With prices of new cars rising thanks to inflation and a ball-shaped chip deficit, many drivers are turning towards used cars for their needs. here ’ s a number of use cars for cheap insurance .
ever since the government eased lockdown restrictions, Americans have been flocking to car dealerships to get their hands on a new set of wheels. however, cable car manufacturers can not keep up with the need due to a ball-shaped calculator chip deficit. The craze for new cars has led to new car prices soaring through the roof. fortunately, government stimulation payments, low-interest rates, and senior high school savings have led to a use car smash .
That said, the recent spike in demand for older cars has besides led to a hike in use car prices. popular models, such as the Honda CR-V and the Toyota Camry, have seen a 45 percentage increase in their prices compared to last year. now, you might be wondering if there ’ s even a chance of saving money by buying a use car. thankfully, there are respective ways to save money by buying a use car. The most effective of the bunch is to buy used cars that have cheap insurance rates .
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indemnity rates are a all-important factor to consider when buying a used cable car, and some use cars are cheaper to insure than others. here, we look at a few use cars to help you save hundreds of dollars in car policy every year !

What is the cheapest used car to insure?

If you ’ re familiar with the global of car insurance, then you may know that cars that have a strong safety rat, fewer claims history, and lower compensate costs are cheaper to insure than others .
now, some of you may know that cars from japanese and korean cable car manufacturers are low-cost. What you may not know is that they have besides built a repute for their dependability and low-cost haunt costs. Hence, it ’ s not surprising that about all cars on our list of top 10 use cars for brassy indemnity are from the likes of Honda, Toyota, and Hyundai .

top 10 use cars with bum insurance rates

Make and model Avg. insurance rate per year
Honda CR-V $ 986
Honda Odyssey $ 993
Honda Fit $ 1,007
Subaru Outback $ 1,015
Toyota Camry $ 1,023
Subaru Forester $ 1,095
Volvo V70 $ 1,114
Kia Spectra $ 1,122
Toyota Sienna $ 1,129
Hyundai Elantra $ 1,137

Based on the exemplar, you could get your hands on one of these cars for anywhere between $ 15,000 to $ 30,000. That makes these use cars significantly cheaper than their modern, up-to-date versions. While you may lose out on a few features offered in the modern versions, you gain cheaper policy rates. And that ’ s a price we ’ five hundred be volition to pay .
indigence Apple CarPlay or Android Auto in one of these older models ? You could get them from a franchise that sells aftermarket accessories for room lesser than what it would cost you to buy a trade name modern cable car .
While the respect of these used cars has been on the get up of late, they are still significantly cheaper than a stigmatize modern car. And as you know, the less value your car has, the cheaper it is to insure .
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here are a few more options for use cars with bum indemnity rates

With millions of cars sold every year, there ’ s never a dearth of use cars in the market. however, not all of them can guarantee brassy policy rates. here are a few models we found that are low-cost and cheap to insure .

  • Volkswagen golf
  • Mini Cooper
  • Ford Fiesta
  • Toyota Prius
  • Toyota Scion xB
  • Mazda 3



  • Subaru Legacy
  • Chevrolet Suburban
  • Ford Edge
  • Ford Expedition
  • Chevrolet Silverado
  • Honda Pilot

The car insurance rates for the models mentioned above will depend on the model year you buy. however, you could find an insurance policy with an annual agio of under $ 1,000 by comparing car indemnity quotes from respective firms. Tap the banner below to use our free car policy tool and get quotes from the best car insurance companies in under 10 minutes !
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What are the factors that determine used cable car policy rates ?

