Your historic period, driving history, prefer coverage limits and credit mark affects your annual premium. Although GEICO offers the cheap car policy in Florida for the average driver, what is most low-cost for you may be different. If you have a DUI or a rush ticket on your drive record, you may find cheaper rates from State Farm. For military families, USAA is besides an low-cost option .iconribbon brassy car insurance

Florida 2022

The Cheapest Car Insurance in Florida

Cheapest Minimum Liability Car Insurance in Florida

The cheapest car policy in Florida is a indebtedness coverage policy that meets the express ’ randomness minimum car indemnity requirements. This policy only covers the other driver ‘s costs in an at-fault accident and not your own expenses. The cheapest car insurance companies in Florida for minimal coverage are :

  • GEICO: $590 per year
  • Allstate: $1,034 per year

USAA is actually the cheapest car policy for military and veterans and costs roughly $ 406 per year. however, it is alone available to former and current military members. The most expensive car policy for minimum coverage is progressive, at $ 1,564 per year on average .

Cheapest Minimum Car Insurance in Florida
  • company annually monthly
  • 1 .USAA $ 406 $ 34
  • 2 .GEICO $ 590 $ 49
  • 3 .Allstate $ 1,034 $ 86
  • 4. Allied $ 1,056 $ 88
  • 5 .State Farm $ 1,085 $ 90
  • 6 .Travelers $ 1,120 $ 93
  • 7 .MetLife $ 1,175 $ 98
  • 8 .Mercury $ 1,356 $ 113
  • 9 .Progressive $ 1,564 $ 130

These prices are only estimates based on rates for an median Florida driver and should not be used to compare insurance prices. Loading …moneygeek-logo Loading …

Cheapest Full Coverage Car Insurance in Florida

A broad coverage policy in Florida with higher liability limits and comprehensive examination and collision indemnity can protect you against accidents that happen on and off the road. It costs more than minimal coverage, but it shields against the cost of damages to your fomite, not barely others. To find the cheapest full coverage rates, comparison car indemnity quotes from multiple providers. The most low-cost car indemnity carriers in Florida for wide coverage car indemnity are :

  • GEICO: $1,337 per year
  • State Farm: $1,867 per year

USAA is the cheapest option and costs an average of $ 940 per year, but it is only available to erstwhile and current military members. progressive charges the most for broad coverage indemnity in Florida, with average annually costs of $ 2,728 .

Cheapest Full Coverage Car Insurance in Florida
  • party annually monthly
  • 1 .USAA $ 940 $ 78
  • 2 .GEICO $ 1,337 $ 111
  • 3 .State Farm $ 1,867 $ 156
  • 4 .MetLife $ 2,014 $ 168
  • 5 .Allstate $ 2,298 $ 192
  • 6 .Travelers $ 2,335 $ 195
  • 7. Allied $ 2,365 $ 197
  • 8 .Mercury $ 2,720 $ 227
  • 9 .Progressive $ 2,728 $ 227

Please note that your premiums will be different than these examples. The prices listed above are for a policy with comprehensive and collision policy and $ 100,000 in bodily injury indebtedness coverage per person, $ 300,000 in bodily wound liability coverage per accident and $ 100,000 in property damage coverage per accident.

How to Compare Cheap Florida Car Insurance Quotes Online

Most indemnity companies will allow you to get a sanely accurate quote on their web site. You should ideally determine the amount of coverage you need so that you can compare insurers with consistent limits. For example, if you get a quote from one insurance company for $ 100,000 in bodily injury liability policy, you should ensure to use the same number when comparing quotes with another carrier. You can get an estimate of how much car policy in Florida costs by inputting your zip up code into MoneyGeek ’ second car indemnity calculator. For a personalized quotation mark, you ’ ll be asked to provide more specific information. USAA, GEICO and Allstate are the three cheapest carriers in Florida for indebtedness coverage, so we suggest you start your research by comparing their rates .

