Our mission is to help you make educated policy decisions with confidence. We have an ad relationship with some of the offers included on this page. however, this doesn ’ metric ton influence our editorial opinion or recommendations. The rankings and listings of our reviews, tools and all early contented are based on objective analysis, and we amply own our opinions. A “ service accusation ” has been added to your monthly car insurance bill, and you ’ re wondering what it is. We ’ ve got you covered. Some policy companies charge each monthly payment fee if you do not pay in full for the policy. An episode payment service fee normally covers the cost of processing your requital on a monthly basis. To avoid paying this monthly service fee, you can pay in full when you buy your car insurance policy.

hera ’ s what you need to know about an installation fee agitate .

Why do insurance companies charge installment fees?

insurance agencies use bounty installment charges to cover the administrative costs associated with more frequent payment process. More insurers offer annual, six-month or one-month payments on car insurance policies. It is to the insurance company ‘s best advantage if you pay for your integral annual premium at one time. This means less requital process but besides more cash flow for them. basically, by paying in overture, you ’ re loaning money to the insurance company for up to a year at a time. If you choose a monthly payment option, the insurance company does not get the full sum up-front and has to devote more clock time and attempt to the more frequent payment process .

How much are you paying in installment fees?

The answer to this wonder depends on how you are paying monthly payments. If you call or get on your explanation every month to set up payment, you will pay an installation fee charge of around three to five dollars.

Like Geico, many insurers charge a much lower installment tip ( one dollar rather of five dollars ) if your payments are set to withdrawal directly from your bank account, besides called electronic funds transfer ( EFT ) .

The bottom line on the installment fee charge

Should you pay-in-advance per annum or choose a monthly payment option ? Which is best for you depends on your fiscal situation. Paying in installments each calendar month helps some people budget more efficaciously. For others who are comfortable with the annual payment in full, they reap the benefit of saving or repurposing the money they save on installation fees. Check with your indemnity agent to determine their indemnity installation tip if you choose to make episode payments monthly. Don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate forget to ask about automatic requital discounts a well as early discounts you may qualify for. Use this information to decide what payment design is best for you.

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