When assessing how much to charge a customer for their car insurance, companies look at that customer ’ south driving history and the profile of a driver. Higher-risk drivers are charged higher rates. If the driver has a history of getting tickets or getting into accidents, they may be considered bad based on their drive record. Others may be considered bad because of certain characteristics. Examples include young or inexperienced drivers, drivers with poor credit scores or drivers with certain types of car models. MoneyGeek identified the best and cheapest car indemnity companies for bad drivers. Those who can not get covered by an insurance company should seek a remainder marketplace plan in which express policy regulators assign you to an insurance company.

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male The most important factor policy companies use to determine whether you are a bad driver is your driving history .financialPlanning Driving experience, or lack thence, and poor credit scores can make recover sanely priced cable car indemnity more challenge .car The type of car you drive matters : vintage and sports cars are pricier to insure than sedans. Loading …

The Best Companies for High-Risk Drivers Based on Driving Record

The reasons an policy party may consider you a bad driver can be varied. One of the most coarse reasons is if violations show up on your force record. A history of tickets, at-fault accidents, DUIs or early infractions indicates to insurance companies that you pose a higher gamble to them. The more severe your irreverence, or the more violations you commit, the higher your rates will be. Using a grade system based on a affordability of rates for bad drivers and customer service choice MoneyGeek identified two insurers as the best companies for bad drivers :

  • State Farm ranks as best commonly available insurer for high-risk drivers, also scoring well in affordability, customer satisfaction and financial stability.
  • USAA scores the best overall for high-risk drivers, but it’s only available to military families. It offers affordable premiums and received high marks in both satisfaction and financial stability.

Finding the best car insurance for bad drivers can take extra clock time and research. If you ‘re only focus on price, MoneyGeek has besides detailed the cheapest companies for bad drivers.

Best Car Insurance for High-Risk Drivers: Company Rankings

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  • company MoneyGeek Score ( out of 100 ) satisfaction Score ( out of 5 ) Complaints Score ( out of 5 ) constancy Score ( out of 5 ) Affordability Score ( out of 5 )
  • USAA






  • State Farm












  • Nationwide






  • Allstate






  • Progressive






  • Travelers






  • Farmers Insurance






Loading … MoneyGeek ‘s scores — described in detail in our methodology — basal affordability on how car insurance companies treat a blend of cable car indemnity violations. Averages may differ depending on your particular rape, and MoneyGeek has resources specifically for drivers with a DUI looking for policy and for drivers with a ticket or accident denounce for indemnity shopping for insurance.

The Cheapest Companies for High-Risk Drivers Based on Driving Record

If customer serve and excess services rank army for the liberation of rwanda lower on your list of needs than affordability, you may be interest in knowing which car insurance companies offer the cheapest policies. The national average cost of indemnity for drivers with no violations is presently $ 1,379, while those with violations on their records pay an average of $ 2,240. In terms of the cheapest cable car indemnity for bad drivers, USAA besides comes out on acme in this list, with an average monetary value of $ 1,389. State Farm is the runner-up at $ 1,769. These figures are based on average rates for three different trespass scenarios : after a ticket, an at-fault accident or a DUI.

The Cheapest Companies for High-Risk Drivers

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  • company average annual Rate for High-Risk Driver
  • 1 .USAA $ 1,389
  • 2 .State Farm $ 1,769
  • 3 .GEICO $ 1,916
  • 4 .Nationwide $ 2,031
  • 5.

    Allstate $ 2,119

  • 6 .Progressive $ 2,183
  • 7 .Farmers $ 2,280
  • 8 .Travelers $ 2,568
  • 9 .MetLife $ 3,416

The Cheapest Companies for High-Risk Drivers by State

While the previous department highlights national averages for bad driver indemnity, it ‘s crucial to remember that these figures can vary based on where you live. Some companies adjust their rates in unlike states. To ensure you find the best option for your needs, we highlight the cheapest company in each express. Excluding USAA, State Farm is the cheapest option in 27 states. American Family Insurance — a regional insurance company — is the cheapest option second most frequently : six states. But 12 companies were the cheapest option in at least one submit, so bad drivers can benefit from shopping about. USAA was excluded from this analysis because of its eligibility requirements, but if you ‘re eligible we found it ‘s the cheap car indemnity company for drivers in 29 states.

Cheapest Companies for High-Risk Drivers by State – Excl. USAA

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Car Insurance Costs for High-Risk Drivers Based on Driver Profile

When most people consider which factors indicate a bad driver, they think about many of the ones we already covered : a hapless overall drive record or a violation, such as an at-fault accident or a DUI. But policy companies may decide you pose a high gamble because of factors unrelated to your drive record. Young drivers who recently received their license, for example, pay well more than their older counterparts. Drivers with bad credit scores are besides considered bad because insurers believe there ‘s a greater luck they may not keep up-to-date with their payments. The type of vehicle you drive plays an significant character besides. If you drive a car with a crown base hit rat, such as a Volvo or Subaru, you ‘re far less likely to pay higher premiums than person driving a sports car.

The Cost of High-Risk Car Insurance: Young Drivers

Compared to their parents and most other adults, adolescent drivers have less have behind the wheel. As a consequence, insurers see them as bad. In 2021, an 18-year-old driver can expect to pay an average bounty of $ 4,866 per year. In line, the average premium for a 40-year-old driver is $ 1,379. Finding bum car indemnity for teens international relations and security network ’ thyroxine impossible. But you need to know where to look. Signing up under a parental policy may besides help young drivers save on cable car policy. And many insurers offer lower rates for maintaining good grades and driving vehicles with a low risk evaluation .

