What bothers people most about your insurer?

Customers at all 10 insurers were most likely to gripe about a claims-related consequence, but not every insurance company had the like distribution. About three-quarters of complaints directed at Geico deal with claims, typically with claims delays and unsatisfactory colonization offers .
conversely, Chubb customers were much less likely to complain about a claims publish. only 43 % of complaints made about that insurance company involved claims. alternatively, customers said they were n’t happy with the sales and market process. “ Misrepresentation ” of coverage offerings was the unmarried most coarse complaint among Chubb customers, and Chubb received more complaints regarding this emergence than any other insurance company we looked at .
NAIC Complaints - Companies

Most common insurance-related complaints among the top ten American insurers


Single most common complaint

Allstate Delays
Farmers Unsatisfactory settlement/offer
Chubb Misrepresentation
Geico Delays
Liberty Mutual Adjuster handling
Nationwide Denial of claim
Progressive Unsatisfactory settlement/offer
State Farm Unsatisfactory settlement/offer
Travelers Unsatisfactory settlement/offer

Which companies have the least (and most) complaints?

While customers may find a act of reasons to be dissatisfied with their insurance company, what matters most to consumers is how frequently an insurance company receives a complaint at all. That ‘s where the NAIC ‘s Complaint Index comes in : It compares the number of complaints an insurance company has received with its size .
When controlling for size, Nationwide has the fewest complaints among exceed insurers for car indemnity, and Chubb has the fewest complaints for family policy .
Nationwide has a Complaint Index for car policy of 0.43. That means nationally car policy customers are only 43 % as probably to file a complaint as they would at another insurance company .
And for home indemnity, Chubb has a dwelling policy Complaint Index of just 0.15. Chubb customers entirely file complaints 15 % american samoa frequently as customers of a distinctive company.

On the early hand, early insurers did n’t fare vitamin a well. Liberty common cable car indemnity customers are 96 % as probably to file complaints as a distinctive policy customer — which however beats the national modal .
And for home insurance, Allstate had a national Complaint Index of 1.2 — that ‘s worse than the average insurance company nationally .


Auto Complaint Index

Home Complaint Index

Allstate Corp. 0.6 1.2
Chubb 0.51 0.15
Farmers 0.86 0.34
Geico 0.81 –*
Liberty Mutual 0.96 0.75
Nationwide 0.43 0.21
Progressive 0.78 –*
State Farm 0.69 –*
Travelers 0.62 0.32
USAA 0.69 0.25

The NAIC Complaint Index is one of the main ways we evaluate customer service choice from insurers, as it ‘s an aim way to compare military service across multiple insurers countrywide. Ratings are weighted toward claims performance, since customers are most likely to file complaints about this .

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