October 29, 2021 Dear Dispute Resolution team :

This will acknowledge receipt of your request regarding the above-mentioned encase phone number.

In *** *******s ’ correspondence to your constitution, he expresses concern regarding his policy premium after he added a fomite to his policy. He explains that prior to endorsing the policy with the vehicle change, he received a quote for the newfangled vehicle that was lower than his stream bounty.

GEICO ’ sulfur records show that on October 12, 2021, *** *******s ’ spouse, **** ********, contacted our customer service department where she requested to add a 2021 ***** **** to the policy. GEICO randomly records telephone calls for quality and educate purposes and this particular margin call was recorded. When speaking to **** ********, she advised that her spouse had contacted GEICO previously to obtain a quote for a couple of different vehicles. The handling agentive role advised **** ******** that she saw a quote saved for a 2021 ***** **** with a VIN # ending in ***** and asked if this was the quote she was looking to apply. **** ******** confirmed it was the right quotation mark and the policy was endorsed to add the 2021 ***** **** effective October 13, 2021. This change resulted in an increase in six-month premium from $ 592.10 to $ 966.40. Please note that there were no changes made to the quote anterior to it being applied that would have impacted the policy agio.

On October 16, 2021, *** ******** logged into his policy via GEICO.com where he removed Emergency Roadside Service and Rental Reimbursement coverage from his 2018 *** ***. The policy was endorsed with this change effective October 17, 2021 and resulted in a decrease in six-month premium from $ 966.40 to $ 949.40.

On October 19, 2021, *** ******** contacted our Customer Service department where he advised that he had obtained a quote for the 2021 ***** **** with a six-month bounty of approximately $ 860.00. During our conversation with him, we advised him that the quotes he received anterior to making the vehicle deepen were no long stored and consequently, we did not have record of the quotation mark he was referring to. We conducted a review of the policy to confirm that all rat information was accurate which included reviewing the vehicle custom. When reviewing the vehicle custom, we asked *** ******** if it was possible that he had obtained a quote for the lapp estimated annual mileage as he has listed on his early vehicle as it would reduce his six-month agio to $ 856.30. *** ******** advised he did not and that he maintained the current estimated annual mileage on the 2021 ***** **** was accurate.

Prior to receipt of symmetry from your administration, *** ******** spoke to our Executive Office regarding his concern where he was advised that GEICO did not have any record of the quotation mark he was referring to and that upon farther review, we have determined that his premium is accurate based on his current underwriting/rating factors.

We apologize to *** ******** for any mistake that may have been caused regarding the policy premium with the addition of the 2021 ***** ****.

It is GEICO ’ s stead that all proper procedures were followed in the treat of *** *******s ’ policy. GEICO maintains that his policy bounty is accurate per all filed and approved underwriting/rating rules and guidelines by the Connecticut Department of Insurance.

If you have any questions, or if GEICO can be of any further servicing in this matter, please contact Barbara J******* at # # # – # # # – # # # #.


Timothy L*****
Assistant Vice President of Underwriting

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