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Dan Walker graduated with a BS in Administrative Management in 2005 and has been working in his family ’ sulfur insurance agency, FCI Agency, for 15 years ( BBB A+ ). He is licensed as an agent to write property and casualty policy, including home, car, umbrella, and dwelling open fire policy. He ’ mho besides been featured on sites like Reviews.com and Safeco. He reviews subject, ensuring that x …
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Things to remember …

  • The best auto insurance companies use your ZIP code to calculate insurance rates
  • Crime rates and traffic congestion are identified within your ZIP code
  • Where you park your car will impact the cost of insurance and the type of insurance you should have
  • Providing the wrong address for reducing the cost of insurance is a form of insurance fraud

Let ’ s say you ’ ve moved recently. Is a change of address for car policy required ? The short answer is yes .
Though you may not think of it, it ’ randomness important to alert your car policy company whenever you have a change of address. Your rates could change dramatically or not at all, depending on car policy laws .
For low-cost car indemnity rates, enter your ZIP code into our release rate comparison tool. This will give you car policy quotes for a change of address to see if you could save money legally at your new address .

Is using a different address for auto insurance considered fraud?

What happens if I don ’ t change my address on car policy or change it for a better pace ? Regardless of whether your address has changed, your policy address must be your physical one .
Using a different cover is considered a shape of indemnity imposter, according to the National Association of Insurance Commissioners .
This mesa shows how much automobile fraud can end up costing .
Auto Insurance Fraud Statistics

Auto Insurance Fraud Stats Details
Automobile Claim Fraud Cost $5.6 billion-$7.7 billion
States with Highest Car Insurance Fraud Rate – Florida (31%)
– New York (24%)
– Massachusetts (22%)
– Minnesota (22%)
Most Common Type of Car Insurance Fraud Claim Buildup
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Compare RatesStart Now → The penalties for committing insurance fraud change by state of matter but can include captivity and clayey fines .
What happens if you don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate update your address with your car policy company ?
You need to be careful about providing information to the policy company. Everything that you provide needs to be truthful and accurate. If you forgot to update your address on car policy, insurers may not be generous if you get into a car wreck .
You must let the insurance company know. otherwise, you could end up being charged with car policy fraud .

Changing your address with the indemnity company is a bare process. You can make the changes online or over the phone. Either way, it ’ second going to prompt a recalculation of your rates.

Your rates might stay the lapp or go up or down based on your current address versus your new address, angstrom well as where you park your car .

Free Auto Insurance Comparison

enroll your ZIP code below to view companies that have brassy car policy rates .

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Does your ZIP code help determine your auto insurance rates?

Will your pace change if you move ? Does a change of address affect car indemnity, and do you have to tell your car policy caller when you move ?
A change of address for car indemnity could mean a transfer in your rates. even an in-state move could affect your rates .
When dealing with a reputable policy company such as GEICO, change address instructions are key to remaining in good standing .
Why does an address change have the likely to increase your indemnity rates ? insurance companies need to know what your travel rapidly code is because it is used to determine a count of statistics, including :

  • Crime rate within your area
  • The number of accidents that occur on a regular basis

Will my car insurance go up if I move to a new house ?

If you change your address within the like ZIP code, it probably isn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate going to have a significant impingement on your premium .

however, you calm need to update the address with the insurance company so you can continue to receive any data the party sends regarding your policy, etc .
Some indemnity companies put more meaning on your address than others. It ’ randomness important to get quotes from multiple policy companies, particularly if you live in an area with a higher crime rate or a lot of traffic congestion .

Does where you park influence your auto insurance rates?

Where you park your cable car is an important factor when calculating car indemnity. Some of the different places you might park include :

  • On the road
  • In the driveway
  • In a secure parking garage
  • In your attached home garage

Each localization has its pros and cons. indemnity companies will look at the risk of your car being stolen or damaged where it is parked. Parking garages and home garages are among the safest places for your car to be .

If you park on the road or in a driveway, your car is exposed to the elements, and it is besides easier for person to break into the cable car or steal it .

You might besides want to include uninsured motorist coverage on your policy to protect against hit-and-runs. If you come out and find that your cable car has been rear-end or the side view mirror has been broken off, you will want this coverage to be able to file a title .
When you change address for car policy, insurance companies are going to ask you where you park. If you are parking in a unlike spot than where you used to park, it could either aid or hurt your indemnity premiums .
For example, if you previously parked on the street and are immediately parking in a garage, you could end up saving you money on your rates .

Frequently Asked Questions: What happens if I change my address for auto insurance?

inactive have questions about what happens to your car insurance when you change your address ? Read these frequently asked questions for more .

#1 – How many days do I have to report a change of address for auto insurance?

As we already noted, changing your address when go is important to ensure you aren ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate committing policy imposter. You have 30 days to update your change of address for your car insurance and your driver ’ south license and registration for most states .

#2 – Do I have to change auto insurance if I move out-of-state?

You can ’ t have an car policy policy in one state while you live in another. You normally have 30 days to change your driver ’ mho license, registration, and car indemnity from the date you move in .
Your new state may besides have different insurance requirements, so you ’ ll indigence to find out what you ’ re required to carry to legally drive. You will besides need to contact your local anesthetic DMV for an update license and vehicle registration .

#3 – Why does a change of address make my auto insurance higher?

Moving to a raw address in a different country, or even a different city, can lead to an increase in your indemnity premium rate .
several factors can determine your rate alteration, including your drive read, laws and regulations in your modern state, your historic period, and your drive usage history can determine rate adjustments .

#4 – Can I live in one state and have auto insurance in another?

Can you have car insurance from a different state than the department of state you live in ? No, you must change your information over to the state you live in to avoid having the wrong cover on your car insurance policy. Your car indemnity address can not be unlike than your home address .

#5 – How do I switch auto insurance if I move out of state?

Find the lowest rates possible by comparing car insurance quotes, no matter where you ’ ve moved.

#6 – Do insurance companies require address verification?

You will normally only need to provide confirmation of your savoir-faire if the cover you provide to the indemnity ship’s company doesn ’ triiodothyronine match the address on other paperwork ( like your credit report ) .

#7 – What if you have a dual residence?

If you live in both residences or keep a vehicle stored at your second residence, you ’ ll need policies for both locations .
If you ’ re ready to buy car indemnity after changing your address, enter your ZIP code into our free instrument to start comparing car insurance rates for a change of address nowadays .

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