car indemnity in the Cayman Islands covers you if your car is involved in a road accident and it besides protects early road users if you cause damage to their vehicle or property. There are plenty of options to consider when looking for the motor indemnity which is best suited to your needs. You can purchase both 3rd party insurance and full coverage policies, depending on your needs, but it is required by the law to get minimal coverage. You can transfer ownership of a car from one owner to another without car insurance, but you can not license the vehicle without insurance. The average cost of third-party cover for a mid-sized car not exceeding 2.5 litres ( 2500 two hundred ) is probable to be in the region of CI $ 450 to CI $ 650 per year, depending on whether it is a convertible or a sports car ( which are more expensive ). Comprehensive insurance on a nearly-new but second gear hand CI $ 16,000 car would be in the region of CI $ 850 per year ( with a no claims discount factored in ) and insurance on a modern CI $ 32,000 BMW 3 series would cost over CI $ 1,000 per year ( with all discounts factored in ).

If you bring a letter from your existing indemnity company stating that you have had no claims in the final year or more, you may be eligible for a discount. besides, be mindful that banks insist on comprehensive examination policies covering cars they are financing and some indemnity companies will not sell comprehensive examination insurance on vehicles over ten years old. insurance rates vary well, so patronize around. note : third-party insurance is available on-Island, but it does not cover fuel, larceny or collision. It is a good estimate to ask if the comprehensive policy covers hurricane or flood damage ( besides known as acts of God ) as some companies do not. besides check your policy, as many will automatically only cover drivers aged 25 to 65 who have had a license for 12 months or more. insurance rates for teenagers who have recently passed their drive screen are extremely high as they are seen as inexperienced drivers. You may find it easier for person under the historic period of 23 to find car insurance on a four-door second hand car than a high-end sports car. If you are caught driving without insurance, the police take it very badly indeed and you will be national to a ticket of CI $ 2,000, imprisonment for three months, plus the loss of your license for 12 months. If you lend your car to person knowing that the car is not insured, then they, plus you, as the owner of the vehicle, will be fined and lose your license for 12 months. The law requires that you must carry your car indemnity document in your car at all times and confront it to police whenever asked.

Motor Insurance Companies

Cayman has a wealth of indemnity companies who can help advise you on how to insure your car. Some will have very rigid policies of not insuring a car that is older than five years ( for case ) with fully comprehensive policy. So it is best to call one of the indemnity companies below before you buy the car you have your eye on. If you are hoping to get a bank lend to help with the buy of the car, the bank normally require that the cable car has amply comprehensive indemnity coverage, and not third party coverage.

Insurance Brokers

An indemnity broker can advise you on the coverage you need and seek competitive quotes from the indemnity companies.

Hurricane Considerations

During Hurricane Ivan in September 2004, an estimate 10,000 cars were destroyed due to flooding. ever since then ampere soon as a good storm threatens there is a huffy haste for everyone to park their cars on high reason. Be mindful that even if you find higher land your cable car is however subject to flying debris. Finding higher ground is not an easy tax as Cayman is very flat with the highest elevation of just over 60 feet above ocean level ( East End ). Stay away from areas such as West Bay, Seven Mile Beach and South Sound as these areas are topic to major flooding during the showery season and regretful storms. Parking cars on roundabouts is illegal as it disrupts imagination for vehicles on the devious and it besides damages our beautifully landscaped roundabouts. Keeping spare supplies such as water, excess batteries and a First Aid kit in your car may come in handy. Do not, under any circumstance, drive over a down electrical line and take caution when driving through flooded areas as you may not see electrical lines that have fallen. If needed, consult with your fomite policy company about your company ’ randomness hurricane coverage policy before a hurricane .

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