Pros Explained

  • Car insurance for unique needs: In addition to standard car insurance, Allstate also offers classic car insurance and car insurance for Mexico. 
  • Generous discount program: There are 16 different discounts to help lower the cost of car insurance. 
  • Multiple options for roadside assistance: Allstate goes above and beyond with 24/7 support when you subscribe to one of its plans for roadside assistance.

Cons Explained

  • Poor customer satisfaction: Allstate consistently rates below average for customer satisfaction in both J.D. Power and NAIC ratings. 
  • Extra cost for roadside support: Customers must subscribe to an additional roadside assistance package to benefit from this service. 
  • Policies sold in six-month terms: Allstate only sells car insurance policies lasting six months instead of a year.


Allstate Insurance Company is a go national provider of several types of indemnity including car, family, life, motorcycle, renters, and off-road indemnity. It is particularly well-known in the car indemnity industry for its long history and a fully suite of policy products.

however, based on your needs, Allstate might not be the best option, so you ’ ll motivation to weigh the pros and cons to find the best car policy companies that are right for you .

party Overview

Allstate was founded in 1930 by General Robert E. Wood, the President and Board Chairman of Sears, Roebuck & Co. He applied the same indemnity model to his stores, starting an policy party that sells insurance via mail. He applied the same mannequin to policy as he did to his stores, starting an insurance party that sells insurance via mail .
nowadays, Allstate has the distinction of serving as the largest publicly-held personal insurance company in the U.S. with over 113 million proprietorship policies. It is headquartered in Northbrook, Illinois, where it services all 50 states. It besides partners with several companies to underwrite its policies, including Allstate New Jersey Property and Casualty Insurance Company and Castle Key Insurance Company in Florida .
Allstate claims to support its customers, but the company is presently involved in a Florida consumer class action become regarding spam texting using personal numbers allegedly purchased from data collection companies. It besides settled a national domestic class natural process become representing policyholders in 38 different states. These policyholders had underpay property price claims, although these cases predominantly addressed Allstate ‘s home plate policy claims .

Types of coverage

Allstate offers 12 standard and optional plans for car insurance .

standard Car Insurance coverage

Allstate offers many of the traditional types of indemnity coverage most drivers need to protect themselves and others while behind the wheel .

collision coverage

If you are involved in an accident, your collision coverage handles the cost of any damages made to your fomite .

comprehensive coverage

comprehensive coverage handles damages relating to lifelike occurrences, like hail, fallen trees, larceny, and vandalism .

Liability Coverage

If you are at demerit in an accident, indebtedness protective covering can cover place price, injury, or even the death of another party .

checkup PaymentsCcoverage

aesculapian payments coverage includes protection for any injuries affecting you and any of your passengers that were sustained during an accident .

Uninsured and Underinsured Motorist Coverage

If you are involved in an accident with an uninsured, at-fault driver, uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage can help cover any damages you incur .

personal Injury Protection

personal injury protection, or PIP, protects you should you experience injuries during an accident covered by your policy policy .

optional coverage

Custom Equipment Coverages

If you have aftermarket or custom parts and equipment on your vehicle, Allstate ’ second custom equipment coverage can help cover what ’ s not protected by your guarantee or standard indemnity policy .

personal umbrella policy

If you need extra protection, an umbrella policy provides extended coverage beyond the limits of your standard policy .

rental Reimbursement coverage

If your vehicle is damaged from a cover loss, such as a collision, you can purchase extra rental reimbursement coverage to cover a lease car or early eligible exile while your vehicle is being repaired .

classic car indemnity

If you drive an age-old or classical car, regular car insurance may not be enough to cover any damages you incur. alternatively, classic car insurance from Allstate offers extra coverage to reduce your personal liability. however, it is authoritative to note that classic cable car indemnity is sold via Allstate but provided by Hagerty Insurance Agency, LLC, a third-party supplier .

Mexico Travel Car indemnity

If you plan to travel to Mexico, you can purchase car indemnity to protect your vehicle in case of an incident during your slip. This separate coverage is added to your regular domestic car indemnity policy for drivers in both the U.S. and Canada with coverage available for up to one year.

Roadside Assistance design

If you run into trouble on the road, Allstate offers optional wayside aid plans. This can include 24/7 coverage for things like changing a run down, jumpstarting your car, or providing tow service. You can besides receive extra perks like discounts and resources for change of location or buying a new car .
There are two plans for Allstate ’ s wayside aid. coverage is available to all drivers, regardless of whether you are an Allstate policyholder .

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