cable car indemnity not entirely protects your vehicle during an accident but it besides offers that much-needed buffer zone against any unanticipated fiscal liabilities, expensive repairs and legal consequences. To ensure the base hit and security of motorists and pedestrians across the nation, the UAE government has made basic cable car insurance compulsory for all vehicle owners in the capital city. Car indemnity companies in Abu Dhabi besides play a vital function in providing a safety net in character of any physical or monetary loss .


Having the veracious car insurance design can help protect you, your family members, your vehicle a well as early drivers on the road. Whether you want to drive a new model or a use fomite, one of the prerequisites for vehicle ownership in Dubai is buying car policy in Abu Dhabi. To make things convenient for residents, about all cable car policy companies in Abu Dhabi offer diverse packages as per the needs of the clients. Read on to find out which policy company is right for you .


Given the extent of its ball-shaped operations and unblemished reputation in the local market adenine well, AXA sits right field at the clear of our list of circus tent car indemnity companies in Abu Dhabi. Those who sign up for car policy or coverage in Abu Dhabi with AXA get extra benefits like 24/7 wayside aid, off-road cover, RTA inspections on behalf of the node, Oman Extension cover for all road trips to the country and more .
Despite its massive operations, the company provides excellent one-on-one support and facilitates a hassle-free claims process. AXA is surely among the top cable car policy companies in Abu Dhabi offering diverse plans to suit the preferences of their divers clients.

  • Timings: Sunday to Thursday from 08:00 am to 05:00 pm
  • Location: Building 11 A&B, National Consultative Council Complex, Delma Street 13, Abu Dhabi
  • Contact: 800-292


Emirates Insurance offers three types of cable car policy in Abu Dhabi. The comprehensive examination package covers damage to the guarantee vehicle, third-party vehicle or place and liability to passengers in the policyholder ’ s car. It besides includes agency repair .
The second option is third party liability policy in Abu Dhabi for cable car owners. This insures the vehicle owner against damage to third party vehicles vitamin a well as injury. additionally, liability towards place damage and to passengers in the policy holder ’ randomness car is besides covered .
apart from this, the company besides offer coverage for Motor Fleet Policies. This one is utilitarian for businesses as it covers multiple vehicles under a single policy. Vehicles can be added and removed on request during the valid insurance period .

  • Location: Al Zahiya (Tourist Club Area), Abu Dhabi
  • Contact: 80018


next up on our number of best car indemnity companies in Abu Dhabi is Oman Insurance. soon serving more than 100,000 customers, Oman Insurance offers dedicated policy products for lavishness cars and even electric vehicles such as the locally available Tesla models. Their network of garages and representation partners is besides across-the-board ; therefore, customers need not worry about the quality of service. One can select comprehensive car indemnity, one-third party cable car insurance or high gear final worth cover depending on the needs .

  • Timings: Sunday to Thursday 08:00 am to 05:00 pm
  • Location: Salam Street, Al Markaziyah Sheikh Nahyan Bin Khalifa Building, 126, Abu Dhabi
  • Contact: +971-2-612-8444


Adamjee Insurance is another top name in the capital city ’ mho car indemnity diligence. Abu Dhabi residents can choose an insurance product that best suits their needs from Adamjee ’ s centrifugal indemnity portfolio that includes maximal coverage against larceny, accidental damage and third-party indebtedness. The company ’ mho processes with regards to claims are besides highly efficient .

  • Timings: Sunday to Thursday from 09:00 am to 05:00 pm 
  • Location: Al Zahiyah E15, Abu Dhabi 
  • Contact: +971-4-275-2337


Noor Takaful ’ s Car Insurance Program offers 24/7 wayside aid, agency repair, driver and passenger cover, no claim deduction and an effective claim convalescence march. As the name suggests, Noor Takaful offers a across-the-board rate of Takaful ( Islamic policy ) products .
If one choose for the comprehensive cable car insurance plan, it covers emergency medical expenses, windshield damage and new cable car surrogate provided the eligibility criteria are met. An extra advantage of this design is that with Noor Takaful Insurance, your fomite is covered for a road trip to Sultanate of Oman .
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  • Timings: Saturday to Thursday from 07:00 am to 07:00 pm
  • Location: M03, Mezzanine Floor, Al Ghahedi Tower, Airport Road, Abu Dhabi
  • Contact: 800- 825-2385


Alliance Insurance is a good choice for those in search of bum car indemnity in Abu Dhabi. You can opt for a bodied or individual plan depending on the position. The basic car insurance plan includes third base party liabilities. similarly, one incontrovertible aspect of working with Alliance Insurance is that the company representatives promptly respond to all issues regarding claims. The peculiarly customer-friendly approach is one argue the company has established a positive reputation in the city .

  • Location: Fatima Bint Mubarak Street, Abu Dhabi.
  • Contact: +971-4-605-1111


RSA Insurance has been serving the residents of the UAE for a long period. RSA ’ mho car policy products include third gear party liability and fully comprehensive insurance. RSA is besides one of the authentic Abu Dhabi car policy companies that can cover your trips to Oman. Plus, when you script car insurance in Abu Dhabi on-line via RSA ’ s official web site, you get a 10 % discount rate .

  • Timings: Sunday to Thursday from 08:00 am to 05:00 pm
  • Location: 103, West Tower, Abu Dhabi Trade Center, Abu Dhabi Mall, Abu Dhabi
  • Contact: +971-2-635-1800


Abu Dhabi National Insurance Company has maintained a incontrovertible repute because of its quick and easy claims work. Its customer-centric policies have helped with the steady growth of the customer base. If you ’ re not certain about the plan that would serve you well, the sales staff can present customize solutions to match the requirements of every individual. The caller besides has a number of garages on board, which ensures that you can get a swift repair job .

  • Location: Khalifa Bin Zayed The First Street, Abu Dhabi
  • Contact: 800-8040



Yes, having car indemnity is mandatary for all fomite owners in the capital city as per UAE laws. Car insurances companies in Abu Dhabi offer different indemnity products including the basic compulsory third-party coverage. so, you are likely to find a commodious plan depending on your budget and preferences .


Third-Party Liability indemnity covers basic and compulsory policy as per UAE laws i.e. it covers death or bodily injury to a third party or person and damages to third party property. This insurance, however, doesn ’ t cover damage or loss caused to the fomite owned by the insurance company .
A fleet of company vehiclesCar insurance companies in Abu Dhabi offer fleet insurance packages


The claims procedure will vary based on your policy party .


A no claim discount is the reduction on your premium based on the count of years without a claim .
As mentioned earlier, basic car insurance is mandate according to the UAE laws. You must have a design that includes third-person liability. however, it is advisable to get full coverage if one can afford it. While the expense may be higher, it decidedly gives you greater peace of mind. Regardless of how confident one is about their drive skills ; it ’ second good to have a guard internet in place.

Like Abu Dhabi, vehicles owners in the neighbor emirate can find top car insurance companies in Dubai adenine well. similarly, car indemnity companies in Sharjah besides offer customize packages to residents who own fresh and practice cars. flush in smaller cities, you can find car indemnity companies. For model, there are many car insurance companies in Al Ain .
Are you mindful of any other authentic car policy companies in Abu Dhabi ? Let us know in the comments section below !

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