SR-22 insurance international relations and security network ’ t a particular policy product you can get from an insurance company ; it ’ s a form your insurance company is required to file proving you have car insurance that meets your state ’ second minimum requirements. Drivers typically need an SR-22 if they ’ re hitch driving without insurance or a license or if they commit a DUI or other serious dealings trespass. While an SR-22 doesn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate in and of itself mechanically drive up your policy rates, drivers who need an SR-22 often pay more for indemnity because of past driving violations. MoneyGeek found that across the country Progressive is generally the cheapest party for insurance with an SR-22, but the cheapest for you may depend on where you live and the nature of your driving misdemeanor.

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The Companies With the Cheapest SR-22 Insurance Quotes

The price of SR-22 policy will depend on the actual trespass a driver incurred that resulted in the state ask in SR-22. More austere offenses may result in a higher rate. A DUI conviction normally leads to a prerequisite to file an SR-22 or, in states like Florida and Virginia, an FR-44 .

  • USAA is the cheapest car insurance company for drivers with a SR-22 at an an average of $838 per year. But this insurer is only available for current and former military service members, spouses and children.
  • Progressive is the second cheapest insurance provider and it is widely available, with an average annual rate of $1,058 for drivers convicted of a DUI.

These rates represent averages for a minimum coverage policy and don ’ thyroxine include the cost of filing an SR-22, which varies by state of matter but is normally about $ 25.

Cheapest Companies for SR-22 Insurance on Average

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  • company annual Rate
  • 1 .USAA $ 838
  • 2 .Progressive $ 1,058
  • 3 .State Farm $ 1,208
  • 4 .Farmers $ 1,330
  • 5 .GEICO $ 1,354
  • 6 .Nationwide $ 1,461
  • 7 .Allstate $ 1,503
  • 8 .Travelers $ 1,646
  • 9 .MetLife $ 2,859

Loading … Quotes are national averages for car insurance meeting only minimal state requirements for a driver with a DUI, as detailed in MoneyGeek ‘s methodology. If you ’ re required to file an SR-22, you should be indisputable to double-check that your insurance company is willing to file the form on your behalf. While most insurers will agree to file an SR-22 kind for customers, not all companies are volition to insure drivers who require the form. To get the most accurate mental picture of what rates you qualify for, you should only compare insurance quotes across companies you know are will to file for you.

The Companies With the Cheapest SR-22 Insurance in Your State

insurance costs can vary widely depending on the department of state where you live. This means that the cheapest indemnity supplier at the home flat may not be the cheapest in your state. different insurers charge different rates depending on your placement, and they may besides penalize DUIs and other violations differently in each state. MoneyGeek has highlighted the cheapest insurance company in each country for drivers with a DUI irreverence. State Farm is the cheapest company in 21 states, while USAA is the least expensive in 15 states. Because policy depends on your particular situation, including where you live, your age, your driving history and other factors, you should be surely to get personalized quotes from different insurers. Click your department of state below to find more resources on SR-22 filings and policy where you live.

SR-22 Insurance Costs by State

Costs are based on the average rates for a sample distribution driver in a given state buying the minimum car insurance coverage required in that location. In this scenario, the driver has a DUI on their criminal record.

Which Companies Have the Best SR-22 Insurance?

If you ’ re looking to save the most money possible on car insurance, it ’ s a good theme to compare quotes to determine who the cheapest insurance company is. That said, there ’ second more to the best indemnity providers than the rate they quote you. If you ’ re slightly flexible on price, you should besides look for a company with a history of strong customer avail and fiscal stability. This can help ensure that your experience is a positive one if you ever need to make a claim. According to MoneyGeek ’ s research, both USAA and Progressive are potent options based on factors such as affordability for drivers with a DUI on their record, customer atonement, party constancy and customer complaints. USAA received the highest sum MoneyGeek mark at 99, while Progressive was a conclude second gear at 84.

The Best Insurance Companies for SR-22 Insurance

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  • company MoneyGeek Score ( out of 100 ) satisfaction Score ( out of 5 ) Complaints Score ( out of 5 ) stability Score ( out of 5 ) Affordability Score ( out of 5 )
  • USAA






  • Progressive






  • State Farm












  • Farmers Insurance






  • Nationwide






  • Allstate






  • Travelers






What Is an SR-22 and How Does It Affect Your Rates?

