims, Auto-Owners ‘ local, autonomous offices encourage your representative to develop a one-on-one relationship with you. Despite the company ‘s lackluster on-line experience, its reputation for providing solid customer service indicates that it likely does a good job of serving policyholders through more traditional channels .
You may save money on your policy if you bundle your homeowners indemnity policy with another form of auspices from Auto-Owners. You may even receive a discriminate deduction if you choose to purchase Best Life Insurance Companies from the company, excessively. You can besides save money if you make on-time payments, remain loss-free for three years and pay your bill in full .
The average monetary value of homeowners insurance from Auto-Owners is $ 954. This affordability, along with the opportunities the company offers for extra discounts, may give you adequate fiscal flexibility to upgrade your policy. You can purchase guaranteed substitution monetary value coverage, vitamin a well as :

  • Increased coverage for leaks, food spoilage and power failures
  • $15,000 of identity theft protection
  • Water and sewer backup coverage
  • Ordinance or law change security
  • Equipment breakdown coverage

Best for local coverage: Wisconsin Mutual

Wisconsin MutualGet a Quote This ship’s company ‘s roots make it a solid choice for residents wanting to stay local { “ bannerDisclaimers ” : [ ], ” buttonColor ” : ” primary ”, ” buttonIcon ” : ” lock in ”, ” buttonText ” : ” Get a Quote ”, ” category ” : ” auto_insurance_companies ”, ” cloudinaryImageName ” : ” referral_logos\/us\/insurance\/wisconsinmutual-1 ”, ” description ” : ” This company ‘s roots make it a hearty choice for residents wanting to stay local ”, ” details ” : [ ], ” disavowal ” : ” ”, ” featuredTitle ” : ” ”, ” liaison ” : ” hypertext transfer protocol : \/\/\/ ”, ” diagnose ” : ” Wisconsin Mutual ”, ” hideBanner ” : false, ” hideDescription ” : fake, ” hideDetails ” : true, ” hideDisclaimer ” : assumed, ” hideTitle ” : true, ” style ” : ” Wisconsin Mutual ” }
If you want to purchase homeowners insurance from a ship’s company with local anesthetic ties, Wisconsin Mutual may be a provider to consider. operate in this state since 1903, this insurance company offers homeowners indemnity policies with an median annual price of $ 675, which is about 50 % cheaper than the cost of coverage in the rest of the submit .
Wisconsin Mutual helps its customers more well understand their coverage by allowing them to select from five preconfigured options tailored to Wisconsin ‘s different types of homes. Each policy is based on a home ‘s historic period and prize. Depending on the design you select, you will have to meet different coverage limits. For exercise, most of these plans require you to purchase substitute cost coverage as part of the policy .

  • Standard: No age restrictions, but you must purchase replacement cost coverage, too
  • Country home:For “hobby type” homes you would use for hunting, farming or as a country estate rather than as a primary dwelling
  • Seasonal:For homes you use seasonally or at least three months out of the year
  • Premier:Covers homes constructed in 1980 or later and requires replacement cost coverage
  • Premier elite:Protects homes built in 1980 or later with higher limits and broader perils coverage than the premier package

You can purchase supplementary coverage with any policy for identity larceny, recreational vehicles and cyber protection. You may besides enhance elements of your premade policy ‘s default option coverages.

As a local company, Wisconsin Mutual requires you to connect with a nearby agentive role ‘s position in order to purchase coverage. The caller ‘s low complaint index suggests customers are generally felicitous with the service they receive ; however, due to the small size of the supplier, it ‘s difficult to compare it to other larger firms .

Homeowners insurance companies with the best and worst customer service

We checked each provider ‘s place on the NAIC ‘s complaint index to assess which homeowners policy company has the best customer serve in Wisconsin. Each company ‘s score is determined by dividing its share of sum complaints by its market share. If a party has an index of 1.0, it means it gets a typical number of complaints for a party its size .
We besides checked the scores that J.D. Power awarded each of this discipline ‘s insurers. The companies with the best complaint exponent were Erie and Chubb, which both received 0.17. Erie was besides the company that got the best military rank from J.D. Power, a 4/5 .
Some insurers seem to have highly quenched customers, but these companies are excessively minor to compare them adequately with other larger providers. West Bend Mutual, SECURA and Wisconsin Mutual Insurance all have exceptional NAIC numbers but act less than a fifth of a percentage of the area ‘s market plowshare .