Auto Insurance Calculator

country Florida historic period 40 drive record scavenge credit score excellent Vehicle Type compendious Vehicle class 2020 Liability Coverage state Min Comprehensive and Collision Insurance none sex female Click the section of the wheel in your monetary value range to see options. low end on average high end Click your prefer monetary value range to see party options. Click an insurance company below to visit their reappraisal page or continue to your individualized quotation. ship’s company average annual Rates 1 .USAA $ 393 2 .GEICO $ 586

Cheapest Car Insurance for Drivers With a DUI in Florida

Florida drivers with a severe driving misdemeanor in their history, such as driving under the influence ( DUI ), are considered “ high gamble ” by insurers and are consequently charged higher rates. The average cost of cable car insurance for drivers with a DUI in Florida is $ 3,763 per year, compared to $ 2,208 for a driver with a clean record. The cheapest car policy for a driver with a DUI and wax coverage in Florida are :

  • State Farm: $2,018 per year
  • Allstate: $2,929 per year

USAA costs $ 1,715 per year but is entirely available to former and current military members. Although GEICO is the second cheap insurance company for Florida drivers with a houseclean record, State Farm has lower rates for those with a DUI .

Average Car Insurance Rates With a DUI
  • ship’s company annually monthly
  • 1 .USAA $ 1,715 $ 143
  • 2 .State Farm $ 2,018 $ 168
  • 3 .Allstate $ 2,929 $ 244
  • 4 .GEICO $ 2,963 $ 247
  • 5 .Progressive $ 3,543 $ 295
  • 6 .Travelers $ 4,463 $ 372
  • 7 .MetLife $ 4,687 $ 391
  • 8 .Mercury $ 4,712 $ 393
  • 9. Allied $ 4,790 $ 399

According to the Centers for Disease Control ( CDC ), there were 7,573 car crashes in Florida involving a drink driver between 2009 and 2018, a pace higher than the national average. Florida imposes rigid penalties for people convicted of driving under the influence. such penalties include jail time, fines and fees, license suspension and a compulsory ignition interlock device — not to mention increased car indemnity rates. If you have a DUI on your criminal record in Florida, it ‘s important to maintain safe driving habits and workshop around for car coverage to find the lowest rates. Florida maintains some of the strictest DUI laws in the country. People found guilty of driving under the influence can have the DUI remain visible in their records for 75 years. Individuals with a DUI should contact many different policy agencies to find the best pace. While there are long-run costs of a DUI, you can work to improve your drive record over time to lower costs.

Cheapest Car Insurance in Florida for Drivers With an At-Fault Accident

Having violations in your drive record can significantly affect the cost of cable car policy in Florida. A driver with a clean record pays an average of $ 2,208 per year for car policy. In comparison, your rate increases to $ 3,021 annually if you have at-fault accidents on your record. The companies offering the cheapest cable car policy in Florida for drivers with at-fault accidents are :

  • GEICO: $1,859 per year
  • State Farm: $2,170 per year

USAA offers the cheap policy at $ 1,225 per year, but these are entirely available to present and erstwhile military members and their families .

Cheapest Car Insurance With an At-Fault Accident
  • company per annum monthly
  • 1 .USAA $ 1,225 $ 102
  • 2 .GEICO $ 1,859 $ 155
  • 3 .State Farm $ 2,170 $ 181
  • 4 .MetLife $ 2,750 $ 229
  • 5 .Allstate $ 3,043 $ 254
  • 6. Allied $ 3,245 $ 270
  • 7 .Travelers $ 3,294 $ 275
  • 8 .Progressive $ 4,549 $ 379
  • 9 .Mercury $ 5,055 $ 421

Cheapest Car Insurance for Drivers With Tickets in Florida

policy companies charge Florida drivers with even minor driving violations in their history, such as tickets, higher rates than those with a clean drive record. In this state, a driver with a record rush slate needs to pay an average annual pace of $ 2,902 for their car policy coverage, compared to $ 2,208 for a driver without any tickets. The least expensive car insurers in Florida for a driver with a speed ticket and full moon coverage are :

  • State Farm: $2,018 per year
  • Allstate: $2,298 per year

USAA is the most low-cost option, costing approximately $ 1,039 per year, but it is available to former and stream military members. state farm has lower rates for those with a speeding tag on their record than GEICO, the second bum provider for drivers with a clean record .