An SR-22 is a specific form you may be required to file after committing certain drive violations. While an SR-22 shape won ’ t necessarily raise your policy rates in and of itself, it ’ randomness often associated with violations that dramatically increase your rates, such as a DUI. In most cases, you ’ ll have to ask your policy supplier to file an SR-22 form on your behalf. Most states require an SR-22 form after certain violations. But some states, such as Virginia and Florida, require an FR-44 form, which is a alike form specifically for drivers convicted of DUIs that requires them to secure extra insurance coverage. If you are required to have an SR-22 but don ’ t own a car, you should seek a non-owner car policy policy with an insurance company, which is by and large cheaper than a standard policy .

key Takeaways

carInsurance While much referred to as “ SR-22 policy, ” an SR-22 refers to a shape an insurance company must file on your behalf .insurance2 The SR-22 shape proves to the submit that you are meeting indemnity requirements for minimal coverage .car2 You may need to file one after severe driving violations or reprise offenses of minor violations.

How Will an SR-22 Affect Your Car Insurance Rates?

An SR-22 form doesn ’ t immediately affect your rates. But it ’ south much associated with violations that significantly increase the cost of car policy, and the badness of the misdemeanor will ultimately determine how much of an impact it has on your rates. For example, the average cost of a minimum coverage cable car policy policy is $ 728 per annum, while a minimal coverage car policy policy for a driver with a DUI averages $ 1,485. Full coverage policies are typically more expensive .

  • State with the highest cost for minimum coverage policies with an SR-22: Michigan, $9,991
  • State with the lowest cost for minimum coverage policies with an SR-22: Wyoming, $528
  • State with the highest cost for full coverage policies with an SR-22: Michigan, $13,684
  • State with the lowest cost of full coverage policies with an SR-22: Maine, $956

The numbers listed above are averages, and individual car policy companies may penalize drivers less or more for a DUI rape. policy with a necessitate SR-22 shape may cost less for more minor infractions.

Average Annual Rate Change With an SR-22

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  • state minimal Coverage Clean Record minimum Coverage SR-22 Full Coverage Clean Record Full Coverage SR-22
  • Alabama





  • Alaska





  • Arizona





  • Arkansas





  • California





  • Colorado





  • Connecticut





  • Delaware





  • Florida





  • Georgia





  • Hawaii





  • Idaho





  • Illinois





  • Indiana





  • Iowa





  • Kansas





  • Kentucky





  • Louisiana





  • Maine





  • Maryland





  • Massachusetts





  • Michigan





  • Minnesota





  • Mississippi





  • Missouri





  • Montana





  • Nebraska





  • Nevada





  • New Hampshire





  • New Jersey





  • New Mexico





  • New York





  • North Carolina





  • North Dakota





  • Ohio





  • Oklahoma





  • Oregon





  • Pennsylvania





  • Rhode Island





  • South Carolina





  • South Dakota





  • Tennessee





  • Texas





  • Utah





  • Vermont





  • Virginia





  • Washington





  • Washington, D.C.





  • West Virginia





  • Wisconsin





  • Wyoming





Which Companies Offer SR-22 Filing? How Do You Get an SR-22?

While most major insurance companies will file an SR-22 form on your behalf, not all of them do, and you should check with your insurance company to make certain it ’ mho something they offer. Getting an insurance company to file an SR-22 class for you is by and large a straightforward process, with a cost of around $ 25 to file the shape. major insurance companies that do file SR-22 forms include :

  • State Farm
  • Allstate
  • USAA
  • MetLife

There are a few steps you need to take if your state requires you to file an SR-22 shape after a drive irreverence .

  1. Contact your insurer or find an insurer who will file an SR-22. There are typically filing deadlines, so it’s best to do this step as quickly as possible.
  2. Pay the fee (usually around $25).
  3. The insurer will file an SR-22 form with your state on your behalf.
  4. Prepare for higher rates than before.

FAQs About Filing an SR-22 for Car Insurance

hush have questions ? We gathered the most common questions about SR-22 filings and policy providers to simplify the process .

The cheapest insurance company for person with an SR-22 will vary depending on where you live and other personal factors. At the national level, the most low-cost company is USAA, with an average annual bounty of $ 838 .

insurance that requires an SR-22 form after a DUI costs an average of $ 1,485 per year. That ’ s an increase of $ 758 per annum over a driver with a clean force record .

While USAA has the best rates nationally when it comes to indemnity with an SR-22 form, the best policy is about more than price. You want to look for a ship’s company with low-cost rates, excellent customer overhaul and fiscal constancy .

It ’ second flying and easy to apply for indemnity on-line. To ensure you get the best possible pace, compare quotes from several different policy providers .

Companies that offer insurance for drivers who require an SR-22 form include State Farm, GEICO, Allstate, USAA and MetLife. If you ’ rhenium not sure if your insurance provider offers coverage for drivers with an SR-22, you should contact them directly.


MoneyGeek analyzed car policy premiums from lead policy companies across the country in partnership with Quadrant. Quotes were gathered for policies that meet the state ’ south minimum coverage requirements for a driver with a DUI on his record that is frankincense required to file an SR-22. Drivers may have to file an SR-22 after any good drive irreverence or repeated offenses. Data on this page is entirely for a sample driver who has been convicted of a DUI.

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