Drivers between the ages of 55 and 65 typically pay lower rates for car indemnity than about any other historic period group. This is because they ’ re normally safer drivers than those under the age of 55. They much drive less, excessively. besides, most under-65 seniors have however to experience the age-related declines in vision and cognitive function that are more coarse among their over-65 counterparts .
This article covers what you need to know approximately elder car insurance, including :

Cheapest auto insurance for seniors: State Farm

Our research found that 65-year-old drivers pay an average $ 1,000 a class for car insurance. The median 70-year-old driver pays $ 1,065, and the distinctive 75-year-old driver spends $ 1,204 on car policy per annum .
Across seniors age 65 to 75, State Farm provides the cheapest policy coverage. We highlighted the seven biggest insurers below.

Car insurance rates for 65-year-old drivers
Insurance company Average annual premium
State Farm $736
Progressive $991
GEICO $1,130
Nationwide $1,201
Allstate $1,281
Farmers $1,398
USAA $587
Average rates are based on non-binding estimates provided by Quadrant Information Services. Your rates may vary.
Car insurance rates for 70-year-old drivers
Insurance company Average annual premium
State Farm $757
Progressive $1,086
GEICO $1,237
Allstate $1,295
Nationwide $1,300
Farmers $1,506
USAA $625
Average rates are based on non-binding estimates provided by Quadrant Information Services. Your rates may vary.
Car insurance rates for 75-year-old drivers
Insurance company Average annual premium
State Farm $841
Progressive $1,360
GEICO $1,448
Nationwide $1,469
Allstate $1,483
Farmers $1,564
USAA $706
Average rates are based on non-binding estimates provided by Quadrant Information Services. Your rates may vary.

state farm has the cheapest car indemnity for seniors. It offered our sample driver an average quotation mark between $ 736 and $ 841 .
progressive wasn ’ metric ton far behind State Farm in terms of cheap car policy for senior citizens. The average rate quotation mark Progressive sent our sample senior driver ranged from $ 991 to $ 1,360 .
Keep in mind:
What you pay for car policy depends on several rate factors, including your drive record, where you live, the car you drive and more .

Senior car insurance doesn’t have to be expensive.

Compare quotes to find brassy policy .

Best car insurance for seniors with military backgrounds: USAA

USAA is besides a highly low-cost choice and has the cheapest rates out of the seven major insurers we examined. It systematically receives positive customer service satisfaction from drivers, excessively. To qualify, you or a class extremity must be a put out or active military serve member .

Best car insurance for seniors in each state

several factors determine your cable car insurance rates. One is where you live. This is because each submit has regulations for how a lot car indemnity you need to purchase to drive legally. For many states, State Farm offers the cheapest coverage for elder drivers. Erie besides has low-cost rates, but is alone available in certain states .

Cheapest car insurance for seniors in each state
State Minimum coverage Full coverage
Alabama Country Preferred $419
Alaska State Farm $464
Arizona Progressive $998
Arkansas State Farm $492
California CSAA $589
Colorado State Farm $651
Connecticut State Farm $670
Delaware Travelers $903
District of Columbia State Farm $1,179
Florida GEICO $431
Georgia Georgia Farm Bureau $589
Hawaii GEICO $287
Idaho State Farm $322
Illinois State Farm $612
Indiana Erie $353
Iowa Wadena Insurance $265
Kansas State Farm $379
Kentucky Kentucky Farm Bureau $868
Louisiana Louisiana Farm Bureau $791
Maine MetLife $286
Maryland Erie $638
Massachusetts Citizens $400
Michigan MetLife $469
Minnesota Western Agricultural $444
Mississippi Mississippi Farm Bureau $748
Missouri State Farm $488
Montana State Farm $412
Nebraska State Farm $374
Nevada State Farm $1,070
New Hampshire State Farm $379
New Jersey State Farm $463
New Mexico State Farm $455
New York Erie $1,542
North Carolina Erie $379
North Dakota American Family $282
Ohio Erie $318
Oklahoma State Farm $478
Oregon State Farm $601
Pennsylvania Erie $436
Rhode Island GEICO $1,508
South Carolina State Farm $656
South Dakota American Family $279
Tennessee Erie $390
Texas State Farm $761
Utah State Farm $694
Vermont State Farm $316
Virginia Virginia Farm Bureau $311
Washington State Farm $534
West Virginia Erie $300
Wisconsin American Family $383
Wyoming State Farm $242
Note: Average rates are based on non-binding estimates by Quadrant Information Services. Your rates may vary.

Best car insurance companies for senior citizens

There ’ s more to getting your best car indemnity rate as a elder than buying a policy from the cheapest company. senior discounts and other such programs play an significant character, besides .
here ’ s what some of the best cable car insurance companies offer aged drivers in terms of discounts .


AARP, which sells car policy coverage to its members through The Hartford, offers a defensive driver course discount rate that can lower your bounty. If your drive skills are a bit out of practice, you can besides sign up for AARP ‘s Smart Driver on-line naturally. You ‘ll receive savings that can be renewed, and you ‘ll be a safer driver overall .


Allstate offers several discounts, including a condom drive and safety equipment installation dismiss .
The company besides has a defensive driver deduction excessively but only in certain states. To qualify for it, you need to be at least 55 years old, have no at-fault claims on your record and take a qualify defensive drive course .


