How does credit card rental car insurance work?

Credit tease rental car insurance can cover the cost if your rental car is damaged or stolen. For this insurance to apply, you need to pay for the broad monetary value of the rental car with your recognition card and decline the indemnity offered by the lease car ship’s company. accurate terms for car lease policy count on the credit batting order. You can find this information in the usher to benefits .

What does rental car insurance cover?

rental car policy covers damage or larceny. While indemnity coverage varies depending on the credit wag and the card issuer, most credit rating cards with rental car policy have like policies. here are more details on what the distinctive citation card lease indemnity policy covers .

Damage and theft

If the rental fomite is physically damaged or stolen in a cover incident, then credit card rental policy pays the haunt or refilling monetary value. The maximum amount paid out will be either the actual cash measure of the fomite or the policy ‘s coverage maximal, whichever is less.

Towing charges

rental insurance reimburses reasonable and accustomed tow charges to take the fomite to the nearest qualified animate facility after a cover loss .

Loss-of-use charges

rental indemnity covers valid loss-of-use charges incurred by the lease car agency after a cover loss .

Cardholder and authorized drivers

Credit tease rental insurance applies when the cardholder or an authorize driver allowed by the rental agreement is driving the car. Depending on the policy, it may besides cover the cardholder ‘s spouse or domestic partner .

What’s not covered?

Each credit poster rental insurance policy has a list of exclusions. These vary depend on the tease, and there can be quite a few of them. Below, we ‘ve provided some of the most common things that are n’t covered by accredit card rental car insurance .

Liability insurance

citation cards do n’t offer any indebtedness coverage. If you ‘re liable for an accident and anyone is injured, credit card policy wo n’t cover that. In this position, you ‘d need to file a claim with your car indemnity. If you do n’t have car policy, then you may be required to pay for damages yourself .

Long-term rentals

Credit card rental policy only covers short-run rentals. Most policies only cover vehicle rentals that do n’t exceed and are n’t intended to exceed either 30 days or 31 days, with the demand prison term frame depending on the tease. This means if you rent a car for two months, your credit rating card ‘s rental indemnity probable would n’t cover it at all, because your rental menstruation exceeds the maximal time frame .

Certain types of vehicles

limited types of vehicles normally are n’t covered by credit cards with car rental indemnity. Examples of vehicle types that are excluded from most policies include :

  • Expensive and exotic vehicles
  • Antique automobiles
  • Motorcycles
  • Large-capacity vehicles, such as cargo vans or recreational vehicles
  • Off-road vehicles

Violations of the rental car agreement

If you violate the rental policy, this can void your car rental insurance. One of the most common violations is letting person who is n’t an authorized driver on the lease agreement use the car .

Leases and vehicle sharing agreements

Credit card policy strictly covers reservations with lease car companies. It does n’t apply to lease agreements or rentals made through any type of fomite sharing or peer-to-peer rental service.

Primary and secondary rental car insurance explained

credit cards with lease car indemnity offer either primary or secondary coverage. here ‘s how each type of rental car coverage works :

  • Primary coverage: You can file a claim directly to your credit card rental insurance. You don’t need to file with any other insurance policy you have, such as auto insurance or travel insurance.
  • Secondary coverage: If you have any other insurance policy that would cover the incident, you need to file a claim with that insurance provider first. Secondary coverage only kicks in for eligible expenses that aren’t already covered by your other insurance.

primary coil coverage is helpful because it allows you to file a single claim, whereas secondary coverage frequently requires filing multiple claims to different insurance providers. It can besides help you avoid paying a deductible or seeing your insurance rates increase. If you want primary rental car coverage, Chase credit cards are a good invest to start, as several of them offer it. LEARN MORE: Chase Freedom Cards Rental Car Insurance and Chase Sapphire Cards Rental Car indemnity secondary coverage is much more common among credit cards with rental car insurance. Although it ‘s not vitamin a adept as primary indemnity coverage, it ‘s adequate for some consumers. Of the major batting order issuers, American Express is one that offers rental car insurance* on many of its cards. LEARN MORE: American Express Cards Rental Car insurance

How to pick the best credit card for rental car insurance

If lease car coverage is one of the most important credit batting order features for you, it ‘s worth reviewing the details of each batting order ‘s insurance policy. here are the items to look for to find a card that fits your needs .

  • Type of coverage: See whether the card offers primary or secondary rental car insurance. Not everybody needs a card with primary coverage, but it is a notable advantage.
  • Restricted areas: Credit card rental car insurance works outside the United States, but there may be certain countries that are excluded. If you frequently rent a car while traveling abroad, make sure to check for any geographic restrictions on a card’s rental insurance.
  • Coverage limits: Some credit cards offer higher rental coverage limits than others. This might be an important factor if you often rent expensive cars.

now, there ‘s a good find you ‘ll find many cards with a rental insurance policy that works for you. In that font, here are some early factors that could help you with choosing a credit batting order : Travel benefits: Most of the recognition cards with cable car rental indemnity are travel citation cards. These frequently have extra benefits that can come in handy on your trips, such as outgo credit towards travel purchases or airport lounge access. READ MORE: Best Travel Rewards Credit Cards

Keep in mind you do n’t need to get a travel batting order just because you want rental car insurance. Although there are n’t arsenic many cash back credit cards that offer lease coverage, some of them do. Annual fee: There are recognition cards with rental cable car insurance at every price indicate, from no annual fee cards to cards costing over $ 500 per year. Cards with higher annual fees normally have more perks, so it ‘s all a matter of how much you ‘re will to pay and the features you want. Rewards: The best credit cards typically offer rewards on your purchases. Depending on the rewards program, a card could earn cash back, miles that are redeemable for exempt airfare, rewards you can use for hotel stays, or compromising points that offer multiple redemption options .

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