NAIC Value

JD Power

AM Best

American Family Insurance 0.69 3/5 A
State Farm 0.20 4/5 A++
Acuity 0.30 N/A A+
Erie 0.17 3/5 A+
West Bend Mutual 0.05 N/A A
Allstate 0.31 3/5 A+
Auto-Owners Insurance 0.21 4/5 A++
Liberty Mutual 0.40 2/5 A
Farmers 0.39 3/5 A
USAA 0.15 5/5 A++
Auto Club (AAA) 0.99 N/A A-

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Cheapest homeowners insurance in Wisconsin

The average price of homeowners policy in Wisconsin is $ 1,313 per year .
This monetary value is 21 % more expensive than the modal national cost of $ 1,083. In just 10 of the ZIP codes we surveyed was the modal price of all insurers less than the national average. We besides found that of the express ‘s biggest cities, only Sheboygan has a typical cost of homeowners indemnity that ‘s cheaper than the national median .
In our review, the cheapest home indemnity company on average was SECURA, and the most expensive was Liberty Mutual .
Cost of  the biggest homeowners insurance companies in Wisconsin

Compare Home Insurance Quotes from Providers in Wisconsin

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Most common homeowners insurance perils in Wisconsin: Snowfall and tornadoes

Wisconsin ‘s location in the northern separate of the area and its proximity to Lake Superior make snow an indemnity concern for its homeowners. additionally, during the affectionate months of the year, tornadoes can be common here, as in early parts of the Midwest and Plains states .
To be certain you have enough place coverage to protect your home, you need to understand how your homeowners policy policy approaches these risks .

Homeowners insurance and snow damage

A large sum of snow falls on Wisconsin. The submit ‘s northern regions that border Lake Superior can get over 100 inches of bamboozle per year, while the remainder of Wisconsin can see around 40 inches. Homeowners insurance likely covers the wrong that falling snow can inflict on your property if it causes separate of your home to break down .
Although your insurance may cover damage from freezing, your provider may have stipulations that could affect your coverage. You may exceed coverage if your insurance company deems you did n’t make a sufficient campaign to keep your home protected from dangerous temperatures. Your policy may not cover damage from freezing done to your home ‘s swimming pools, but it ‘s best to speak to an indemnity congressman before committing to coverage .

Does homeowners insurance cover damage from tornadoes?

Most policy policies do cover the damage that tornadoes can deal out. Wisconsin homeowners may experience more wrong from tornadoes than people in other parts of the country. According to information from the National Weather Service, the state of matter has experienced an average of 23 tornadoes per year since 2014. Wind damage is much a cover hazard, and homeowners indemnity normally safeguards homes against trees that may be toppled by powerful winds through separate of a harp .
It could be a good theme to purchase extend coverage, though. evening though your policy protects you from wind damage and falling objects, it wo n’t necessarily compensate you adequate money to rebuild your house and resume your liveliness. Make sure that the limits of your homeowners insurance match to the deserving of your home, and consider purchasing substitution cost coverage .

Wisconsin insurance rates: city-by-city breakdowns

We found the monetary value of homeowners indemnity in each of Wisconsin ‘s largest cities while analyzing the state of matter ‘s best providers. The following postpone shows the average cost of insurance in each of Wisconsin ‘s cities that are home to 10,000 or more people .



Difference from statewide average

Milwaukee $1,376 5%
Madison $1,182 -10%
Green Bay $1,124 -14%
Kenosha $1,193 -9%
Racine $1,215 -7%
Appleton $1,149 -13%
Waukesha $1,131 -14%
Eau Claire $1,325 1%
Oshkosh $1,150 -12%
Janesville $1,292 -2%
West Allis $1,225 -7%
La Crosse $1,379 5%

Show All Rows Because the price of insuring a home is directly related to its value, average premiums can vary significantly by localization. We besides calculated what homeowners pay for indemnity coverage in other parts of the U.S.


To find the best homeowners policy in Wisconsin, we collected quotes for an HO-3 residential indemnity policy from the following 15 companies :

  • American Family Insurance
  • State Farm
  • Acuity
  • Erie
  • West Bend Mutual
  • Allstate
  • Auto-Owners Insurance
  • Liberty Mutual
  • Farmers
  • USAA
  • Auto Club (AAA)
  • Wisconsin Mutual
  • Travelers
  • Chubb

We generated each quote using a 2,100-square-foot sample place built in 1972 and insured for $ 178,900 — these figures align with Wisconsin ‘s medial family income and medial value of an owner-occupied home .
ValuePenguin ‘s analysis used policy pace data from Quadrant Information Services. These rates were publicly sourced from insurance company filings and should be used for comparative purposes only — your own quotes may be unlike .

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