Farmers offers a mature driver dismiss to eligible customers. actually, it may be called the suppurate driver, senior driver or flush defensive driver rebate, depending on where you live .
No matter what it ’ sulfur called, you ’ ll need to have completed a state-approved safe driver discipline path within the last three years to qualify for this aged car policy discount rate. You ’ ll besides need to be over 55 years erstwhile .
You can ’ t become Farmers ’ senior driver dismiss in all states, then check with a local agent to see if it ’ s available in your sphere .


GEICO does not have many age-specific discounts but placid offers a overplus of savings options. The company has a defensive driver, good driving, angstrom well as a withdraw government or military dismiss .
senior drivers should besides consider GEICO ’ s Prime Time abridge. It provides guarantee reclamation to policyholders .

Liberty Mutual

Liberty Mutual doesn ’ thymine offer a defensive driver discount rate to seniors like the other car policy companies mentioned, but it does offer a RightTrack program that serves a similar purpose .
By enrolling in Liberty Mutual ’ s RightTrack program and practicing safe drive behaviors, you can be rewarded with a discount of up to 30 %.

Liberty Mutual besides has a military discount rate for policyholders who are active, retired or reserved in the U.S. Armed Forces .


Nationwide may not offer a aged car indemnity discount to older drivers like some companies do, but it does offer these other discounts that may help seniors save money on their premiums :

  • Defensive driving discount.
  • Safe driver discount.
  • SmartMiles pay-per-mile insurance program.
  • SmartRide usage-based insurance program


We may have found Progressive to offer the cheapest senior car policy rates around, but the company doesn ’ metric ton do much otherwise to reward older drivers for their good demeanor behind the bicycle .
however, seniors who are safe drivers may find lower car insurance rates with Progressive ’ second Snapshot program. This pay-how-you-drive program adjusts your pace based on your driving habits. The safe you drive, the more you can save — with an modal annual savings of $ 146 .

State Farm

State Farm offers several discounts to drivers who want to pay less for cable car insurance. They include :

  • Accident-free discount.
  • Defensive driving course discount.
  • Good driving discount.

For the party ’ second good driver deduction, you need to go three years or more without any moving violations or at-fault accidents .
As for State Farm ’ s defensive drive course deduction, you must take a modify driver safety course .

How to lower your car insurance rates as a senior driver

Three of the best ways to find bum car policy as a aged are to maintain a clean drive phonograph record, change the primary driver on your policy and drop unnecessary coverage .

Maintain a clean driving record

The cleaner your force record, the lower your car insurance premium, in most cases. Your driving history is one forecaster used to determine your indemnity quote estimate .
Purchasing a modern car equipped with safety features often makes your car insurance premium go down. Why ? Those features protect you from injury and death, and that protects your policy supplier from having to pay out expensive claims .

Change the primary driver on your policy

Older drivers who normally have their children or person else drive them around should consider changing the primary coil driver on their policies. This can help reduce car insurance rates, depending on the other driver ‘s age and force commemorate .
typically, your indemnity rates decrease as you age because you accumulate more experience and become less hazardous to insurers. however, rates typically start to increase slightly after you turn 65 .

Change the primary driver on your policy

Older drivers who normally have their children or person else drive them around should consider changing the primary driver on their policies. This can help reduce car policy rates, depending on the other driver ‘s age and drive record .

Drop unnecessary coverage

While about all drivers need to have liability indemnity, you may not need collision or comprehensive coverage. If you drive an old or low-value car, getting rid of these optional types of coverage, or lowering your coverage limits, could make cable car policy a fortune more low-cost for you .
additionally, seniors who don ’ thyroxine plan to drive much or who intend to use their cars occasionally can potentially obtain a low-mileage discount. Plus, by limiting how much you drive annually, you might qualify for a lower rate .
If you don ’ thymine drive much, you may save money on your car indemnity coverage if you increase your deductible. By increasing your deductible, you ’ ll decrease your monthly premium. You ’ ll give more out of pouch for repairs if you go this route, though, then keep that in heed .
Shop around for senior discounts
many major car policy companies offer discounts for retire drivers or drivers over a certain age. You can besides get a discount rate at some insurers if you are over the old age of 55 and complete a defensive drive run, though the savings measure may vary by state.

For more about discounts offered to senior drivers, read our article : cable car insurance Discounts for Retired and Senior Drivers .


The average rates highlighted in this article are based on quotes for 65-, 70- and 75-year-old male drivers with clean driving records, using a 2012 Honda Accord LX, in all 50 states and the District of Columbia. The minimum coverage varies by each express ‘s individual policy requirements. however, in instances where we discuss a full-coverage policy, coverage limits are 100/300/100 with $ 500 deductibles for collision and comprehensive coverages . LLC has made every attempt to ensure that the information on this web site is chastise, but we can not guarantee that it is detached of inaccuracies, errors, or omissions. All contentedness and services provided on or through this site are provided “ as is ” and “ as available ” for use. LLC makes no representations or warranties of any kind, express or implied, as to the operation of this site or to the data, content, materials, or products included on this locate. You expressly agree that your use of this site is at your sole gamble .

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