It is obligatory for all cars in the Netherlands to have at least third party liability car insurance ( ‘ wettelijke aansprakelijkheid ’ or WA ). early drive insurance : fire, larceny, vandalism is optional .
vehicle car insurance in the Netherlands - expatINFOholland insurance companies follow a organization of ‘ no claims bonus ’, which means that drivers with fewer claims pay less than drivers who have made more claims. Foreign cars may be insured with Dutch policy brokers/banks if they are registered or in the process of being registered in the Netherlands .
In the consequence of an accident, each person involved must fill in a claim report and send it to their respective indemnity company. The form used is the same for every insurance ship’s company and it is advised to keep a form in the vehicle at all times. The insurance documents must be carried in the car .

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In the Netherlands, the weight of a car will be taken into account when the premium is calculated. Discounts for “ no claims ” practice, although proof of this will be required in the shape of a previous insurance document. Unlike in some early EU states, a person must be a nonmigratory of the Netherlands to purchase car indemnity.

Drivers are exempt to choose their own insurance company .
In the Netherlands, it is mandatary for vehicles to be insured for third party liability. The owner of the car insures the vehicle and is held responsible for any damage it causes, regardless of the driver at the time of the accident .
There are three car insurance plans in the Netherlands…

  • Third party/liability (Wettelijke Aansprakelijkheidsverzekering or ‘WA’): obligatory insurance covering damage to third parties.
  • Restricted comprehensive cover (WA + mini casco or ‘WB’): covers damages such as fire, explosions, lightning, theft, storm and broken windscreens.
  • Comprehensive cover (Casco/Volledig casco or ‘WC’): contains restricted comprehensive cover and claims on damage by collision and damage caused by violence.

What the insurance party will need…

  • The car’s licence plate number
  • A registered address for the owner
  • Bank details for direct debit
  • Any relevant customs paperwork (if the expat is importing a vehicle from outside the European Union)

What the car policy caller should provide…

  • Policy
  • European accident statement form
  • Green card
  • Directions for how to make an insurance claim

Contact the agent ’ randomness claim call center or submit a claim on-line. When calling it is crucial to have the policy count at hand american samoa well as details of the consequence ( damage or accident and reach details of any early drivers and cars involved ). Submit the completed claim form ; in the Netherlands there is no time deadline .

dutch CAR indemnity COMPANIES

hera are some of the most popular car insurance companies in the Netherlands…

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