Getting bum car indemnity depends on your driving history and coverage limits. The most low-cost insurance company for full coverage, state minimum coverage and drivers with speeding tickets in Seattle is GEICO. The cheapest insurance company for military families is USAA. MoneyGeek found the best insurance company that balances customer service and cost in Seattle is Hartford .iconribbon best car insurance Seattle


The Cheapest and Best Car Insurance in Seattle

The Cheapest Car Insurance Companies in Seattle

In Seattle, you can find the lowest median rates for full coverage cable car indemnity from the be providers :

  • GEICO: $809 per year
  • PEMCO: $848 per year

If you are a current or early military extremity, you can opt to purchase cheaper coverage from USAA, which offers the lowest wax coverage rates in the city at $ 655 per year. Metlife is the most expensive insurance company in Seattle and charges $ 1,757 more per class than GEICO for the same coverage. A full coverage car policy policy costs more because it includes comprehensive examination and collision policy with higher indebtedness limits. however, your actual cost may vary based on your coverage needs and profile .

Cheapest Car Insurance in Seattle

Full Coverage 100/300/100

  • company 100/300/100

    per year

  • 1 .USAA


  • 2 .GEICO


  • 3. PEMCO


  • 4 .Progressive


  • 5 .State Farm


  • 6 .Allstate


  • 7. Allied


  • 8 .Travelers


  • 9 .American Family


  • 10 .Farmers


  • 11 .MetLife


Based on MoneyGeek ‘s methodology, the rates in this study were determined using a sample distribution 40-year-old male driver with a full coverage car policy policy in Seattle. Full coverage car policy is more costly than minimum coverage, although it provides more protection after an at-fault accident. The higher cost is a consequence of the following two extra types of coverage :

  • Collision Coverage: This insurance covers the damage to your car after an at-fault accident.
  • Comprehensive Coverage: Covers the cost of repairing your damaged car if the cause is not accident-related.

Full coverage indemnity may cost more than the value of your car if you have an older vehicle. consequently, you may decide to purchase cable car indemnity with depleted rates, such as liability-only policy or a policy that merely meets the state ’ s minimum requirements. Loading …

Cheapest Car Insurance in Seattle for Minimum Coverage

If you want to purchase the cheapest car indemnity policy in Seattle, you can get coverage that only meets the department of state minimum requirements. According to MoneyGeek, the cheapest providers of the express minimum car insurance in the city are, on average :

  • GEICO: $449 per year
  • Progressive: $468 per year

eligible military families can purchase policies from USAA, which costs an average of $ 338 annual. GEICO ’ second average rate is lower than Metlife, the most expensive supplier in Seattle, by $ 1,113 annually. The state minimum car insurance is the cheapest choice available. however, it does not include comprehensive and collision coverage. It besides has lower limits, so you might not have adequate coverage. Check out the table below to compare costs across different liability limits .

Cheapest Minimum Liability Car Insurance in Seattle

state Minimum

  • company State Minimum

    per year

  • 1 .USAA


  • 2 .GEICO


  • 3 .Progressive


  • 4. PEMCO


  • 5 .State Farm


  • 6. Allied


  • 7 .Allstate


  • 8 .Travelers


  • 9 .American Family


  • 10 .Farmers


  • 11 .MetLife


Drivers in Washington need to have cable car insurance with liability limits of 25/50/10. however, policyholders with the minimum coverage will need to pay more out of scoop if an accident occur. For exemplify, if you get involved in an accident and the third-party driver ’ s checkup expenses reach $ 50,000, your minimal car insurance policy will alone cover 50 % of the cost. You will have to pay the rest .

Washington Minimum Liability Requirements

  • detail description
  • Bodily Injury and Property Damage $ 25,000 per person, $ 50,000 per accident and $ 10,000 for property damage. A more protective level is 100/300/100 .

Cheapest Car Insurance in Seattle if You Have Driving Violations

Having a traffic irreverence such as a DUI or speeding ticket can greatly impact the cost of your car insurance. Rates vary by violation character. According to MoneyGeek, the cheapest insurers in Seattle on average if you have a irreverence are :

  • Cheapest after a ticket: GEICO, $809 per year
  • Cheapest after an at-fault accident: PEMCO, $1,149 per year
  • Cheapest after a DUI: State Farm, $1,071 per year

While USAA is the cheapest provider across all violations, it is not listed above since its policies are merely available to military families. even if you have a severe rape, your car insurance rates will go down a your record improves. You can find the lowest prices by comparing costs between different insurers .

