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* Data provided by Bankrate .com, price based on the state minimal necessitate policy.

** J.D. ability 2021 Auto Insurance Satisfaction Study denounce for the New York region. Based on a 1,000-point scale. USAA is not formally ranked by J.D. Power due to its eligibility restrictions.

The Average Cost of Car Insurance in New York

car indemnity costs an modal of $ 1,062 per class for minimum coverage and $ 2,321 per year for entire coverage, according to 2021 data from This is quite a bit higher than the national average cost of car policy, which is $ 565 per year for minimum coverage and $ 1,674 per year for full coverage. Remember that rates vary based on your individual wants, needs, and rate factors. To find the best car insurance in New York for you, you might want to compare quotes from different providers to make sure that you have the mighty coverage for the right price.

Top 3 Cheapest Car Insurance Companies in New York

Company Average Annual Full Coverage Premium*
Main Street America $761
Progressive $1,139
Erie $1,629

* Data provided by

Top 3 Most Expensive Car Insurance Companies in New York

Company Average Annual Full Coverage Premium*
Utica National $5,075
American Family $4,764
Kemper $3,150

* Data provided by

Top 3 Cheapest Cities for Car Insurance in New York

City Average Annual Full Coverage Premium*
Fairport $1,417
Webster $1,417
Penfield $1,428

* Data provided by

Top 3 Most Expensive Cities for Car Insurance in New York

City Average Annual Full Coverage Premium*
Saint Albans $5,180
Rosedale $5,118
Springfield Gardens $5,113

* Data provided by

Key Things to Know About Car Insurance in New York 

New York car policy can be expensive, as the state has patronize weather events like hard summer storms, winter storms, tropical storms, and floods. These criteria often prompt insurers to increase their rates, as policyholders ’ vehicles are more at gamble, and the likelihood of accidents could be higher during bad weather. other factors for the higher-than-average rates in the country could include the high number of drivers, which means more risk for crashes, and the get up of property vandalism and larceny. Drivers should be aware of the risks of owning a car in this state, and for that reason, the Department of Motor Vehicles ( DMV ) created an article on driving tips .

New York Car Insurance Requirements

New York requires all drivers to have at least a minimum amount of car indemnity coverage. Drivers must have the be coverage types and limits to drive legally :

  • $25,000 bodily injury liability per person and $50,000 death per person
  • $50,000 bodily injury liability per accident and $100,000 death per accident
  • $10,000 property damage liability per accident
  • $50,000 personal injury protection (PIP)
  • $25,000 statutory uninsured motorist bodily injury per person
  • $50,000 statutory uninsured motorist bodily injury per accident

There are two types of uninsured motorist coverage in New York : statutory and supplementary. The mandate statutory coverage only provides coverage for uninsured motorist accidents in New York State. If you buy supplementary coverage ( which is available as the minimum limit or in higher limits ), you ’ ll get coverage for uninsured motorist accidents outside of the submit, angstrom well as for underinsured motorist accidents.

Most insurance professionals recommend purchasing higher limits than the express minimum coverage for add fiscal auspices.

Car Insurance Coverage Options

To have more auspices than the New York minimal, you may want to purchase higher limits than equitable the state of matter minimum. You could even purchase wax coverage or addition options. here is a list of extra coverage based on coarse risks in the Empire State .

  • Optional basic economic loss (OBEL): This coverage enhances the basic no-fault coverage, providing an extra $25,000 coverage on top of the mandatory $50,000 PIP  limit.
  • Additional PIP: Similar to OBEL coverage, New York insurance policies also include an option for additional PIP in increments of $50,000 beyond the mandatory PIP requirements in the state. 
  • Collision: If there are any damages to your vehicle that result from impacting another car or object, this coverage is designed to pay for the costs, minus your deductible.
  • Comprehensive: If the damages on your car are caused by something other than a crash, such as hail, vandalism, or hitting an animal, comprehensive could kick in. You’ll likely have a deductible for this coverage, although some companies offer a $0 deductible option.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can you lower the price of your car insurance in New York?

There are many factors involved in calculating car indemnity rates. The best car insurance companies in New York offer discounts that can lower those rates, such as practicing good driving habits to avoid accidents and proving that you ’ re a responsible driver. If you complete an approve safe driving train course, some providers will get you a discount for that. other things that may help lower your premiums are boosting your credit score, getting dear grades or bundling home and car indemnity with the same insurance company .

What happens if I don’t buy car insurance in New York?

If you own or regularly operate a vehicle in New York, you likely need to have a car policy policy. Car insurance is required by police, so driving without indemnity is illegal. If you are caught, you could be facing fines, license suspension, and tied jail clock. If you cause an accident, you ’ ll be responsible for paying for the damages you cause out of pocket, on top of the fines and other penalties associated with driving without indemnity .

How do I get car insurance in New York?

many companies offer on-line quotes, so you may be able to get a quotation mark and buy a policy from the comfort of your own home plate. You might besides have to call a party or visit a local means. You ’ ll need information about you, any early family members or drivers, and the vehicles you want to insure. Once you choose a quote to purchase, you might have to sign an application and make a payment to get the coverage started .

Methodology reviews products, services and companies based on five criteria to help readers understand how companies compare based on alike metrics. For the best car insurance companies, our editorial team compared affordability, customer support, coverage options, customer atonement scores and on-line resources from each company to determine lead providers. As for average price, we used ’ s data of car policy in New York, based on the profiles of a 40-year male and female. For full moon coverage, the details used were the follow :

  • $100,000 bodily injury liability per person
  • $300,000 bodily injury liability per accident
  • $50,000 property damage liability per accident
  • $100,000 uninsured motorist bodily injury per person
  • $300,000 uninsured motorist bodily injury per accident
  • $500 collision deductible
  • $500 comprehensive deductible

To determine minimal coverage limits, Bankrate used minimum coverage that meets each country ’ s requirements. Our basis profile drivers own a 2019 Toyota Camry, change five days a workweek, and drive 12,000 miles annually. These are sample distribution rates and should only be used for comparative purposes.

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