Georgia is the 8th most populate state in the country and base to more than 123,546 miles of public road. There are many factors that go into calculating the rate you pay for car indemnity. Below is a breakdown of how much drivers in Georgia typically pay for coverage based on different factors. To learn more about insurance requirements in Georgia, check out Georgia Car indemnity

Georgia Car Insurance Rates by Age

typically cable car insurance companies will charge more for younger drivers and provide discounted rates for older drivers. policy carriers see young drivers as inexperienced and have a greater gamble of getting in accident. In Georgia, the distinctive adolescent driver between the historic period of 16 and 19 will pay $ 252.49 per month while a driver in their 40s will pay an average of $ 110.81 per calendar month .

Age Avg monthly rate
16 – 20 $252.49
20s $156.26
30s $114.25
40s $110.81
50s $103.41
60s $99.57
70s $106.41
Over 80 $101.98

Georgia Car Insurance Rates by Marital Status

marry couples in Georgia typically pay more for their car indemnity than drivers who are individual. This likely due to the dim-witted fact that there is more than 1 driver on the policy. Married couples besides will normally have more than one vehicle and could possibly have some adolescent drivers on the policy a well. In Georgia, Married couple typically pay around $ 109.69 per calendar month while individual drivers average in around $ 181.96 per calendar month.

Marital Status Avg monthly rate
Divorced $120.08
Married $109.69
Separated $181.96
Single $128.55
Widowed $137.58

Average Car Insurance Rates in Georgia by Credit Score

many factors go into the rate you pay for car policy. Your historic period, localization, and fomite are all separate of the equation. policy companies besides take your accredit score into consideration. In Georgia, drivers with excellent accredit yield an average of $ 125.45 per month compared to drivers with poor credit who typically will pay $ 162.34 per calendar month .

Credit Rating Avg monthly rate
Excellent $125.45
Good $124.04
Poor $162.34

Car Insurance for High Risk Drivers in Georgia

Drivers with a good drive history typically will pay less for car indemnity than person that had a DUI, speeding tickets, or an accident. Car indemnity companies see drivers with a bad drive history has being a bigger risk. Drivers in Georgia with a good drive history normally pay round $ 124.22 per month. Drivers with a bad driving history that may include tickets, DUI, or accidents will typically pay $ 148.54 per calendar month .

Safe Driver (No prior tickets, DUI, or accidents) Avg monthly rate
High Risk Drivers $148.54
Safe Drivers $124.22

Georgia Auto Insurance Rates by Homeownership

policy companies will besides take homeownership into report when factoring the rate you pay for insurance. In Georgia, drivers who own their home will normally pay around $ 100.54 per month while drivers who rent normally average in around $ 114.95.

Homeownership Avg monthly rate
Own $114.95
Rent $128.06

Currently Insured vs. Uninsured in Georgia

More much than not, drivers who presently have cable car indemnity coverage will receive a cheaper monthly rate than drivers who do not. Since car indemnity is a necessity in all 50 states, companies may question why you do n’t presently have coverage. Because of this, they may see you as a higher risk driver. In Georgia, the average monthly rate for a driver who is presently insured is $ 130.90 while drivers who not presently covered will pay around $ 211.03

Coverage Avg monthly rate
Not Currently Insured $211.03
Not Currently Insured $130.90
Currently Insured $118.96

Georgia Car Insurance by Education

car policy companies will besides look at your education level. Although not normally a significant factor, your education can impression your monthly rate for car policy. In Georgia, a driver with a high gear School Diploma will typically pay $ 166.40 per month vs. person with a Bachelors Degree who will be charged around $ 171.79 per calendar month .

Education Avg monthly rate
Associate Degree $120.32
Bachelors Degree $135.43
Doctorate Degree $148.43
High School Diploma $166.40
Less than High School $171.79
Masters Degree $134.93
Other $107.96
Some College $135.42
Some or No High School $119.67

Liability vs. Full Coverage Car Insurance in Georgia

Liability lone coverage is typically cheaper and covers the cost of damage you may cause to other people or vehicles. Full coverage includes comprehensive examination and collision policy, possibly PIP and UM/UMPD, which would cover you, your vehicle and passengers if you had an accident, regardless of blame. In ( State ) the average rate for liability alone coverage is about $ 91.07 per calendar month compared to Full coverage which will cost you about $ 127.46 per calendar month .

Coverage Avg monthly rate
Full Coverage $127.46
Liability Only $91.07

Methodology The statistics listed on this page are from our own in house report. We track and record quotes that carriers have provided based on diverse criteria. The rates and averages shown on this page should entirely be used as an calculate .

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