Given below is the policy claims work for car accidents which is generally observed with most of the insurers. however, the actual summons may vary from insurance company to insurance company :

Step 1: Intimate Claim With Insurer

Inform the insurance company immediately about the road accident or any early mishap involving the cover cable car and initiate a claim process. You can do this by calling the customer care number of the insurance company or through the insurance company ’ s official web site or mobile app ( if available ). The insurance company will provide you with a claim character number after registering your call .

Step 2: Assessment of Damage Sustained

After the claim has been successfully registered, the insurance company will assign a surveyor to you who will assess the extent of damage/loss sustained by the see car or will send you a self-inspection radio link on your registered mobile number. In the former case, the surveyor will send the wrong report to the insurance company after the inspection whereas in the latter case the insurance company will estimate the animate price and reach out to you a soon as potential. Provide all the needed documents to the insurance company at this degree for easy and flying village of your claim request.

Step 3: Towing and Repair of Car

Get your car towed to a garage authorised by the insurance company for repairs. You can besides ask the insurance company to provide a tow avail for your see car. Insurers by and large provide free tow facility up to Rs.1,500, however, this varies from insurance company to insurer .

Step 4: Claim Settlement

The insurance company will pay for the repairs directly to the garage according to the entitled claim amount. The policyholders can take back their animate car after paying the necessity deductibles .

Reimbursement Car Insurance Claim Settlement Process

Given below are the coarse steps needed to be followed for a reimbursement car policy call process :

Step 1: Claim Intimation

The first step is to inform the policy provider about the accident/mishap involving the insured car immediately. This can be done by contacting the insurance company ’ s customer care team on call or via electronic mail. The insurance company will provide you with a claim reference number after registering your claim .

Step 2: Survey and inspection

After the adjustment of your claim, the insurance company will assign a surveyor to you who will inspect your cover car and assess the extent of damage/loss sustained by it in the accident/mishap and composition it to the car insurance company. Policyholders must submit all the want documents to the surveyor to help process the claim colonization .

Step 3: Towing and Repairs

After the inspection of the cover cable car, policyholders can get their car towed to a garage of their choice to proceed with the car repairs. Most insurance providers provide free tow facilities up to Rs.1,500 .

Step 4: Final Reimbursement

Since the see car is getting repaired at a garage outside the authoritative network of the insurance company, the policyholder needs to pay the stallion repair price to the garage and initiate a reimbursement work for the paid measure with the insurance company. The insurance company will reimburse the rectify monetary value submit to the entitled claim sum after deducting the applicable deductibles .

Common Insurance Claim Rejection Reasons

Below are some of the park reasons which lead to rejection of car insurance claims by insurers :

  • Occurrence of accident/mishap involving the insured car outside the geographical location stated in the insurance policy.
  • Occurrence of accident when the driver is under the influence of intoxicants.
  • Occurrence of accident when the insured car is being used for illegal activities.
  • Expiry of insurance policy.
  • Fraudulent claim

How to File for Car Insurance Third Party Insurance Claim?

The succeed steps will guide you in filing a third party indemnity claim : Step 1: Contact the insurance providers helpline and inform them about the position a soon as possible. Make surely to let them know before the stipulate time as delays can lead to claim rejection. Step 2: File an FIR at the nearest police station, you will need a copy of this text file for filing the claim. Step 3: Submit the documents that are required along with the punctually filled indemnity claim shape. The documents required may vary according to your insurance provider and situation, make sure to clarify what you are required to submit when contacting the policy supplier. Step 4: After the want documents have been submitted the indemnity supplier. All third party claims are settled in the Motor Accident Claims Tribunal. The third party must file a claim in the court who will decide on the claim come.

Step 5: If there is a subject where you are required to compensate the third party the indemnity provider will take care of it for you .

How Many Car Insurance Claims Can You Make in a Year?

There is no limit to the number of indemnity claims you make within a year. however, it is advisable to refrain from filing a claim if the damage is not meaning. The cost of the damage should ideally be higher than your NCB sum and your deductibles. furthermore, multiple claims can make your premium pace higher during your adjacent refilling .

What are the Types of Covers Available in Car Insurance for Accidents in India?

