Temporary Car Insurance Companies Why We Picked It Standout Feature
Nationwide Reputable company with special coverage options Quick to set up coverage
Hagerty Competitive rates for collector cars Extensive classic car knowledge
GEICO Offers the best multiple car coverage Save up to 25% on multi-car discounts
Progressive Best for filing claims from your smartphone 99% of customers get discounts
Allstate Best for low mileage drivers who can save when not driving Only pay for miles driven
dayinsure Best for covering your car temporarily while in Europe Coverage available starting with an hour


What Is temp car insurance ?

irregular car insurance is a specialization type of insurance that is intended to cover your car for a curtly period of clock, anywhere from an hour to a few months. It ’ s an low-cost option that is more elastic than purchasing a even car policy that typically lasts for six months to one year. temp car indemnity gives you the legal coverage you need without the expense and commitment .
Most car indemnity companies don ’ metric ton offer impermanent car insurance policies online. You typically need to contact the ship’s company directly to find out how you can purchase the policy and how a lot it will cost .

What Does temp Car insurance Cover ?

The type of coverage that impermanent car policy provides depends on the state of matter you live in ( or where you need coverage ), the type of policy you choose, and the company offering the policy. typically, though, temp car policy covers liability, comprehensive examination, collision, uninsured motorist, and medical coverage.

You can choose to purchase less coverage, but need to purchase the express or country ’ south minimum requirements .

Who Should Get Temporary Car Insurance ?

You should get temp car insurance if :

  • You want to prevent a lapse in coverage from your main auto policy.
  • You want to insure a collector’s car that you don’t drive daily.
  • You are temporarily driving a car belonging to someone you don’t live with.
  • You’re renting a car and don’t want to purchase insurance from the rental car company.
  • You’re on vacation and want coverage during your trip.
  • You want to insure a car used temporarily for a rideshare.

There are a few instances where irregular car policy might not make sense. For exemplify, you don ’ t want to get temp car insurance if you drive your cable car every day. Temporary insurance besides isn ’ triiodothyronine for you if you ’ re borrowing a car from person in your same family or if you ’ re a college scholar, as a long-run policy will probable be cheaper.

What Does irregular Car indemnity cost ?

The costs of temp car indemnity vary based on respective factors including :

  • How often you drive the car
  • Type of car
  • Driving record
  • Length of coverage
  • Location the car is kept
  • Where and how the car will be driven

irregular insurance is normally a better deal if you need it for less than a calendar month. It may merely cost you a few dollars or $ 100 or so to insure a car temporarily. however, it gets expensive if you use it for more than a month.

How We Chose the Best irregular car indemnity

We researched more than a twelve impermanent indemnity companies before deciding on the top six. We evaluated many factors including the type of coverage, coverage areas, available discounts, and company reputation. We besides considered drug user reviews, average pricing if available, and rest of set up .
It was besides crucial for us to include companies that have been in clientele for a while and provide different types of coverage such as vacation and classic car indemnity .

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