Average Annual Cost for Teens vs. Adults

Adult 40-Year-Old $ 1,379graduationCapTeen 18-Year-Old $ 4,866Premiums for teens are on average : $ 3,487 more This is 253 % more expensive.

The Cost of High-Risk Car Insurance: Drivers With Poor Credit

Insurers have found a correlation coefficient between poor credit rating scores and an addition in the total of claims filed. Having bad credit can make find reasonably priced cable car insurance more challenge. On average, drivers with a credit score below 578 paid $ 1,246 more in car insurance per year, about double what those with a score above 768 pay. EvYou can silent find cheap car policy with poor people credit. Taking steps to improve your credit, such as minimizing debt and making payments on time, may besides lower your policy costs over time .

Average Annual Insurance Cost by Credit Score

moneyGood Credit ( Score above 768 ) $ 1,379coinsPoor Credit ( Score below 578 ) $ 2,625Premiums for drivers with poor credit are on average : $ 1,246 more This is 90 % more expensive.

The Cost of High-Risk Car Insurance: Drivers With Sports Cars

data shows that sports cars are more normally stolen, causing some insurers to charge higher premiums. besides, because sports cars weigh less and are smaller than a standard sedan, they tend to sustain greater damage when involved in a shipwreck. For example, a common sports cable car model that is relatively expensive to insure is a Ford Mustang. According to our latest research, drivers with a 2010 Ford Mustang paid an median of $ 204 more than those who owned a Toyota Camry of the same model year. Those driving a 2020 Mustang paid roughly $ 894 more .

Average Insurance Cost by Model Type

Toyota Camry Model year 2010 $ 1,379car2Ford Mustang Model year 2010 $ 1,583Premiums for drivers with a Ford Mustang are on average : $ 204 more This is 15 % more expensive.

What Is a High-Risk Driver?

bad drivers come in many forms, according to car insurers. even if you possess a screaky clean drive read, factors such as your credit score or character of vehicle can raise premiums. even if you have a safe car and good credit, past violations can besides hike up the monetary value. Some of the most dangerous violations that can make you exceptionally hazardous include :

  • Driving under the influence of alcohol
  • Driving with a suspended or revoked license
  • Driving recklessly
  • Drag racing

If you have serious violations on your drive record, you may need to file for SR-22 cable car policy. besides known as a Certificate of Financial Responsibility, this document must be filed to prove you carry the minimum compulsory total of car indemnity in your state. Getting bad insurance, besides known as non-standard car indemnity, will cost more, but there are enough of ways to save.

How to Avoid Being Categorized as a High-Risk Driver

Whether you ‘re already classified as a bad driver or want to avoid falling into that class, you can take steps to keep your car insurance depleted. 1

Drive safely.

It may seem intuitive, but ensuring you do n’t get tickets or induce wrecks can go a long way in helping you pay lower rates for car policy. Follow the rush limit and all posted signage. If you have violations already, shop for newly rates as violations age out of the rate-setting march. 2

Improve your credit score.

Making on-time payments, adding your list to a parent ‘s or family member ‘s utility program beak, and keeping your credit rating calling card balances abject can all help improve your credit score. It can take some clock, but the bribe is worth it. 3

Take a defensive driving course.

many insurance companies offer discounts to those who complete a defensive drive course. In summation to curbing hazardous behaviors, these programs besides help you identify driving dangers more cursorily.

What If I’m a High-Risk Driver and Insurers Won’t Cover Me?

If an policy company considers you besides bad, they may refuse to offer you coverage. If this happens, you should look for a remainder market plan. These programs bring together other overly-risky drivers in the country to provide coverage without raising the premiums of other, less-risky drivers. The Automobile Insurance Plan Service Office ( AIPSO ) helps these drivers find indemnity. The group besides maintains a state-by-state database to ensure you can locate a plan where you live. Loading …

FAQs About High-Risk Car Insurance

Lots of questions exist about getting the best bad indemnity for individual needs. We answer some of the most common below .

USAA and State Farm presently offer the best car policy for bad drivers, but always get several quotes to find the best option for you .

If you ‘re not looking for bells and whistles, Allstate and Farmers provide the cheapest bad car policy .

On modal, drivers considered bad paid $ 2,240 in premiums, while normal-risk drivers paid $ 1,379 .

bad drivers include those with violations on their drive record and individuals with poor people credit, little driving experience or a sports car.


median rates were calculated based on car insurance policies with 100/300/100 liability indemnity and comprehensive and collision insurance with a $ 1,000 deductible. To calculate rates for a bad driver, MoneyGeek averaged the rates policy companies charge for three of the most common driving violations : speed, committing an at-fault accident and a DUI. To determine the best car insurance company for bad drivers, MoneyGeek scored companies based on affordability, customer gratification and complaints — drawn from J.D. Power surveys and NAIC complaint scores — and fiscal military capability ratings as calculated by A.M. Best. Affordability received the highest weight in our calculations.

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  2. If I have high insurance rates due to a poor drive commemorate, what are some steps I can take to get cheaper indemnity ?
  3. How can I get coverage if no car policy company will sell a policy to me ?

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