Type of Car Insurance Cover Who is Covered Type of Cover Compensation Limit
Accident Cover

Third Party

Third Party Insurance

No Limit

Personal Accident Cover


Comprehensive Car Insurance and Third Party Insurance

Rs. 7.5 lakh

Passenger Accident Cover

Those present in the car at the time of a mishap

Available as an add-on cover

Depends on the policy

How to File for a Car Accident Claim?

The postdate is what you must to when filing a claim for a car accident :

  • Make sure to take note of the registration numbers of the vehicles involved in the accident, the time, location and date.
  • File an FIR at the nearest police station. You will need a copy of the document for filing the claim.
  • Inform the insurance provider about the situation as soon as possible. Make sure to do it before the stipulated time or you risk claim rejection.
  • Submit the required documents along with the claim form duly filled to the insurance provider.
  • Next the surveyor will be sent to assess the damage of your vehicle and the claim will be approved accordingly.
  • Once the claim is approved you can take your car to a network garage and get it repaired.

How to File for Car Accident Death Insurance Claim?

The personal accident covering is available for covering the end of the owner-driver and the third gear party insurance covers the end of a third party in case of a bad luck. The follow steps will guide you in filling for claim under both : Under the accident cover, the immediate class or the campaigner of the die receives 100 % recompense from the insurance supplier .

  • In the event that a mishap involving the policyholder’s car leads to a death either of the policyholder or a third party, the immediate family must complete the legal requirements such as obtaining a death certificate of the deceased.
  • At the time of the accident or as soon as possible an FIR will need to be filed.
  • Inform the insurance provider about the mishap as soon as possible. Depending on your situation and their requirements the documents required will be specified.
  • Submit the required documents and forms. Once these have been checked and assessed the insurance company will issue the reimbursement to the nominee of the deceased.

How to Claim Insurance for Car Theft?

The following steps will guide you in filing an insurance claim for car larceny :

  • As soon as you find out that your vehicle is missing file an FIR at your nearest police station. You will require a copy of the document for the claim process.
  • Inform the insurance provider as soon as possible as well. Make sure to clarify what documents you will be required to submit for the claim.
  • Once the police submit the no-trace report, give the insurance providers the required documents and forms. Before the reimbursement is handed to you, you will be required to give them all your car documents and any spare keys that you may still have of the vehicle.
  • The claim amount you receive for theft will depend on the IDV of the car and will take into account the depreciation rate of the car.

Can you File for Insurance Claim for Scratches on your Car?

Yes, you can file for an indemnity claim if your car has scratches. however, keep in mind that policyholders are constantly advised to refrain from filing a call unless the damage to the cable car is significant. This is because you will lose your NCB and second, multiple claims can lead to higher premiums when renewing your car policy policy .

What is the Maximum Time in Which the Insurance Provider Should Settle a Claim When All Documents are Submitted?

After you submitted all the necessitate documents processing the car insurance claim should not take more than 30 days. In rare cases, when there is some complication that requires further investigation it should be completed within six months .

How to Negotiate Car Insurance Claim Settlement?

many people even with the cognition of claim colony march are unable to get the claim : 1. Initiate the Car Insurance Claim at the Earliest: One should immediately contact the policy company and claim should be raised a soon as possible. 2. Create and Maintain Records: Maintain the records of the accident with medical bills, car repair invoice, bills, FIR imitate, and so forth, to explain the event correctly, which can expedite the action. 3. Set a Claim Settlement Amount: Examine the damage and derive a minimum acceptable come by the insurance company. however, you should be compromising with the total. 4. Send a Letter of Demands: Write a letter to your insurance company explaining the injuries suffered by you, medication and treatment taken, damage and loss incurred, etc. Justify your demand with necessary documents.

5. Negotiate Your Terms and Demands: If you are not convinced with the offerings or compensation provided by the indemnity caller, bargain for your demands before reaching the final amount. 6. Get the Settlement in Writing: Develop notes of communication with the insurance company and vehemence that all the claim colony offers are sent by them in writing. besides, once the claim is settled, try to get a signed and dated intemperate replicate of the contract. 7. Seek the Legal Advice: If you are ineffective to reach a village even after several negotiations with your insurance company, try to get in contact with the car insurance technical or lawyer to explore legal options, evaluate the event, and expedite the negotiation summons .

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