Which car make is the least expensive to insure?

Americans have an extensive crop of car brands to choose from when shopping for a newly vehicle. Our research found that certain car makes tend to be more expensive than others. For exemplar, we found that a Mazda or Volkswagen tended to be cheaper to insure when compared to luxury brands such as Lexus or Tesla .



Annual premium

1 Mazda $2,343
2 Volkswagen $2,344
3 Honda $2,580
4 Subaru $2,583
5 Kia $2,637

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The cheapest car type to insure

generally, one would think that large or debauched cars would be the most expensive to insure. however, we found that SUVs, minor station wagons and minivans proved cheaper to insure on average than compact cars .
Below you can see which types of car are normally cheaper to insure :


EPA size class

Average cost

1 Small Station Wagon $2,333
2 Minivan $2,585
3 Small Sport Utility Vehicle $2,609
4 Small Pickup truck $2,656
5 Standard Sport Utility Vehicle $2,899
6 (tie) Compact car $2,918
6 (tie) Large car $2,918
8 Midsize car $3,081
9 Standard Pickup truck $3,120

Compare Rates however, the two most expensive vehicles to insure were among the most expensive : the Tesla Model 3 and the Lexus RX .

Why does the car you drive affect your insurance rates?

Insurers set their premiums based on the likelihood that a driver of a certain vehicle will file a claim, and the ask price of a claim should it be involved in an accident .
If drivers of a particular type of car file claims at a higher rate — even if they have a good drive criminal record — they will have to pay more .
This is why sports cars, which are more likely to be involved in accidents because of their high performance, frequently are expensive to insure .
Vehicles that cost more to repair — or have high commercialize values — will besides often have higher indemnity rates. This is because indemnity companies anticipate having to pay out more for any comprehensive and collision insurance claims, which cover the monetary value to repair or replace your vehicle, for high-cost cars. Because of this heightened gamble for insurers, they increase premiums. This is besides why car insurance rates may decrease as your car ages — increasing the handiness of successor parts can make a repair cheaper.

however, twist condom features such as early crash detection or promote airbags may reduce your rates, as they may reduce the likelihood or severity of a crash, particularly regarding injury. While vehicle damage claims are more park than bodily injury claims, the average payout for the latter is much higher .
last, car larceny besides plays a character in your rates. Some cars are stolen more than others, then if you are driving one of those cars, your rates will probably be higher. however, drivers should keep in mind that there are many other factors at play that impingement car insurance rates, such as long time .
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