Average Car Insurance Rates With a Ticket
  • company per annum monthly
  • 1 .USAA $ 1,039 $ 87
  • 2 .State Farm $ 2,018 $ 168
  • 3 .Allstate $ 2,298 $ 192
  • 4 .GEICO $ 2,360 $ 197
  • 5 .MetLife $ 2,384 $ 199
  • 6. Allied $ 3,044 $ 254
  • 7 .Travelers $ 3,228 $ 269
  • 8 .Progressive $ 3,935 $ 328
  • 9 .Mercury $ 3,950 $ 329

Whether using a cellular telephone, fishing for items in your car or fiddle with the radio receiver, distracted drive has real consequences. The Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles uses a points-based system for punish drivers. Those who get tickets may incur points on their drive record, causing their car indemnity rate to increase. If you have points on your license, be certain to seek out several car insurance quotes to find the best rate for you. Distracted drive can be dearly-won, resulting in not only more expensive car insurance rates but besides higher rates of heedless drive and crashes. The measure your policy bounty rises depends on the badness of your misdemeanor and the number of points on your criminal record. Those who get more than 12 points in a year, for case, receive a 30-day pause. If you have points on your license, seek out respective car indemnity quotes to find the best pace for you.

Cheapest Car Insurance Companies in Florida for Drivers With Bad Credit

Drivers with broken credit scores in Florida give more costly premiums than those with high credit scores. The average cost of car insurance for drivers with inadequate credit in Florida is $ 4,371 per class, compared to $ 2,208 for the average driver with thoroughly credit. In Florida, the most low-cost car indemnity companies for a driver with poor credit and full coverage are :

  • GEICO: $2,413 per year
  • State Farm: $3,343 per year

USAA has the best rates, costing approximately $ 2,303 per year, but only offers these to early and current military members. These two insurers besides offer the cheapest wide coverage policy for drivers with healthy credit .

Average Car Insurance Rates for Drivers With Bad Credit
  • party annually monthly
  • 1 .USAA $ 2,303 $ 192
  • 2 .GEICO $ 2,413 $ 201
  • 3 .State Farm $ 3,343 $ 279
  • 4. Allied $ 3,436 $ 286
  • 5 .Travelers $ 4,125 $ 344
  • 6 .Allstate $ 4,294 $ 358
  • 7 .Progressive $ 4,399 $ 367
  • 8 .Mercury $ 5,545 $ 462
  • 9 .MetLife $ 7,396 $ 616

Florida ranks 37th in the nation regarding credit scores, with an average credit mark of 694. According to Experian, any credit score below 670 is considered a bad one. flush though a less-than-ideal credit can impact your insurance premiums, there are many ways to improve your credit grudge. even though a less-than-ideal credit score can impact your insurance agio, there are many ways to improve your recognition score. Changes won ’ triiodothyronine happen nightlong, but positive changes can happen over clock.

Cheapest Car Insurance in Florida for Seniors

car insurance for seniors is slenderly more expensive than it is for new adult and middle-aged drivers. On average, senior drivers in Florida pay $ 2,325 annually for their car indemnity, compared to $ 2,208 for the average non-senior driver. The cheapest car policy providers in Florida for senior drivers with full coverage are :

  • GEICO: $1,304 per year
  • State Farm: $1,787 per year

USAA offers rates at roughly $ 1,072 per year, but these are alone available to erstwhile and stream military members. These carriers besides offer the cheapest full coverage for the average 40-year-old adult driver .

Average Car Insurance Rates for Seniors
  • ship’s company per annum monthly
  • 1 .USAA $ 1,072 $ 89
  • 2 .GEICO $ 1,304 $ 109
  • 3 .State Farm $ 1,787 $ 149
  • 4 .MetLife $ 2,107 $ 176
  • 5 .Allstate $ 2,288 $ 191
  • 6 .Travelers $ 2,370 $ 198
  • 7. Allied $ 2,501 $ 208
  • 8 .Mercury $ 3,073 $ 256
  • 9 .Progressive $ 3,168 $ 264

even seniors who possess a perfective drive criminal record may still see their car policy premiums rise over time, specially if they don ’ t have the right coverage for their current senesce group. While policy costs may increase with age, comparing car insurance companies and rates can help seniors find competitive premiums and discounts. Factors that may reduce the luck of finding bum car insurance for seniors in Florida include their age, how much they drive, the type of car they own and if they possess a clean drive record. You can find ways to protect yourself and others on the road, but it may take a bit of excess inquiry to find the best rates, specially for senior drivers.