Cheapest Car Insurance in Seattle With a Violation

Speeding ticket

  • party Speeding Ticket

    per year

  • 1 .USAA


  • 2 .GEICO


  • 3. PEMCO


  • 4 .State Farm


  • 5 .Allstate


  • 6 .Progressive


  • 7. Allied


  • 8 .Travelers


  • 9 .American Family


  • 10 .Farmers


  • 11 .MetLife


Average Cost of Car Insurance in Seattle







In Seattle, drivers pay an average annual car insurance rate of $ 1,312, which is about 3.8 % more expensive than the average annual premium of $ 1,264 in Washington State. even so, the city ’ south rate is about 7.9 % more low-cost than the national average, which stands at $ 1,424 a year.

Personalized Quotes to Get You the Cheapest Car Insurance in Seattle

There are respective factors that influence cable car policy rates, including your marital status, old age, gender, driving history and credit history. That ’ randomness why it ’ second necessity to get personalize cable car policy quotes in Seattle because your circumstances may be alone to you. regularly getting a quote is besides recommended as you may be eligible for discounts, promos or rebates when your circumstances transfer. Loading …

The Best Car Insurance Companies in Seattle

If you are seeking car policy providers that balance affordability with quality service, MoneyGeek ranked the best insurers in the city to ensure you secure the best policies. From the sketch, the best car policy companies in Seattle for most drivers are :

  • Hartford: MoneyGeek score of 93 out of 100
  • GEICO: MoneyGeek score of 85 out of 100

USAA had the highest MoneyGeek score of 100 out of 100. however, it does not rank as the best overall because it ’ randomness limited to military members and their families. MoneyGeek scored the best insurers using several factors, including customer atonement, fiscal stability and affordability .


score :


5/5 Affordability 5/5 Claims Ratings 5/5 User Satisfaction A++ fiscal Stability



score :


4/5 Affordability 5/5 Claims Ratings 4/5 User Satisfaction A+ fiscal stability 3


score :


4/5 Affordability 2/5 Claims Ratings 3/5 User Satisfaction A++ fiscal stability 4


score :


3/5 Affordability 3/5 Claims Ratings 3/5 User Satisfaction A+ fiscal stability 5

American Family

score :


3/5 Affordability 2/5 Claims Ratings 4/5 User Satisfaction A fiscal stability 6

State Farm

seduce :


3/5 Affordability 3/5 Claims Ratings 3/5 User Satisfaction A fiscal constancy 7


score :


3/5 Affordability 3/5 Claims Ratings 3/5 User Satisfaction A fiscal stability 8


score :


3/5 Affordability 3/5 Claims Ratings 2/5 User Satisfaction A+ fiscal stability 9


score :


2/5 Affordability 3/5 Claims Ratings 3/5 User Satisfaction A fiscal constancy 10

Liberty Mutual

seduce :


3/5 Affordability 3/5 Claims Ratings 2/5 User Satisfaction A fiscal stability 11


grudge :


2/5 Affordability 2/5 Claims Ratings 2/5 User Satisfaction A+ fiscal stability

Average Cost of Car Insurance by Postal Code

devour to the ZIP code, localization matters in how car indemnity companies in Seattle calculate their rates. If your ZIP code has high levels of crime, accidents and larceny, then you ’ ll yield more on premiums. Seattle drivers living in ZIP code 98103 pay the cheapest average annual rate at $ 1,250, which is about $ 184 lower than the car insurance rate in ZIP code 98118 .

  • Zip Code State Minimum

    per year

  • 98103


  • 98115


  • 98133


  • 98125


  • 98118


Factors That Impact Insurance Costs in Seattle

In accession to individual driver needs and history, location-specific factors like the percentage of uninsured motorists and the rate of car thefts besides contribute to car policy rates in Seattle. How Seattle ranks compared to the 300 most populous cities in the United States can have a significant impact on agio costs .accident2 icon Most Accidents With Fatalities


/ 300handcuffs2 icon Most cable car Thefts


/ 300uninsured icon Most uninsured Motorists by State


/ 50insurance2 icon personal Injury Protection Required Norain icon Most annual rain


/ 300umbrella icon Most showery Days


/ 300

Methodology and Assumptions

MoneyGeek ’ south average agio rates for Seattle are based on 100/300/100 comprehensive examination collision coverage with a $ 1,000 deductible for a 40-year-old male driver. The average driver profiled drives a 2010 Toyota Camry LE and has no tickets or accidents on their commemorate. Additional premiums are added based on coverage character, location and drive record. Learn more about MoneyGeek ’ sulfur data and methodology here. About the generator

expert-profileexpert-profile Mark Fitzpatrick is a elder content director with MoneyGeek specializing in indemnity. Mark has years of experience analyzing the insurance market and creating master research and content. He graduated from Boston College with a Bachelor of Arts and Johns Hopkins University with a victor of Arts .

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