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The General Best For Minimum Coverage
Dairyland Best For Drivers Needing An SR-22
State Farm Best Rates After a DUI
GEICO Best Rates After a Traffic Violation
Direct Auto Best Rates for Drivers with Poor Credit


What Is a bad Driver ?

A bad driver is one who, as a leave of their liability appraisal, is more expensive to insure in a carrier ‘s opinion because they are more probable to file claims. So they are charged more for their indemnity coverage than a lower-risk customer would be .

What Makes You A bad Driver ?

many criteria can place you into a bad driver category ; some of them are beyond your master, some reflect your driving history, and some do n’t even relate to cars at all. Those with bad condition can include :

  • Teens and other newly licensed drivers
  • Elderly drivers
  • Drivers with poor credit scores or a high debt-to-income ratio
  • Drivers with a history of at-fault accidents
  • Drivers who have received a speeding ticket or other traffic violation in the past three years
  • Drivers with a DUI conviction
  • Drivers who allowed coverage to lapse or received a citation for no insurance

How much Will High-Risk Car Insurance Cost ?

While claim rates vary based on your express ‘s policy requirements and other factors, they can be anywhere from 10 % –50 % more when you ‘re considered a bad driver. This can make hundreds of dollars difference in the price of your car indemnity premiums.

How Does Being a bad Driver Affect Your Coverage ?

typically, bad drivers pay more than low-risk drivers for the same amount of coverage. Additionally, some bad drivers wo n’t flush qualify for standard car insurance and will require policy from a ship’s company specializing in non-standard car policy .

How long Are You Considered A bad Driver ?

fortunately for you, a badly driving history wo n’t impact your insurance rates everlastingly. In fact, most car insurance companies only look at accident and traffic misdemeanor records that span the past three years. Accidents and tickets older than this rarely agent into your insurance rates. however, DUI convictions are an exception to this dominion : They typically impact your rates for up to five years .

Will All Insurance Providers Cover High-Risk Drivers ?

unfortunately, no. Some standard insurance carriers wo n’t even offer coverage to drivers with a record or DUI conviction.

What Can You Do to De-Risk Your Driving Coverage ?

While some factors like age or gender are outside your control, other factors that increase your driving risk class are wholly manageable. In general, experts recommend that you take the pursue steps to de-risk your driving coverage :

  • Take steps to improve your credit score
  • Take a driver safety course
  • Shop for better insurance rates three years after your last traffic violation
  • Don’t allow your auto coverage to lapse

The Bottom Line

Although bad drivers often struggle to find car insurance, there are companies out there who will offer you coverage at competitive rates even if your driving history is n’t that great. These companies fall basically into two types : non-standard car insurance carriers, who specialize in coverage for bad drivers, and more general providers who do n’t discriminate among drivers in extending their competitive rates and discounts.

For bad drivers, it ‘s not lone crucial to find the best rates and meet their state of matter ‘s needed auto-insurance coverage, but it ‘s besides important to make sure they receive everything they need from an indemnity company, like an SR-22 or other documentation needed to attest they are insurable .

How We Chose the Best bad car policy Companies

When selecting the best car insurance companies for bad drivers, we not only considered each party ’ south ratings with companies like J.D. Power, but we besides looked at rate comparisons and discount offerings listed on insurance supplier websites and in independent reviews .

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