Cheapest Car Insurance in Florida for Young Drivers

car policy companies find young drivers more probably to file claims. This makes them riskier to insure, resulting in higher premiums. For example, car insurance for a 16-year-old driver costs an average of $ 4,763 per class. In comparison, a 25-year-old driver pays an average of $ 2,148 per annum for a policy with alike coverage. MoneyGeek studied the available policies for drivers between 16 to 25 in Florida. We found that GEICO offers the bum indemnity for young drivers within this range .

Annual Car Insurance In Florida for Young Drivers

coil for moreswipe icon

  • old age modal cost Cheapest company company cost
  • 16




  • 17




  • 18




  • 19




  • 20




  • 21




  • 22




  • 23




  • 24




  • 25




Florida allows for talking on a cell call while driving and does not limit the issue of passengers fresh drivers can have in their vehicle with them. Cathy Chase, vice president of the united states of governmental affairs at Advocates for Highway and Auto Safety, finds these facts troubling. “ adolescent drivers are far more likely to be involved in black crashes because they lack driving experience and tend to take greater risks, ” Chase said. If you have a adolescent, you already know that he or she is expensive to insure. Your adolescent can help maintain cheap car indemnity rates by keeping a clean drive record and by avoiding accidents and moving violations. You can besides check to see if your indemnity company offers discounts for adept grades or for the completion of a driver safety naturally. Florida residents attending college out of submit must maintain personal injury security and place damage indemnity on their fomite if it has been in the country for more than 90 days at any point during the former year. If you ’ ra insuring your child ‘s cable car while they ’ re away at school, you may want to warn them not to lend the car to their friends. You could be liable if there is an accident. consult with your policy company for specific details. More than 815,000 drivers under the long time of 20 presently hold Florida licenses. Of that sum, 36,216 were involved in crashes as a driver during 2018. even the best high school and college-age drivers merely have not been behind the roulette wheel long enough to anticipate everything that can happen while driving. Because of this factor, their car indemnity rates are typically higher. Approximate estimates are given below, but you can ask for individualized quotes to get more accurate figures.

Insurance Rate Information for Military Drivers and Veterans

Florida is home to closely 140,000 active agent, reserve and civilian members of the military. If you are deployed outside the state and wo n’t be driving your car, contact your insurance party to discuss options. Florida law requires policy on all register vehicles, even if they are not presently being driven. Insurers may offer to discount your premiums. USAA, for model, offers cryptic discounts to members who store their vehicles on a military facility. If you can prove your deployment and that you did not drive any civilian vehicles during that prison term, you may be able to temporarily cancel your registration and policy and reinstate it when you return with no penalty. If you ’ re an honorably discharged, disabled veteran with a valid disabled veteran ID card, you are exempt from Florida vehicle license and registration fees .

Average Rates for Florida service members

male 25 years


50 years


female 25 years


50 years


Car Insurance in Florida: What You Need to Know

All vehicles with a valid Florida registration must have insurance coverage. even “ snowbirds ” need Florida vehicle insurance if visiting the state of matter for more than 90 days per class .

Proof of Insurance in Florida

indemnity ID cards must be carried in your cable car at all times and shown to police when requested or after an accident. If you don ’ metric ton comply, the police may issue you a slate for lacking proofread of insurance. The Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles requires insurance companies to electronically report all new or canceled personal wound auspices policies. If your indemnity ship’s company notifies the department that you canceled your policy and seaport ’ triiodothyronine activated a new one, the department will send a notice requiring new indemnity information. If you ’ re unable to prove that you replaced the indemnity without a lapse in coverage, you must pay a reinstatement fee of $ 150 for the first gear offense. If you ca n’t provide proof of indemnity, your driver ‘s license and license plate ( sulfur ) will be suspended for up to three years .

