For parents, the exhilaration of having a first-time driver in the sign of the zodiac is normally tempered with worry. With little driving experience, green drivers are at a higher risk for accidents. Of course, base hit concern is uppermost in most parents ‘ minds but early stressors—like the high cost of insuring your new driver and the fiscal liability implications of a adolescent drive mishap—can be reduced with these steps .

Before getting a learners permit, make a call to your insurance professional

Your agent or rep can clearly explain the costs involved in insuring a adolescent driver. The good news is, as your adolescent gets older, policy rates will drop—providing he or she has a good driving record. Therefore…

Involve your teen in the car insurance discussion

From the beginning, it ‘s important to talk to your child about the relationship between driving a car and the attendant responsibilities, including indemnity costs. Explain and reinforce driving safety tips and the serious consequences of driving infractions or accidents, including increasing the price of insurance .

Encourage positive behaviors

car insurers offer discounts or reduced premiums to :

  • Students who maintain at least a “B” average in school
  • Teens who take a recognized driver training course
  • College students who attend school at least 100 miles away from home and don’t bring their car to campus

Choose the right auto insurance company

It ‘s generally less expensive for parents to add teenagers to their car policy policy than it is for teens to purchase one on their own. By insuring your adolescent ’ south car with your insurance company, you may besides qualify for a multi-vehicle dismiss. That said, indemnity companies differ in how they price policies for young drivers, then do some research into prices to be certain to find the best fit for you and your adolescent .

Assign your teen to the right car

Find out how your insurance company assigns drivers to cars—some insurers will assign the driver who is the most expensive to insure ( broadly the adolescent ) to the car that is the most expensive to insure. If possible, assign your adolescent to the least valuable cable car .
note that with this kind of musical arrangement there can be no exceptions ; your adolescent must use merely the car to which he or she is assigned, even in an emergency. If your adolescent is involved in an accident with an unassigned cable car, penalties could be imposed and your own premiums might increase.

Increase your liability insurance for greater protection

If your adolescent gets into an accident, state minimums for liability insurance will not be enough to fully protect you from lawsuits. Consider purchasing higher amounts of liability coverage—if your adolescent is found negligent in an accident and the damages exceed your policy limits, you will be held financially responsible and could be sued in court for those amounts not covered by your insurance. Depending on the value of your fiscal assets, you may flush want to have the extra protection that a personal umbrella liability policy provides .

Raise your deductible to save on your premium

The higher your deductible, the more money you can save on your premium, so consider raising your deductible from the minimum amount required. You may want to use those savings to increase your liability indemnity.

Next steps: Learn more about insuring your child who ‘s away at school .

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