Determining policy rates for a use car works reasonably much the like as for a stigmatize new vehicle. Car indemnity companies look at factors such as safety features, type and value of the vehicle, and more to set your exploited car policy pace .
Safety features: Liability indemnity, which protects you, other people, and passengers from price, accounts for a large helping of your car policy bounty. angstrom far as policy companies are concerned, it is less hazardous to insure a car with high crash condom ratings. therefore, cars with robust safety features are among the cheapest secondhand cars for car indemnity .
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Anti-theft features: If you purchase full moon coverage car insurance, your insurance company will pay for the price of replacing your vehicle if it gets stolen. Cars with anti-theft features such as an audible alarm and GPS tracking devices are less expensive to insure because they either dissuade thieves or make the car bare to retrieve .
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Car’s value: You purchase car insurance to cover the entire value of your car. Hence, you ’ ll pay more for car insurance if your use cable car is worth $ 30,000 than you would if it were worth $ 10,000 .
Sports cars are a no-go: The type of car can influence your policy rates. For model, insuring sports cars is more expensive than insuring minivans. To determine premiums, insurers use statistics. And current statistics prove that minivans are involved in fewer accidents than sports cars .
Repair costs: Models sold in the external market, such as the Toyota Camry and the Honda CR-V, are typically less expensive to repair than a car built entirely for the domestic market .
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How to save money on policy

There are respective ways to save money on car policy when buying a practice car. In fact, in most jurisdictions, opting for the most basic liability insurance can save you more than $ 500 per class on cable car indemnity. The play along are some of the most effective methods to save money on used car indemnity :
Shop around and compare quotes: Almost every major insurance provider offers loose car indemnity quotes. Get a free estimate by entering your ZIP code and car type into the on-line human body. Some indemnity companies prefer to insure older, use vehicles, and other insurers prefer newer cars and have more advanced base hit features. Hence, it ’ s a well estimate to shop around to find a cable car insurance policy that best fits your needs .
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Opt for liability-only insurance: If you have a less valuable use car, you could remove collision and comprehensive examination coverage and choose for a liability-only policy. Almost all states require drivers to carry liability insurance, including bodily wound and property price liability coverage. A use car may be worth only a few thousand dollars, entail that flush a little accident can result in a sum loss ( if it costs more to repair your vehicle than the vehicle is worth, then your car is considered a total loss ). Switching from full coverage to liability car insurance can save you $ 1,000 per year on practice car policy. Depending on your submit, liability indemnity could cost ampere little as $ 300 to $ 500 per year .
Take advantage of discounts: Some insurers will give you a deduction right away, while others will make you fight for it. You might be eligible for more discounts than you think. To save money on car insurance, you can combine your plans, take advantage of good student discounts, or enroll in a defensive drive class .
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Additional tips for used car cheap insurance

Compare insurance rates before buying: If you ’ rhenium looking for a use cable car, compare insurance quotes foremost. You might believe that erstwhile cars have lower policy prices than new cars ; however, cars have different indemnity premiums for assorted reasons. You don ’ thymine want to save thousands on a use car alone to end up paying hundreds more on policy each year .
Avoid electric vehicles (EVs): While electric vehicles are more popular than always, even older versions are expensive to insure. For exemplar, it might cost thousands of dollars to replace an EV battery in a used electric car. Electric cars besides have higher rectify costs and valuations, which can increase insurance premiums .
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Check vehicle theft rates: Thieves target some exploited cars more than others. Some use cars, for model, are easier to break into than others. Thieves are aware of this and target certain models more frequently than others, and insurers are mindful of this and will factor vehicle larceny rates into their agio calculations .
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Consider trim, model, and additional features: If your practice cable car is a higher-end model, you could pay hundreds more for safeguarding all the features on your car. car insurance prices could skyrocket if you upgrade to a higher shave level. For example, it is easier and cheaper to replace steel wheels on a lower tailored of a model than admixture wheels on the higher trim of the same cable car.

Buying a used car? Way.com is your best bet for used car insurance

If you ’ re in the commercialize for a use car, consider any model from the number above to find brassy car indemnity. You could save thousands of dollars in car indemnity every year by picking the right make and model. however, make certain you compare quotes from respective car indemnity companies before buying a policy, as the cost of secondhand cable car insurance can vary widely. Use our car indemnity tool to get started and get the best cable car policy rates for your nothing code .
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