Minimum Liability Insurance Requirements in Florida

Everyone who drives a vehicle in Florida must have at least these minimum levels of coverage :

  • $10,000 Personal Injury Protection (PIP)
  • $10,000 Property Damage Liability (PDL)

Alternatives to Insurance in Florida

Florida residents have a few alternatives to buying policy, but they are more difficult and require extra upfront resources. You can fulfill your fiscal responsibility obligation by :

  • Posting a surety bond
  • Depositing cash or securities with DHSMV
  • Providing the DHSMV with evidence that you have sufficient capital and are self-insuring your vehicle

How Much Coverage Do You Need in Florida?

Although you are entirely command to purchase $ 10,000 in personal injury security and $ 10,000 in property damage indebtedness, experts at the Insurance Information Institute warn that such low levels of coverage are bad because you may wind up having to pay a batch of money out of pocket if you are sued. Experts recommend getting indebtedness insurance of at least $ 100,000 per injury and $ 300,000 per accident. If you own a valuable car, you may want to look into collision and comprehensive indemnity. Collision covers car accidents and collisions with objects like trees or telephone poles, while comprehensive examination policy pays for non-traffic damages caused by fire, larceny and natural disasters, like floods and hurricanes. Given the high rate of uninsured drivers in Florida, you may besides want to consider buying uninsured motorist protection.

Cheapest Car Insurance in Florida by City

Where you live in Florida can impact your annual car insurance premium. Drivers residing in Gainesville pay the lowest rates, spending an average of $ 1,387 per class for full coverage car insurance. In comparison, residents of Hialeah pay the highest rates, spending an average of $ 2,812 per annum for the lapp coverage. You can find more details regarding car policy costs for your sphere by clicking your city .

Average Insurance Rate by City in Florida

scroll for more

  • City annually monthly
  • 1 .Cape Coral $ 1,588 $ 132
  • 2 .Clearwater $ 2,091 $ 174
  • 3 .Fort Lauderdale $ 2,491 $ 208
  • 4 .Gainesville $ 1,387 $ 116
  • 5 .Hialeah $ 2,812 $ 234
  • 6 .Jacksonville $ 1,739 $ 145
  • 7 .Lakeland $ 1,681 $ 140
  • 8 .Miami $ 2,593 $ 216
  • 9 .Miramar $ 2,217 $ 185
  • 10 .Orlando $ 1,862 $ 155
  • 11 .Pembroke Pines $ 2,203 $ 184
  • 12 .Port St. Lucie $ 1,841 $ 153
  • 13 .St. Petersburg $ 2,194 $ 183
  • 14 .Tallahassee $ 1,481 $ 123
  • 15 .Tampa $ 2,546 $ 212

FAQs About Car Insurance in Florida

To help you select the best cable car policy package for your needs, MoneyGeek answered normally asked questions about the best and cheapest car indemnity providers in Florida .

USAA and GEICO offer the lowest rates for liability coverage in Florida. however, USAA serves lone veterans, current military personnel and their families. GEICO ’ sulfur average annual costs are $ 590, or $ 49 per month .

The modal cost of cable car insurance in Florida is about $ 184 per month .

To save on premiums, you can compare quotes from multiple companies and purchase the appropriate coverage for your needs .

The median car insurance policy in Florida costs $ 2,208 per year for 100/300/100 comprehensive and collision policy. however, your rate will vary based on many factors, including your long time, drive record, fomite and recognition score.

Expert Advice on Finding Cheap Car Insurance in Florida

To help you find credible and accurate insight on car insurance in Florida, MoneyGeek received adept advice from trusted professionals. The perspectives and opinions expressed are those of the individual subscriber .

  1. What are the key factors drivers in Florida should look for when searching for the best car insurance coverage ?
  2. What steps can drivers in Florida take to find low-cost car indemnity ?
  3. How perform regulations and rules in Florida affect insurance price and how consumers might shop for coverage ?

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